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Caylio Javilerre was a Loremaster of the "Teacher of Lore" rank, as well as a member of the prominent Javilerre family of House Illistim. He had taught at the Library Aies, as well as at the Ta'Illistim Academy of Historical Studies. He was affiliated with the Hanesyddol Museum of Ta'Loenthra, the Museum Alerreth, and the Trustees of the Library Aies. He was the son of the Commander of the Sapphire Guard, Murstyr Javilerre, brother of Hycinthia and royal husband of Argent Mirror Myasara Illistim. He was unintentionally murdered in 5114 Modern Era by an assassin, Neidel, whom his sister had hired to murder Myasara so that as her husband he would become the Argent Mirror.

Areas of Research

Caylio Javilerre's fieldwork has been conducted primarily at Age of Darkness and early Second Age sites on the western coast of Elanith, and he has participated in projects in the Northern Steppes. His primary research interests include archaeological interpretations of the society, economy and religion of the ancient elven world; archaeology and the study of religions; and archaeology of the Arkati.

Selected Works

Origins of a City-State: A Report on the Stratigraphy and the Material Culture of Pre-Founding Ta'Illistim.

Pottery from the Northern Steppes: Interregional Trade in the Arkati-Dominated Age.

Claw and Blood: Ritual Worship Among Bloodline Vylem.


An Interfaith Luncheon

  • September 5, 2010
  • Members of all faiths are invited to join Caylio Javilerre, Teacher of Lore, for an interfaith discussion to be held on Ta'Illistim Green.
  • How Lornon and Liabo view the existence of evil -- a discussion on the nature of evil in a divided world. Members of all faiths are invited to take part in a dialog on the differences in how the pantheons view evil.


You see Caylio Javilerre Illistim the Loremaster, Teacher of Lore.
He appears to be an Elf.
He is tall and appears to be young. He has hazel eyes and tanned skin. He has short, tousled chestnut hair carelessly swept across his brow. He has a straight nose. His chin has a sharp, distinct point to it.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a pair of wire-framed spectacles, a sweeping brown felted wool coat, a brown wool waistcoat over a long-sleeved shirt, a pair of high-waisted brown wool trousers, and some round-toed shoes.