2014-09-02 - History of the Demonwall (log)

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This log is from 9/2/2014 from the viewpoint of Cryheart.


The Wandering Minstrel Glissando dropped by the Hearthstone Manor porch on Tilamaires, day 2 of the month Imaerasta in the year 5114. He presented a lecture on the history of the Demonwall.


"So, we're at the beginning of the Third Elven War, a dark time for everyone. It seems the Turamzzyrian Empire, known from now on as just the empire because Turamzzyrian is such a pain in the neck to say, well, they put all their stock into the fortunes told by a well known seer. A HUGE mistake if you asked me, but I wasn't around then to be asked or I sure would have told them that, so that's a moot point."

"Selantha II, the Empress of the Empire at this time, was a bit of a vain woman I believe. All she wanted was to be known as the great leader her namesake had been, and those were some pretty big shoes to fill, or so the histories say. Now, like most politicians, she surrounded herself with mostly morons who couldn't lead a thirsty camel to water, with the obvious results. The political elite fed her delusions of grandeur so much that she set her sights on none other than the elven city of Ta'Faendryl. "

"The clergy of Koar fully supports this move. Now tell me that doesn't sound vaguely familiar to most of us here. Anyway, the church backs the war, saying it's the will of the Arkati to smite those dark black-hearted fiends, their words, not mine, for their use of dark and horrible magics used in the past. They steered the Empire towards war by stating the evils of sorcerous magic and cited the lack of activity by the army of Ta'Faendryl as a definite sign of a weak army and a decaying race."

"An Imperial army was formed and marched to Barrett's Gorge and within a span of just a few weeks the army made it to the edges of Faendryl territory. As it moves forward the Empire constructs fortifications in order to supply the army for an extended campaign, and by early fall three strongholds were built along the army's line of march. During this time there are numerous small skirmishes with small groups of minor Faendryl and commoners but neither could offer any resistance to the massive imperial army."

"When Harald's Keep, the third of the fortifications was completed, a small organized force of Faendryl engage the Imperials. The Faendryl had a small number of sorcerers with them and they conjured a handful of demonic creatures. These were easily dispatched by the Imperial army due to it's overwhelming size. At this point the Imperials believe they have faced the worst that the Faendryl can muster and they split the army into thirds. The largest of these forces winters at Harald's Keep and the other two at Tedronne and Creyth, the other two strongholds that were constructed."

"The year is now 4842 and the Empress, elated by the success of her army, appoints the seer Caerol to the position of Royal Seer, for his wisdom. Folly I say, but once again I wasn't consulted due to not being around then. Sentinel Happersett reforms his army in the spring and marches on Ta'Faendryl once again. "

"The Faendryl are not yet willing to unleash the full force of their sorcerers against the empire and this allows another empire victory at Gellig. This victory galvanizes the Faendryl however. The Faendryl send eight score of Demonmasters along with several thousand troops. The Empire fights valiantly, but the incredible power of the foes unleashed by the Faendryl Demonmasters is just too much and the Imperial Army is routed."

"The renowned knight of the Order of the Crimson Fist, Sir Gallestan the Mighty, and Sir Hughrond, The Golden Knight of Kezmon Isle, each defeat a half dozen of the demons before being struck down. Brave men, but ultimately fools. The combination of losing two of their greatest heroes and the seemingly unstoppable foes causes the Imperial forces to panic and flee. This becomes known forevermore as The Breaking."

"Imperial forces try to regroup and make a stand a Creyth but fully one quarter of their numbers have been slain by the Faendryl and at least another quarter have already fled past Creyth heading for Tedronne or Barrett's Gorge. The forces holding Creyth stand for one week, but it is a lost cause and defeat is sure. The remnants of the Imperial Army retreat under cover of darkess through holes dug under the walls and makes for Barrett's Gorge. The Imperial Army is down to less than one third it's initial strength. The Faedryl and their minions do not follow beyond Tedronne."

"Empress Selantha, in a fit of rage over the defeat, orders the execution of the seer Caerol. Bet he didn't see that one coming. Anyway, the Empress, realizing this was to be her mark in history, begins drinking to excess. The tales say she makes me look like a sober, pious man. The Third Elven War ends, with no treaty ever being signed."

