Magic Item Creation (420)

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Magic Item Creation (420)
Mnemonic [MAGICITEM]
Duration Charges
Utility Magic
Type Utility
Components An imbeddable item
Minor Elemental Spells
Elemental Defense I (401) Defensive
Presence (402) Utility
Lock Pick Enhancement (403) Utility
Disarm Enhancement (404) Utility
Elemental Detection (405) Utility
Elemental Defense II (406) Defensive
Unlock (407) Utility
Disarm (408) Utility
Elemental Blast (409) Attack
Elemental Wave (410) Attack
Elemental Blade (411) Offensive
Weapon Deflection (412) Attack
Elemental Saturation (413) Attack
Elemental Defense III (414) Defensive
Elemental Strike (415) Attack
Piercing Gaze (416) Utility
Elemental Dispel (417) Attack
Mana Focus (418) Utility
Mass Elemental Defense (419) Defensive
Magic Item Creation (420) Utility
Elemental Targeting (425) Offensive
Elemental Barrier (430) Defensive
Major Elemental Wave (435) Attack

Magic Item Creation allows a caster to imbed a spell they have learned into an appropriate imbeddable magical item. Imbeddable items can be purchased from shops or sometimes found as treasure items on creatures.

Rangers can create blank imbeddable rods, wands, wire grass anklets/bracelets and tree bark amulets from foraged items with the Imbue (614) spell. These items can also be imbedded using Holy Receptacle (325).


Imbedding is a two step process:

  1. PREP 420 | CAST MY {item}
  2. IMBED {spell #} IN {item} USING {activator} FOR {number} CHARGES (spell must be known by the caster)

To begin, the caster must be holding an imbeddable item in either the right or left hand. It is not necessary to have the other hand empty but is is recommended. The spell is then prepared and cast. It is advisable to always use cast MY <item> when casting the spell. Once successful, the caster will be attuned to the item and have five minutes to imbed a spell in it. The caster may now imbed the item with a known spell using a verb activator and a specific number of charges. E.g., imbed 401 in rod using raise for 20 charges.

Note: During the imbedding phase DO NOT use MY with the item or the attempt will be unsuccessful.

The number of charges that can be successfully imbedded depends on the item's mana capacity, the level of the spell, the number of charges and the level of the caster. If the caster is failing the imbed portion of the process, it is recommended to reduce the number of charges attempted and take advantage of a workshop.

Magic Item Creation can be used to imbed spells known via spell knowledge enhancives.

Success Factors

  • Level of Character
  • Level of Spell
  • Number of Charges
  • Material of Item: The only materials that are currently considered by imbedding are mithril, ora, imflass, and vultite. Anything else is 'normal'.

Imbedding in a magical workshop adds a significant bonus to success.

Activator Verbs

There are several activators available to the caster. Each activator verb has certain item restrictions, and advantages/disadvantages versus the other activators. The four activator verbs are RAISE, RUB, TAP, WAVE. In order to use an imbedded item successfully the user must attain a minimum endroll of 101 when attempting to activate the item, based on the user's training in Magic Item Use.


An item that has been imbedded with the RAISE verb activator will require the most training in the Magic Item Use skill to be successfully activated. It has a -40 penalty to the activation modifiers formula. However, using the raise verb has the advantage of increasing the duration of the imbedded spell by 33%.

Note: The raise activator can only be used with wands and rods.

You raise your small wand skyward!
  1d100: 3 + Modifiers: 275 == 278

A silvery luminescence surrounds you.


An item imbedded with RUB verb activator has no bonus/penalty to either the magic item activation formula or to the duration of the spell.

Note: The rub activator cannot be used in wands or rods.

You rub your amulet.
  1d100: 98 + Modifiers: 225 == 323

A brilliant luminescence surrounds you and your group.


An item imbedded with the TAP activator has the largest bonus to the magic item activation check: a bonus of +25. However, the duration of spells activated in this manner are reduced by 50%. This activator is best for spells that are difficult to activate and have a long duration or for spells that have no duration, like Elemental Wave (410) or Quake (709), though it would not be ideal for offensive spells that require a specific target to be selected, as the spell will target the caster automatically.

Note: The tap activator cannot be used in wands or rods.

You tap an amulet that you are wearing.
  1d100: 47 + Modifiers: 296 == 343

A wave of dark ethereal ripples moves outward from you.


An item imbedded with the WAVE verb activator is the only one that allows a character to target another creature or character with the imbedded spell. Imbedding offensive spells like Minor Acid (904) is useless unless this activator is used. There is no bonus/penalty to either the activation skill attempt or the spell's duration.

