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When writing for the wiki, there are multiple templates that are used frequently to:

Templates are stand-alone pages in the template namespace which can be transcluded (embedded) into other pages by bracketing the template name in curly brackets: {{ }} . Some will automatically categorize the article within which the template has been embedded for increased organization on the wiki.

For more information on templates, please visit the Getting Started article.

Finding Templates

In order to find templates:

  • Go to the Templates category and begin to browse the different subcategories as listed in the informational list.
  • Open up the "View source" tab on the top right of the wiki article and find any part of the page that has text within two opening and closing curly brackets: {{ }} . Then, navigate to where after the colon you place the text from within the curly brackets. For example:

Common Templates

Below are some of the most common templates used on our wiki. In situations where a help page exists, that page is linked instead of the template itself.

Repetitive Information



Navigational Boxes or Information




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