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This table is set up to accept any properties that cause a gear difficulty modifier that does not belong in the Template:Material Gear Difficulty Modifier or the Template:Script Gear Difficulty Modifier.


Other Gear Difficulty Modifiers
Property Modifier
Enchant -((Bonus - 2)/3)^2
Ensorcell -50 per tier
Damage Type Resistance - (Total / 2)
Sanctified -100
Creature Bane -100
Defender (DS) -Bonus^2
Offensive Bonus (AS) -Bonus^2
Target Defense (TD) -Bonus^2
Category B Flares (except otherwise noted) -100
Acuity Flares -15 per tier
Dispel Flares -50 + -50*dispel attempts
Mana Flares -20 per tier
WPS -CER^2 (separately for each type)
Enhancive varies