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Storyline Ride of the Red Dreamer
Gender Male
Alias/Title The Red Dreamer
Affiliation(s) Dreamwalkers

Indhis, the Red Dreamer, was a member of an ancient Ronanite order known as the Dreamwalkers. The most famous member of the order was Chaeye, a representative of Ronan who was a prominent player in the Griffin Sword Saga and a Liabo analogue to the powerful priests of the Four.

The first inklings of Indhis were rumors rumors of a man in a dream held in the Temple of Ronan. This was only part of the infamous Red Dreamer's story, the long years of imprisonment and secrecy about the surrounding circumstances having created a dangerous level of ignorance about Indhis's danger. His name was first shared by fellow Dreamwalker Beonas. When the Luukosian zealot Tseleth had previously attempted to speak it, Lorminstra herself silenced him.

Beonas told the gathered that Indhis was a former Dreamwalker. Although young, Indhis was the best and most powerful of them all. He fell in love with Yaolara, a young half-elven woman, but their love was forbidden as part of his vows of celibacy and complete devotion toward Ronan. This created a dissatisfaction in Indhis that was fanned by Noctus, a Sheruvian who had been sent to bring down the Dreamwalkers from within.

Indhis decided to betray the order, but realized that the gods would punish him. He sought out a prehistoric artifact known as the Shroud, which was likely a piece of Ur-Daemon skin, striking down the Dreamwalker Llumen in the process and sending Tseleth fleeing in terror. Tseleth was punished by Ronan and sent to wander in the Sea of Fire.

Wearing the Shroud, Indhis's actions were invisible to the Lords of Liabo and Lornon, which terrified the gods. They could not touch him directly, but instead worked in concert to turn Yaolara into a perfect prison. With her consent, she became a living gateway into a pocket of the Endless Dream. When Indhis came to claim her, she pulled him into the dream bodily, temporarily ending his threat.

The failure of the enchantments keeping Yaolara asleep were the subject of the Ride of the Red Dreamer. Worshipers of Liabo and Lornon both sought to keep Indhis contained, but their efforts were stymied by the secrecy of the gods and the efforts of a select few, like the demon-human hybrid Athamael. Indhis produced the Duskborn, creations of the Dream, and very nearly escaped before Yaolara was put back to sleep in the Schism of Dreams.