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The Javilerre family of House Illistim is one of the most prominent. They are close to several families of House Vaalor, and are keenly focused on the physical. They were heavily involved with the construction of walls and defensive structures for Ta'Illistim, dating back to the founding of the city under Linsandrych Illistim. It was a more prominent feature of policy during the Age of Chaos, when defense was often a central concern, featuring prominently during the rules of Argent Mirrors Segeir, Yathrauniel, Caladsal, and Irinara Illistim.

The Javilerre often hold important command positions within the Sapphire Guard, whether in the magical or non-magical divisions. There have even been a few Arch Magi over the millennia.


Family Flourish: a series of elegantly silver curved blades

Family Statement: "The will to strengthen all things."

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