Hycinthia Javilerre

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Hycinthia Javilerre
Gender Female
Race Elf
Status Dead
Hometown Ta'Illistim
Relationship(s) Caylio Javilerre, Murstyr Javilerre Illistim
Alias/Title Handmaiden of the Argent Mirror

Hycinthia Javilerre Illistim was a Handmaiden of the Argent Mirror, sister of Caylio and daughter of Lord Commander Murstyr Javilerre Illistim of the Sapphire Guard.


From 2010 gala:

You see Hycinthia Javilerre Illistim the Attendant, Fifth of the Argent Mirror's Handmaidens.
She appears to be an Elf.
She is tall and appears to be young. She has hazel eyes and fair skin. She has very long, chestnut hair spiraling in curls from a very high ponytail. She has a straight nose and a sharp little pointed chin.
She has a series of silver and lapis rings set along the slender tips of her pointed ears.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a mazarine velvet gown affixed with a double-column of small silver buttons, an oversized domed silver signet, and a pair of blue velvet chopines.


In 5114 Modern Era, Hycinthia was accused of conspiracy to commit fratricide, regicide, and treason. Her role in the murder of her brother was revealed by the assassin, Neidel, who claimed she promised him he would only be exiled rather than sentenced to death. Caylio had been accidentally murdered, he claimed, when the true target was Myasara herself. Though feigning shock at first, she ultimately confessed, blaming Myasara for freely allowing "lesser races" in the city with special emphasis on Dark Elves.

Her intent had been to make her brother become Argent Mirror by inheritance as husband, so that she could mold his policy away from the corruption of recent years. Her own father disarmed her when she pulled a dagger from her dress. She did not claim her innocence in court for her own trial, where she was silenced following her outbursts, and was sentenced to death by beheading at the order of Argent Mirror Myasara. There was a riot that erupted out in the streets, which itself led to accusations of murder. Hycinthia was more or less a martyr for views held by quite a few Illistim who disagreed with recent policies of racial tolerance well in excess of cultural norms.

Hycinthia was subsequently stripped of her title as "Lady," and her name was stricken from her family records.

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