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Gender female
Race elf
Profession Artist
Title Mistress
Service(s) Tattoos
Venue Ebon Gate
Mist Harbor
Status active

Hepit is a tattoo artist who frequents Mist Harbor and other premium events. On occasion, she also provides feature alterations.


You see Mistress Hepit the Artist.
She appears to be a Nalfein Elf.
She is slightly shorter than average, though she makes up for it with her boots.  She appears to be full grown.  She has non-symmetrical jade eyes and smooth skin.  She has shoulder-length, silky viridian hair drawn back from her face with an intricate series of rhimar combs.  She has an angular face, a dainty nose and a starburst-shaped birthmark on her neck.
She has a jagged and faded stylized serpent tattoo on her neck.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a leather apron covered in both pockets and ink stains, a flawless ebony rose, a baggy long-sleeved blouse with flared cuffs and a line of multicolored embroidery winding around the sleeves, some black leather breeches, and some black leather boots.


In the Common language, it reads:
Mistress Hepit will be providing tattoos and feature alterations today, for a flat fee of 100,000 silvers, and she has runners available as needed.

1. What is produced in this space is ART. As a result it takes time. Mistress Hepit will rush no customer! 2. Mistress Hepit is working with limited time and patience. She will work until she runs out of either one. One is beyond the customer's control. The other is NOT. 3. If you are attempting to 'change' a current tattoo, Mistress Hepit will require that you acquire a sharp implement and remove your existing one yourself. She asks that you keep the noise down as you do so. Then she will tattoo a new image onto the same space. NOTES:

1. No magical, living, wandering, or other 'unusual' tattoos. Ink and needles are the order of the day. 2. Mistress Hepit is happy to assist with designs, but asks that you have at least a general concept and location in mind first. 3. For those who are interested in getting their features altered, be aware that this process is usually an exercise in saying 'no' over and over until an accord can be reached.