Punch critical table (UCS)

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Punch critical table (UCS):

This table lists the critical messaging and status effects associated with the Unarmed Combat System's Punch attacks.

Attack Type AG Cloth Leather Scale Chain Plate RT Damage Type
Punch DF .275 .250 .200 .170 .140 3 Punch


  • A - Amputation (limb loss)
  • Dz- Dazed
  • F - Fatal critical
  • Fv - Favors limb
  • K w/ksp - Knockdown (Kk kneeling),(Kp prone),(Ks sitting)
  • R - Injury level (rank 1, 2 or 3)
  • RT - induced roundtime with number of seconds
  • S - Stun w/number of rounds
  • Sil - Silence
  • Slo - Slow effect
  • Slp - Sleep (unconscious state)
  • x - Unknown stun round


Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Strike comes up short, barely brushing the cheek! None None
1 4 Glancing blow to the ear. None R1
2 8 Hard punch to the jaw momentarily dazes foe. S1 R1
3 12 Straight strike to face! Apparently the [target] forgot to duck! S3 R1
4 16 Sucker punch to the chin! The [target]'s jaw cracks loudly. S4 Sil R2
5 20 Spinning backfist snaps the [target]'s head to the side! S5 R2
6 25 Solid blow to the jaw leaves the [target] spitting blood... and teeth! S6 Sil R2
7 30 Strong downward swing staggers foe and dents skull! S8 Dz Kk R3
8 35 Palm strike to face drives nose straight into brain! F R3
9 40 Awesome punch to forehead snaps head straight back with a sickening CRUNCH! F R3
10 45 Teeth knocked out... through the back of the [target]'s head! F R3
11 50 Explosive punch to the face leaves little else than a pulpy mass of blood, bone, and brain matter! F R3 head R2 R/L eye
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 The [target] twists around and the blow only grazes the neck. None None
1 4 Fast but ineffective punch to the side of the [target]'s neck. None R1
2 8 Sudden swing snaps the [target]'s head around, but results in little more than a case of whiplash. S2 R1
3 12 Shallow cut across side of neck distracts the [target] but draws little blood. S3 R1
4 16 Wild swing connects with the [target]'s neck and leaves a nasty bruise. S4 R1
5 20 Fast backfist connects with trachea, making the [target] gasp for breath! S4 Sil R2
6 24 Swift strike to the throat! That'll be hard to swallow. S6 R2
7 28 Larynx crushed! Looks like the [target] won't be getting the last laugh now! S6 Dz R3
8 32 Uppercut compresses the diaphragm! The [target] doubles over in pain, gasping for air. S8 Sil Dz R3
9 36 Jugular severed by quick crossover punch! The [target]'s face goes pale, but the rest of its body is stained red! F R3
10 40 Carotid artery crushed by strong blow to neck! Blood goes everywhere! F R3
11 45 Spine severed by brutal strike to the back of the neck! That was almost humane. F R3 neck R2 back
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Quick tap to the eye doesn't even leave a mark. None None
1 4 Fist barely grazes the eye. Here's looking at you, kid. None R1
2 8 What starts off as a good strike to the right/left eye lands badly, leaving only an ugly bruise. S2 R1
3 12 Heel of hand impacts right/left eye, causing immediate swelling. S3 R1
4 16 Right/Left eyebrow cut open by a solid strike. Blood runs into the eye, making it difficult to see. S4 R2
5 20 Backfist slams into the right/left eye, immediately blurring the [target]'s vision! S5 Slo R2
6 25 Wild swing lands solidly on the [target]'s right/left eye. Ooh, that's a nice shade of purple! S6 R2
7 30 Powerful uppercut crushes right/left eye like jelly! S8 R3
8 35 Stiffened fingers punch right/left through right/left eye and into the head! F R3 eye R2 head
9 40 Stiff crossover punch drives through right/left eye like it isn't even there! Result is as inevitable as taxes! F R3
10 45 Lightning-fast punch pushes right/left eye deep into skull! Out of sight, out of mind! F R3 eye R3 head
11 50 Powerful descending side-hand strike drives both eyes deep into brain! F R3 R/L eye R3 head
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Pathetic strike to chest! The [target] looks unimpressed. None None
1 5 Weak strike to chest makes the [target] grunt, but nothing else. None R1
2 10 Strike to chest leaves a bruise. Just softening its up a bit! None R1
3 15 Rib shot! That's going to leave a bruise. S1 R1
4 20 Uppercut to solar plexus. Air forced from the lungs! S2 R1
5 25 Quick strike to sternum makes the [target] gasp for air. S3 RT5 R2
6 30 The [target] gasps as a rib breaks! S4 R2
7 35 Swift descending strike drives a rib into a lung! S5 R2
8 40 Sudden impact to chest! That'll make its day S6 RT10 R3
9 45 Fist drives through ribs and into chest! Cold hands, meet warm heart. S8 R3
10 50 Massive descending punch shatters rib cage, causing corresponding massive internal damage! F R3
11 55 Awesome spear hand strike penetrates solar plexus and ruptures the heart! F R3
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Light punch to stomach tickles slightly, but the [target] doesn't look amused. None None