Note: The wave activator can only be used with wands and rods.

You wave your rod at a kobold.
  1d100: 73 + Modifiers: 265 == 338

You hurl a hissing stream of acid at a kobold!
  AS: +120 vs DS: +27 with AvD: +38 + d100 roll: +63 = +194
   ... and hit for 53 points of damage!


>pre 420
You gesture and invoke the powers of the elements for the Magic Item Creation spell...
Your spell is ready.

>cast my wand
You gesture at a small wand.

A vibrant violet thread grows between you and the wand.  It glows brilliantly for a moment
and then fades into invisibility but you still feel attuned to the wand.
Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.

>imbed 401 in wand using raise for 40 charges

You concentrate on funneling your power into the wand.

You manage to successfully place 24 charges of the Elemental Defense I when it begins to overheat, so you stop.

A minor failure will cause the item to lose its attunement along with the mana attempted to be imbedded. But, it may be re-prepared immediately with spell 420 for another imbedding attempt. A major failure will cause both item and mana loss along with an injured hand.

Minor failure:

Something goes wrong with the process and you feel your power rush away from you.

Major failure:

Something goes very wrong with the process!  The power that you are attempting to control goes wild!

The rod you are holding explodes with a bright flash!  Your hand is injured!

Failure when the spell you are attempting to imbed is not an imbeddable spell:

That spell cannot be imbedded in an item.

Failure when item already had a spell imbedded in it:

Your spell misfires.

Failure when item is not imbeddable:

Your spell misfires.

Imbeddable Spells

Below is a table of spells which can be normally imbedded. Spells in green can be imbedded and spells in pink cannot. No spells above the 20th spell in a circle nor Bard Spellsongs can be imbedded. Circles which would not ordinarily be known by a character knowing Magic Item Creation that can be imbedded are also shortened in the table for brevity.

Minor Spiritual Minor Elemental Major Elemental Sorcerer Base Wizard Base Major Spiritual
Spirit Warding I (101) Elemental Defense I (401) Sleep (501) Blood Burst (701) Minor Shock (901) Heroism (215)
Spirit Barrier (102) Presence (402) Chromatic Circle (502) Mana Disruption (702) Minor Elemental Edging (902) Spell Shield (219)
Spirit Defense (103) Lock Pick Enhancement (403) Thurfel's Ward (503) Corrupt Essence (703) Minor Water (903) Major Sanctuary (220)
Disease Resist (104) Disarm Enhancement (404) Slow (504) Phase (704) Minor Acid (904)
Poison Resist (105) Elemental Detection (405) Hand of Tonis (505) Disintegrate (705) Prismatic Guard (905) Bard Base
Spirit Fog (106) Elemental Defense II (406) Celerity (506) Mind Jolt (706) Minor Fire (906) All Spellsongs
Spirit Warding II (107) Unlock (407) Elemental Deflection (507) Eye Spy (707) Major Cold (907)
Stun Relief (108) Disarm (408) Elemental Bias (508) Limb Disruption (708) Major Fire (908) Empath Base
Dispel Invisibility (109) Elemental Blast (409) Strength (509) Grasp of the Grave (709) Tremors (909) Empathic Focus (1109)
Unbalance (110) Elemental Wave (410) Hurl Boulder (510) Energy Maelstrom (710) Major Shock (910)
Fire Spirit (111) Elemental Blade (411) Floating Disk (511) Pain (711) Mass Blur (911) Minor Mental
Water Walking (112) Weapon Deflection (412) Cold Snap (512) Cloak of Shadows (712) Call Wind (912) Mind Over Body (1213)
Undisease (113) Elemental Saturation (413) Elemental Focus (513) Balefire (713) Melgorehn's Aura (913) Focus Barrier (1216)
Unpoison (114) Elemental Defense III (414) Stone Fist (514) Scroll Infusion (714) Sandstorm (914)
Fasthr's Reward (115) Elemental Strike (415) Rapid Fire (515) Curse (715) Weapon Fire (915) Arcane
Locate Person (116) Piercing Gaze (416) Mana Leech (516) Pestilence (716) Invisibility (916) Arcane Blast (1700)
Spirit Strike (117) Elemental Dispel (417) Charge Item (517) Evil Eye (717) Earthen Fury (917)
Web (118) Mana Focus (418) Cone of Elements (518) Torment (718) Duplicate (918) Not Shown
Spirit Dispel (119) Mass Elemental Defense (419) Immolation (519) Dark Catalyst (719) Wizard Shield (919) All other spells level 20 and below
Lesser Shroud (120) Magic Item Creation (420) Mage Armor (520) Implosion (720) Call Familiar (920)