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IMT=Icemule Trace, KD=Kharam Dzu, MH=Mist Harbor, PTP=Pinefar, RR=River's Rest, SOL=Solhaven, TI=Ta'Illistim, TV=Ta'Vaalor, WL=Wehnimer's Landing, ZL=Zul Logoth

Bamboo n/a X X X X X
Barley n/a X X
Brostheras Inside, the fleshy white fibers can be stripped out, ground, and combined with other ingredients to make a healing potion, helpful for major head and neck scars. X
Monkey n/a X
Oats The seed is also often used in baking, especially in cookies. X
Pothinir When consumed, will staunch bleeding and rapidly heal severe injuries to the eyes, stomach, and chest; however, while few healing herbs taste good, pothinir is particularly noted for its vile flavor. X
Reeds n/a X
Rye Used to make breads and alcoholic beverages. X
Tundra The stems and roots of this remarkably hardy plant are known to heal minor eye and torso wounds. X X X
Wheat Often used in cereals and breads. X


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Bamboo: Considered a grass, the bamboo is a most useful species. Its woody, hollow, round, straight, jointed stems grow to the height of forty feet and upward. The flowers grow in large panicles, from the joints of the stalk, placed three in a parcel, close to their receptacles. Old stalks grow to five or six inches in diameter, and are so hard and durable they can be used for building and all sorts of furniture, water pipes, and poles. The smaller stalks are used for walking sticks, flutes, etc.


Barley: A grass and edible grain, characterized by long slender awns and spikelets at the node of a flattened rachis; its principal use is as a cereal and in the manufacture of malt.


Brostheras: A member of the sugar cane family, which is comprised of several grasses, Brostheras stalks are tall with a dark green outer layer. Also known as Bursthelas.



Monkey: Long, dark green blades, silvery along the underside. Found in a field near Lyserian Hills, along the Rocky Path, on the way to the Smokey Cave.



Oats: A member of the grass family cultivated agriculturally for its seed, which is used in cereals and animal feed, and for its stalk, which is used for straw.


Pothinir: Medium green-bladed tufts. Routinely sold for its medicinal properties and may also be foraged wild. Pothinir grass is difficult to find, but the search is often considered worth the benefit. Pothinir grass grows in hot, humid areas that get plenty of sunlight. Also known as Pasamar.


Reeds: A tall grass that grows in shallow water or boggy ground

Rye: A weedy annual grass that often occurs in grainfields and other cultivated land. The seeds are sometimes considered poisonous.


Tundra: Short tufts of dull green blades eeking out space to grow where there is sufficient soil and water.


Wheat: Any of various annual cereal grasses widely cultivated in temperate regions for its commercially important edible grain.

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