"In 4843 The drunken Empress dies, some say as a result of her excesses, a lesson I have yet to learn. Her cousin, Wayrick Anodheles, is declared Emperor per her declaration made years before that he was to be her successor. We slide on through history to the year 4845 and foul beasts rule the area beyond Barrett's Gorge. They are smart enough to not attack the fortress directly but patrols must be sent out and occasionally whole patrols are lost. Keep in mind these aren't just demons, but the offspiring of demons and common indigenous creatures. Can you say "Deer with tentacles?""

"Traders stop coming to the Gorge due to the potential loss of goods and people. Most smugglers won't even go near the area. So, in 4847 construction begins on the Demonwall. The wall was finished in 4909 and stretches from the Dragonspine to the Southron Wastes, from Barrett's Gorge to Ba'Lathon."

"In 4848 the Order of the Golvern Star is founded as a direct response to the losses suffered at the hands of the Faendryl. Sir Pyrrhon Von Kammersteyl, a knight from Immuron, gathers a large group of warriors to his cause. Initially there are 200 knights and around 600 squires, men-at-arms, and pages and all are very very disciplined. The Golvern Star has always held the belief that had the Imperial forces been more disciplined The Breaking never would have occured."

"The Golvern Star, or OGS, is unique among the various units in the Imperial forces. They answer to no Sentinel and are nearly fully autonomous, with the exception of answering to the throne. They are allowed to determine their own activities and goals, but one thing will always hold true. If the Crown says jump, the OGS doesn't even bother to ask how high, they just jump."

"Around 4851 losses of workers along the Demonwall project are horrendous. A force of 150 OGS knights are assigned as a permanent force and the losses fall dramatically. From this day forth there is always a contingent of at least 150 knights of the OGS assigned to the Demonwall. In 4909 the Demonwall is completed at the edge of the Wizardwaste. The OGS now has over 350 knights and 900 squires. The 150 knights of the Demonwall aren't the largest part of the order anymore and the knights take up other responsibilities throughout the realm."

"In 4977 forces along the Demonwall are embattled as Eastern Sentinel Greythane defends against increasingly aggressive fiends. Airborne fiends fly over the wall at night and eliminate a remote wall outpost, allowing their allies to enter through the captured gate. OGS knights respond to the need and lead the imperial army to victory, with the aid of Imperial Drakes to deal with the flyers, but not before hundreds of imperial casualties are inflicted by the attackers. The OGS contingent assigned to the Demonwall is increased to 200 knights, and Imperial Drakes are doubled to number nearly 200 as well. And yet nowhere, to this very day, is a bard ever mentioned in the histories of the Demonwall. I feel slighted."

"And this, my friends, brings us up to the modern day. I would like to add that a very charming and handsome minstrel named Glissando has been trying very very hard to keep the lasses at Barrett's Gorge happy and satisfied, and doing a bang up job of it too. I feel that should be worth at least a footnote in the historical texts."

"Oh, and one more thing. While digging though all this moldy history I came across something some of you may find very interesting. I took some advice the other day and hunted what some of you call The Deadfall, others call it Walkar's Woods. It seems this is not a unique occurence in history."

"The year was 4981. I'll quote directly from the written history here so there's no confusion. "Imperial patrols pressing into the northeastern frontier encounter strange denizens in a great forest, and several patrols are lost. The specifics on the encountered creatures are unclear as the handful of survivors from subsequent patrols had conflicting reports, though they spoke of the forest becoming 'alive', and apparently acting as a sentient entity. With the imperial armies engaged in several efforts concurrently, further conquest into the wildwood is halted."

Speaking to Bekke, Glissando says, "There are people beyond the wall."

Speaking to Glyhne, Glissando says, "It's in the histories."

Speaking to Glyhne, Glissando says, "I'm sure they serve a purpose. It actually makes me shudder to think of what."

Glissando asks, "Have you folks seen that Demon they call the Wastewalker?"

Speaking to you, Glissando says, "If you see him coming...go the other way."

You ask, "So...how does this demon fly? on it's own accord or on something else?"

Speaking to you, Glissando says, "Some say he has a steed."