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Kaeldorien Airunir Faendryl is a Dark Elf Ranger, and a full citizen of Wehnimer's Landing.

Personal history

Kaeldorien was born in comfort in New Ta'Faendryl. He is the son of Balthier, a decorated warrior and member of the Basilican Guard, and Aerendyl, an empath famous both for her skill and her beauty. As the son of one of the Emperor's favorite personal guards, Kael grew up with a privileged, though sheltered, background and was schooled among noble children and foreign princes. Though he excelled in all physical courses, it was through his mother's spiritual training that he started honing the technique of using magic and melee in tandem.

Barely an adolescent at 32, Kaeldorien entered The Palestra as a young recruit, honing his skills in combat and magic and gaining the approval of his teachers with high marks. After four and a half decades, Kael was involved in scandal when his liaisons with a teacher who approved of him very much came to light; his teacher was married, which made things worse, and he was expelled as a matter of course.

Freed of the regimented life he had always known, and filled with shame at his parents' silent disapproval, he left New Ta'Faendryl to wander the world and seek his own path.

Kaeldorien provided assistance to The Forces of Light, in opposition to the Dark Alliance in the Second War of the Griffin Sword in 5102.

During the tension between the Landing-based merchant consortium and the Elven Nations trade delegation in 5110, Kaeldorien served as a diplomat to The Eastern Dragorth Embassy on behalf of The Elanthian Dreadnaught Alliance.

Kael's feet follow the wind; his heart follows the light of Phoen.


You see Master Kaeldorien Airunir the Envoy.

He appears to be a Dark Elf.

He appears to be in the spring of life. He has argent-flecked aquamarine eyes and flawless dark bronze skin. He has short, razor-cut white blonde hair up-swept into a riotous mass of spikes atop his head. He has a chiseled, angular face and well-muscled shoulders and arms.

He has a sleeping demon tattoo on his left shoulder, a ring of stylized leaves tattoo on his finger, a slinking black python tattoo on his thigh, a chain of intricate runes tattoo on his left arm, a sleeping white dragon tattoo on his right shoulder, a pearl-inset nebulous vaalin spike in the upper ridge of his right ear, and a thin malachite ring adorned with a tiny obsidian bead in his lip.

He is in good shape.


  • Master of the Guardians of Sunfist
  • Master Fletcher
  • Member of Silvergate Inn (CHE)
  • Member of The Elanthian Dreadnaught Alliance
  • Member of The Faendryl Enclave
  • Member of House Dreadnaught
  • Member of The Onyx Griffin Trading Post