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The half-elven invoker can sometimes be found in the Small Park of Wehnimer's Landing (Lich #288) offering spells to those in need. The invoker appeared on February 23, 2021. Currently, the invoker is thought to be a temporary feature, but no plans have been shared regarding her future. Everything here, including her continuing schedule, spells, or existence, may change without notice.


The exact schedule of the invoker has varied since her introduction, usually every four hours but other times as often as hourly. She provides two message on Realm ESP:

[Realm] The invoker thinks, "Residents of Wehnimer's Landing, I will be arriving to Town Square, Small Park in approximately 15 minutes to offer spells to those in need."
[Realm] The invoker thinks, "Residents of Wehnimer's Landing, I am currently at Town Square, Small Park and offering spells to those in need."

She usually departs 15 minutes after her arrival but sometimes stays continuously.


a half-elven invoker garbed in colorful layered robes
Somewhat taller than average, the invoker is clad in layered robes of jewel-toned fabric.  Several dark, beaded locks spill from her wide hood.  The composition of her features gives evidence of mixed elven and human heritage, and her age is indeterminate.  Stark against her olive complexion, a dotted black spiral is inked upon her chin, and sinuous lines above each brow converge upon a stylized eye tattooed vertically at the center of her forehead.


Swirling vapors boil up from the ground and coalesce into a kaleidoscopic portal.  A half-elven invoker garbed in colorful layered robes emerges from the portal and surveys the area with cool assessment.
With broad gestures, a half-elven invoker garbed in colorful layered robes traces a series of arcs through the air, and a kaleidoscopic portal of swirling vapors manifests before her.  She steps into the portal without a backward glance, and it collapses closed behind her with an audible hiss.
Muttering with distraction, the half-elven invoker shuffles several curious trinkets and carefully rolled scrolls from the inner pockets of one jewel-toned layer to another.


To receive spells, simply ASK INVOKER ABOUT SPELLS.

First person
Shaking back the layered sleeves of her multicolored robes, the invoker releases upon you a flurry of abjurations...

A light blue glow surrounds you.
There is a dim flash around you.
You feel a strengthening of your internal fortitude.
There is a dim flash around you.
You feel a strengthening of your blood flow.
A deep blue glow surrounds you.
A misty halo surrounds you.
A silvery luminescence surrounds you.
A bright luminescence surrounds you.
A brilliant luminescence surrounds you.
Glowing specks of dark brown energy begin to spin around you.
You feel much stronger.
A small circular container suddenly appears and floats rather serenely over to you.
You seem to blend into the surroundings better.
The air about you shimmers slightly.
You suddenly feel much more dextrous.
Your form blurs.
A crop-tailed swamp muskrat blurs before your eyes.
Opening your mind's eye to the progression of time, a myriad of possible future events fills your consciousness.
You feel your forehead pulse as your mind hardens to deter invading thoughts.
A whirl of spiritual energy streaks down from above, creating a dully illuminated mantle around your form.
Third person
The invoker releases upon Person a flurry of abjurations.
Spell durations
Spell Duration
Spirit Defense 2:00
Spirit Shield 2:00
Purify Air 2:00
Mantle of Faith 2:00
Spirit Warding I 4:10
Disease Resistance 4:10
Poison Resistance 4:10
Spirit Warding II 4:10
Water Walking 4:10
Elemental Defense I 4:10
Elemental Defense II 4:10
Elemental Defense III 4:10
Thurfel's Ward 4:10
Strength 4:10
Natural Colors 4:10
Resist Elements 4:10
Mobility 4:10
Mass Blur 4:10
Foresight 4:10
Mindward 4:10
Floating Disk n/a

Animal companions will share only the Mass Blur effect.