Kalyrra (prime)

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Race Aelotoi
Culture Vaer'sah
Hometown Cysaegir
Profession Rogue
Religion Reveres L'Naere
Affiliation(s) Defenders of Mist Harbor
Mist Harbor Militia
Disposition Quiet, Observant
Demeanor Friendly, Helpful
Flaw Self-sacrificing
Soft Spots Orphans

Kalyrra is an Aelotoi Rogue. She regularly travels between different areas, but chooses to call Cysaegir home.


You see Kalyrra.
She appears to be an Aelotoi of the Vaer'sah Clan.
She is shorter than average and has a delicately lithe build. She appears to be youthful. She has gold-flecked ale-brown eyes and sun-kissed, lightly freckled skin. She has chin length, tousled chestnut hair framing her face in a disheveled, carefree style. She has a series of linear scars along her wrist. She has a crescent-shaped scar on her right temple that caps a meandering line of tiny slash marks that ends at the left corner of her mouth. She has a pair of sapphire blue wings accented with tiny platinum and silver spots.


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Practice Makes Perception

She Screams Volumes

Does It Help?

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