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The Player System Manager encompasses skills players can use via combat maneuvers, shield specializations, armor specializations, feats, weapon techniques, and ascension. The system has been set up in game to allow for easy copy and paste of the below code with the command SYSTEM WIKI (skill), for example CMAN WIKI SBASH.

There may be a case of overlap between systems, such as CMAN SBASH and SHIELD BASH, where there may be a difference between certain key points. However, do to essentially being the same skill, they will end up on the same Wiki page. When that happens, it will be important to note the differences between the two under a header for Additional Information. Along with that, any additional information, player research, messaging, etc. should fall under that header as tier 3 subheaders.

To see an example of a complete page, check out Shield Bash. With this page, all information that had been gathered for this article is listed in additional information, including resources (as a tier 2 subheader).


Below is the copy/paste code for the Player System manager template.

{{Player System Manager
|rank1 =
|rank2 =
|rank3 =
|rank4 =
|rank5 =
|additionalinfo= <!---IMPORTANT: All information that is additional must be entered in this part of the template for formatting purposes. --->