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Until level 6, one can receive a job from Iron Jack the blacksmith in Wehnimer's Landing; the blacksmith will exchange silver coins and experience for a heavy slab of iron.

If one is level 6 or greater, Iron Jack will no longer give a job, but one can still give a heavy slab of iron to the blacksmith for some silver coins.

Forging a heavy slab of iron

The materials and devices required to forge a heavy slab of iron are all found in the Kobold Mines on the Old Mine Road in Wehnimer's Landing. From outside the North Gate, go: SW, S, S, S, S, S, SE, E, E, GO BRIDGE, CLIMB BANK, NE, NW, N, N, NE, N, NE, NE, N, N, NW, TURN RING, GO HOLE. (Lich Room #7997)

Forging iron requires three components: charcoal, oil, and ore.

Obtaining charcoal

From the entrance of the Kobold Mines, type: GO SHRUB. This is the burner room. Check for leftover charcoal by typing: GET CHARCOAL. One needs one piece of charcoal for every set of 4 pieces of iron one intends to forge.

To create charcoal, repeatedly type: GET WOOD and place the log, stick, or tinder into the burner. The burner must have at least one log and at least one handful of tinder in order to create any charcoal. The more wood in the burner, the more units of charcoal it will produce. After placing wood into the burner, GET WOOD until finding two wooden sticks. Now type: RUB STICK.

Wait for the burner to cool and take the charcoal.

Obtaining oil

From the burner room where one creates charcoal, type: GO BUSH, GO SHADOWS, D, D, N. This is the oil room. One needs one flask of oil for every set of 4 pieces of iron one intends to forge.

To find a flask of oil, repeatedly type: SEARCH. Perception aids in finding a flask of oil.

Take the oil.

Obtaining ore

From the oil room where one searches for oil, type: S, D, S. This is the workface room. One needs one piece of iron ore for every heavy slab of iron one intends to make, and up to four pieces of iron ore can be used at once (this creates four heavy slabs of iron).

Repeatedly type: SEARCH WORKFACE. Perception aids in finding iron ore.

The message:

Your eyes are too tired from the uncertain light

indicates that one cannot find any more ore until one waits a few minutes.

Take the ore.

Forging the iron

From the workface room where one searches for iron ore, type: N, U, GO DOOR. This is the forging room.

Check the pit for excess heavy slabs of iron by looking inside it. Remove any items in the pit before forging.

The actual forging process is as follows:

  • Place a piece of charcoal in the crucible by typing: PUT CHARCOAL IN CRUCIBLE.
  • Place up to four pieces of iron ore in the crucible by typing: PUT ORE IN CRUCIBLE.
  • Close the valve of the crucible by typing TURN VALVE.
  • Move EAST.
  • Put oil in the oil drum by typing: POUR OIL IN DRUM.
  • To operate the bellows, PULL CHAIN and PULL BELLOWS. This generates significant roundtime dependent on your Strength.
  • Return to the WEST.
  • Open the valve by typing TURN VALVE.
  • Wait for one message of the heat in the room to be broadcast before continuing. This usually only takes a few seconds, if any.
  • Move EAST.
  • Operate the bellows, typing: PULL CHAIN and PULL BELLOWS, then PULL CHAIN and PULL BELLOWS again.
  • Move WEST.
  • Wait for the iron to solidify and cool.
  • Take the iron from the pit.

Uses of a heavy slab of iron

  • Heavy slabs of iron can be used by adventurers levels 1 through 5 to gain around 150-200 experience points and between 100 and 250 silver coins per slab turned in by completing a job for Iron Jack the blacksmith in Wehnimer's Landing. After reaching level 6, one can no longer request jobs from Iron Jack. Note that the blacksmith will take all slabs of iron in the room or on the character; although the character will be paid for all the slabs, experience is given just once in this case. Use a disk or put the extra slabs into your locker or a closed container to turn in one at a time. Ideally, hold the map the blacksmith gave you in one hand when you complete the job with just one slab of iron on you.
  • A heavy slab of iron is required for the second Order of Voln step, which grants the Symbol of Blessing.