1 5 Slap across the belly doesn't barely leaves a mark None R1
2 10 Swift blow to gut causes the [target] to gasp, and leaves behind a light bruise. RT2 R1
3 15 Hard, swift strike to the side of the abdomen, but no major damage. S2 R1
4 20 Sinking strike to the gut. S3 R1
5 25 Spinning backfist bruises internal organs. S4 R2
6 30 Cross punch to abdomen drives breath out with a WHOOF! S4 RT10 R2
7 35 Punishing strike to the stomach! S5 R2
8 40 Fast hooking punch tears a ragged gash across the abdomen! S6 R3
9 45 Hard strike to abdomen nearly reaches the spine! F R3
10 50 Overhand descending smash punches stomach and intestines out of the [target]'s body! F R3 abs R2 back
11 55 Amazing full-arm haymaker smashes stomach out through the back! Disgusting! F R3 abs R3 back
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Ineffectual strike to back! Did it even notice? None None
1 5 Quick punch to back barely rocks the [target] back. None R1
2 10 Attempted rabbit punch falls short, leaving only a small bruise. None R1
3 15 Crossover punch lands a solid hit at the small of the back. None R1
4 20 Strike to shoulder blade briefly staggers foe! S2 RT5 R1
5 25 Blow to kidney! S3 R2
6 30 Fast, painful strike to lower back. S4 R2
7 35 Swift, repeated blows fracture several vertebrae over the [target]'s back! S5 R2
8 40 Nasty punch sinks into the lower back. Internal organs don't like that! S6 R3
9 45 Powerful blow damages spine, making it difficult for the [target] to straighten up. Put your back into it! S8 Kk RT10 R3
10 50 Crippling blow to spinal column! Motor control lost! S10 Ks RT20 R3
11 55 Amazing punch to lower spine pushes it out through the abdomen! F R3 back R2 abs
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Lackluster strike to right/left arm fails to impress. None None
1 4 Quick punch to right/left arm doesn't do any real damage. None R1
2 8 Short punch to right/left forearm leaves a bruise! None R1
3 12 Lucky hit to funny bone momentarily numbs the [target]'s right/left arm! Ha! Fv R1
4 16 Strong hook from the side pins right/left elbow against the torso! S1 Fv R1
5 20 Wild swing heavily impacts right/left forearm, fracturing the bone! S2 R2
6 24 Descending hand impacts right/left shoulder, fracturing the clavicle! S3 R2
7 28 Furious punch to the right/left arm cracks bones! S4 R2
8 32 Fully extended punch crushes the bones in the [target]'s right/left arm. S5 R2
9 36 Descending fist shatters right/left arm at the elbow! Only scraps of flesh remain. S6 A R3
10 40 Spinning haymaker catches right/left arm, ripping it off above the elbow! S8 A R3
11 44 Magnificent crossover punch removes everything below the right/left shoulder! That's a farewell to arm! S10 A R3
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Ineffective hit only leads to bumped knuckles. Were you only trying to greet it? None None
1 3 Flailing strike barely slaps the wrist. No worse than... well, a slap on the wrist! None R1
2 6 Rap to the right/left hand, bloodying the knuckles. None R1
3 9 Hard punch to the center of right/left palm, leaving behind a large bruise. None R1
4 12 Wild side punch smashes into right/left hand, pinning it against its body. Fv R1
5 15 Swift attack bends fingers on right/left hand over on themselves with a sharp *SNAP!* S2 R2
6 18 Backfist impacts the right/left wrist, hard. S3 R2
7 21 Quick chop crushes several fingers into uselessness! S4 Fv R2
8 24 Stiffened straight spear hand attack drives straight through right/left palm! S5 R2
9 27 Swift chop above the hand shatters every bone in right/left wrist! S6 A R3
10 30 Crushing strike to right/left hand renders it useless! S7 A R3
11 33 Amazing strike to right/left hand means that the [target] won't be making any sinister moves for a while! S8 A R3
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Awkward punch gently brushes the right/left thigh. It's like a first date! None None
1 4 Downward strike clips right/left ankle, but barely leaves a mark. None R1
2 8 Punch lands low, bruising its right/left leg. None R1
3 12 Low punch bruises the inside of the [target]'s right/left knee, but barely causes a limp. Fv R1
4 16 Descending fist ends its arc against right/left knee, sending the [target] stumbling back. Once smitten, twice shy! Fv no stun R1
5 20 Wide swing connects with right/left shin, sweeping it hard to the side! S2 Kp R2
6 24 Strong strike leaves a bloody gash on the [target]'s right/left calf. S3 Kp R2
7 28 Well executed strike to the [target]'s right/left leg fractures the fibula. S4 Kp R2
8 32 Rotating backhand cleanly snaps tibia! S4 Kp Fv R2
9 36 Furious fast fist forces fibula fracture! Foot flies free, falling forward five feet forth! S6 Kp A R3
10 40 Blindingly fast hook smashes right/left knee beyond any hope of repair. If it's worth doing, it's worth over-doing! S7 Kp A R3
11 44 Awesome crossover punch shatters femur into a hundred pieces, shredding upper right/left leg! S8 Kp A R3
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