Junda (prime)

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Junda was a half-krolvin Rogue who lived in Solhaven and was a member of Dush gno Krol.

Junda fought with two blades and was of the Gob'tak klinast. Her name translated loosely in Krolgeh to the expulsion of bodily fluids.

Junda's Appearance

You see Junda.
She appears to be a Half-Krolvin of the Gob'tak Klinast.
She appears to be full grown and very tall. She has piercing blue-black eyes and blue-grey skin. She has chin length, ice-white hair that trails in a dense swath down the nape of her neck.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a blackened silver choker, a half blue and half white oval stickpin, a black suede blade bandolier, a soft chamois back-sheath, a fitted dusky leather longcoat, some knotwork ornamented hide brigandine, some seal skin gob'tak wrist bracers, a simple stylized sword buckle, a brass-studded rigid leather pack, some fine black moleskin breeches with cobalt blue piping, and some black bronze-trimmed boots.