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A critical table lists all the injury (including death) messaging for a specific damage type. The table is divided into thirteen body locations with each body location further sub-divided into either ten critical ranks (0 to 9), or for unarmed combat system damage, twelve ranks (0 to 11).

In addition to the critical rank messaging, the table will often include hitpoint damage, status effects (stuns, knockdowns, limb loss) and injuries (levels 1, 2 and 3) associated with a particular critical rank/body location combination.

List of Critical Tables

Unarmed Combat System

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A critical table section taken from the crush damage type.


  • A - Amputation (limb loss)
  • F - Fatal critical
  • K - Knockdown
  • R - Injury level (rank 1, 2 or 3)
  • S - Stun w/number of rounds
  • x - Unknown stun round


Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Love tap upside the [target]'s head! none none
1 5 Blow to the head causes the [target's] ears to ring! none R1
2 10 Hearty smack to the head. S1 R1
3 15 You broke the [target's] nose! S4 R2
4 20 Skull cracks in several places. S8 R3
5 25 Solid strike caves the [target's] skull in,resulting in instant death! F R3
6 30 Mighty swing separates head from shoulders. F R3
7 35 Tremendous blow crushes skull like a ripe melon. F R3
8 40 Brain driven into neck by mammoth downswing! F R3
9 50 Incredible blast shatters head into a red spray. F R3
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