Guides By Whirlin: Fisticuffs

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This article is a work in progress!

Welcome to my latest installment of Guides by Whirlin. In this, we're going to cover the basics of the Unarmed Combat System (UCS), starting at the basics, and working into some class-specific things. Well, lets dive in!

The Super Basics: The types of Attacks

Attack Type AG Cloth Leather Scale Chain Plate Base RT Min RT Damage Type
Jab DF .100 .075 .060 .050 .040 2 2 Jab
Grapple DF .250 .200 .160 .120 .100 3 3 Grapple
Punch DF .275 .250 .200 .170 .140 3 3 Punch
Kick DF .400 .350 .300 .250 .200 4 4 Kick
  • Jab is your go-to attack for super fast attacks to tier up. It does terrible, negligible damage, but the faster roundtime means you'll tier up faster.
  • Grapple is your disabling attack. Good for knocking critters down to their knees/back.
  • Punch is good if you're wielding UAC Weapons.
  • Kick is your highest damage, slowest attack.

Lets take a look at the DF Ratios of the above attacks, so we can compare them to the RT that are induced

Attack Type AG Cloth Leather Scale Chain Plate Min RT
Jab DF .250 .214 .200 .200 .175 .5
Grapple DF .625 .571 .533 .480 .500 .75
Punch DF .688 .714 .666 .680 .700 .75
Kick DF 1 1 1 1 1 1

What does that tells us:
Kick has the highest damage factor per second of RT, but punch is only a little bit below the curve (we'll get more into that later). Essentially, your best bet when working with UAC is to tier up as quickly as possible, and kick something to death.

The Basics: The Tier System

UCS works off of a Tiering system. There are a few ways to get a better tier:

  • Use of Rolling Krynch Stance (Monks only).
  • Use of Ki Focus (Monks only again).
  • Randomly being better than your opponent.
  • Hitting a followup attack.
  • Ambushing from hiding.

Why Tier Up?:

  • There is an unmeasured, but consistently observed correlation between Advantageous UAF versus UDF and MM numbers when at higher tier.
  • Higher Maximum Critical Ranks:
    • Tier 1 (Decent positioning): Rank 0 to Rank 5
    • Tier 2 (Good positioning): Rank 0 to Rank 8
    • Tier 3 (Excellent positioning): Rank 0 to Rank 11

... ohh so much more to be written.