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Weapon Techniques are a skill type managed by the Player System Manager similar to Combat Maneuvers for warriors, rogues, and paladins. Unlike the other systems, Weapon Techniques are granted automatically when Weapon Skill requirements are met. The WEAPON verb provides access to this system.

Weapon Techniques can be learned natively by Squares and Semis who train in their associated weapon skill.

Many Weapon Techniques are SMRv2 physical maneuvers and use Combat Maneuvers as their primary skill for determining SMR offense. 1x is considered baseline training for using these maneuvers effectively, with 2x providing a 15% boost.


  • Area of Effect - Skills that disable or damage multiple targets. The number of targets is increased by training in Multi-Opponent Combat.
  • Assault - Attack skills similar to focused MSTRIKE. Damage is done to a single target over multiple rounds, and other buffs may apply per-round or upon completion. These can be STOPped.
  • Concentration - Skills that are channeled over a duration and require concentration be maintained. These can be STOPped.
  • Reaction - Skills that require a trigger to become available for use. These are faster than standard attacks, require no stamina, and can be used in self-inflicted roundtime.
  • Setup - Skills that are meant to disable a target in order to set them up for an attack.


The WEAPON verb is used to train in and activate Weapon Techniques. The lists of skills to learn can be viewed via WEAPON LIST. WEAPON HELP {Specialization} provides detailed information on each of the skills.

USAGE: WEAPON {technique} {target} or
       WEAPON [option] {args}

  LEARN {technique}         - Spend Weapon Technique Training Points for techniques
  UNLEARN {technique}       - Unlearn techniques known to you for Weapon Technique Training Points
  LIST {type} [extra]       - List techniques by type
                            - {type} can be ALL, 
                            - Any profession (or PROFESSION itself) may be included at the end
  INFO                      - Displays your current technique training info
  FORCERT                   - Toggles requiring FORCERT during roundtime (currently: OFF)
  HELP {technique}          - List information about the selected technique
  WIKI {technique}          - Show Wiki output for the selected technique
  WIKILIST                  - Show Wiki list output for techniques

Note: {technique} references above require use of the technique mnemonic.

List of available Weapon Techniques

Name Type Category Subcategory Min. Skill Description
Twin Hammerfists [twinhammer] Setup Brawling 10 Attempt to knockdown and potentially stun your opponent by swinging your fists down on them.
Fury [fury] Assault Brawling 25 Unleash your fury upon your foe in a relentless assault.
Clash [clash] Area of Effect Brawling 50 Hurl yourself into a clashing brawl with one or more foes.
Spin Kick [spinkick] Reaction Brawling 75 Spin around kicking a target.
Dizzying Swing [dizzyingswing] Setup Blunt Weapons 10 Smash a target in the head, confusing them.
Clobber [clobber] Reaction Blunt Weapons 25 React to a parry with a devastating concussion attack.
Pummel [pummel] Assault Blunt Weapons 50 Pummel the target repeatedly with your weapon.
Pulverize [pulverize] Area of Effect Blunt Weapons 75 Target the armor of multiple targets, weakening it.
Cripple [cripple] Setup Edged Weapons 10 Slash a target's limb to cripple their combat effectiveness.
Riposte [riposte] Reaction Edged Weapons 25 React to a parry with a counter-attack.
Flurry [flurry] Assault Edged Weapons 50 Rapidly slash a target.
Whirling Blade [wblade] Area of Effect Edged Weapons 75 Unleash a flurry of quick attacks against a target.
Charge [charge] Setup Polearm Weapons 10 Charge at your opponent with your polearm.
Guardant Thrusts [gthrusts] Assault Polearm Weapons 25 Assault your target with a series of thrusts, while maximizing your defenses.
Cyclone [cyclone] Area of Effect Polearm Weapons 50 Spin your polearm around you attacking and forcing enemies back.
Radial Sweep [radialsweep] Reaction Polearm Weapons 75 Spin your polearm around you targeting the legs of enemies.
Reactive Shot [reactiveshot] Reaction Ranged Weapons 10 Harry your foe with a quick shot and retreat.
Pin Down [pindown] Area of Effect Ranged Weapons 25 Spray multiple targets with arrows, preventing them from advancing.
Barrage [barrage] Assault Ranged Weapons 50 Rapidly fire at a target.
Volley [volley] Area of Effect Ranged Weapons 75 Fire multiple times into the sky to rain down on enemies.
Overpower [overpower] Reaction Two-Handed Weapons 10 Deal your target a heavy blow that cannot be evaded, blocked, or parried.
Thrash [thrash] Assault Two-Handed Weapons 25 Repeatedly strike a target with overwhelming force.
Reverse Strike [reversestrike] Reaction Two-Handed Weapons 50 Catch your target off guard with a quick, reverse strike.
Whirlwind [whirlwind] Area of Effect Two-Handed Weapons 75 Spin around hitting multiple targets.



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