Keeping Up with the Kestrels - 5117-03-16 - Mysteries Dissembled and New (log)

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Charlatos 16-17, 5117

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • Rook King Rysus summons everyone to the mayor's office to provide information on the new Tehiri in town: Quinshon the Dissembler, a former Magister who left the Hall of Mages over disagreements with a Magister Provost. He remained loosely connected to the Hall and was used by it for unscrupulous activities--giving him a reputation of unraveling minds.
  • Rysus suggests killing him next time they see him. Arshwikk asks what Rysus gains from his death, but he says Quinshon is of no concern to him. With Mayor Puptilian absent, Rysus takes a look about the office and teases Hapenlok a bit before departing.
  • Afterward, a town guard is spotted nailing a missing poster to Moot Hall regarding Lana Orpharion, niece of Lute from the Music Shoppe. Leafiara leads the group to the music shop, but it's closed; Captain Stormyrain, Leafi, and Aleid inquire with a guard for information on Lana, but get little other than places she's been known to frequent. Alasatia and Goldstr note that Naimorai Kestrel had been hanging about the music shop.
  • The group goes about town to investigate, but finds no hints of Lana.


Rysus says, "Particularly known for his...darker sorcery like skills..and.."
Rysus taps the side of his head.
Rysus says, "It's always the mentalists."
Stormyrain mutters, "Isn't that the truth."
Rysus says, "So, I won't begin to tell you how to live your life..."
Rysus says, "But you should probably just kill him the next time you see him."
Rysus asks, "You guys still do that right?"
Rysus asks, "Kill first, ask later?"
Rysus asks, "Or are you slipping?"
Rysus leans near a dark fel painting, trying to look nonchalant as he tries to wiggle it free from the wall.
Archales flags down a nearby urchin and exchanges a few words.  The urchin nods to Archales, scurries off, and returns in a few moments with a plainly wrapped package that he hands to Archales.
Archales just opened a plainly wrapped package.
Rysus asks, "Is that necessary in my office?"
Rysus peers quizzically at Archales.
Archales removes a painted wooden sign that reads, "The Mayor Must Go!" from in his plainly wrapped package.
Rysus asks, "What do you call Hapenlok's mom that has to keep cleaning up after him?"
Rysus seems to be waiting for something.
Rysus says, "A meteor maid."



Stormyrain: "Anyone else seeing the figures racing across the rooftops?"

Meureii: "You are nae alone."

Meureii: "And neither are we."

[Town Square Central]

This is the heart of the main square of Wehnimer's Landing. The impromptu shops of the bazaar are clustered around this central gathering place, where townsfolk, travellers, and adventurers meet to talk, conspire or raise expeditions to the far-flung reaches of Elanith. At the north end, an old well, with moss-covered stones and a craggy roof, is shaded from the moonlight by a strong, robust tree. The oak is tall and straight, and it is apparent that the roots run deep. You also see a large grey-bellied hawk, the Alurick disk, the Glandrimier disk, the Archaeron disk, some House Sovyn dark ale, a mistwood serving cart with some stuff on it, some stone benches with some stuff on it, an herbal remedy donation bin, a bone white campaign sign that reads, "Live Free, Live Deliciously! Vote Crux for Mayor!" and a white leaf-shaped campaign sign that reads, "Vote Leafiara for Mayor, keeping Wehnimer's Landing vibrant and alive!".

Also here: Leafiara, Ragnt, Lord Xred, Pasquale, Lord Trythe, Dalauria who is sitting, Alurick, Meureii, Valrec, Razorjawz who is sitting, Atmani, Lord Glandrimier, Stormyrain, Archaeron, Talariel, Lord Ailionn, Henduro who is lying down, Jurist of Eye Raissong, Raiak, Wyspircloud who is sitting, Chaoswynd who is sitting

Roelaren: "We are inside."

Crimsoneve: "Rooftop party?"

Rysus: "Tell them to come down from there. Running on rooftops is dangerous!"

Stormyrain: "..and there's the reason. Evening, Rysus."

Rysus: "Good evening."

Leafiara: "Aha! Evening, Rysus!"

Rysus: "I have something you might want."

Stormyrain: "Oh? What's that?"

Meureii: "....time to speak?"

Stormyrain: "Grishom Stone's head on a pike?"

Leafiara: "Information on Sir Michol?"

Stormyrain: "No no, he would have made mincemeat pie out of you..hrm."

Rysus: "Sir Michol? No."

Stormyrain: "Do you want to share what you have? Or are we playing hide and seek? I do love a good game."

Leafiara: "Information on Carenos, then?"

Avalera says, "Well, that's not alarming in the least."

Avalera asks, "Have the golems been marching up there long?" (OOC: ambient messaging of Dennet's golems)

Speaking to Avalera, Leafiara says, "Not very long. About a week."

Speaking to Avalera, Stormyrain says, "Yes. They're rebuilding the outpost."

Dalauria says, "I will not be venturing to that area again."

Maylan: "Yarr!"

Rysus: "I'm in my office."

Avalera says, "Well, I'm sure they'll do an excellent job."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Maylan asks, "Headed to"

Goldstr says, "Rysus wid Pup seems."

Leafiara ventures, "Rysus' office... the sewers, or another stay in the mayor's office?"

Rysus: "The chair is comfortable, but this dog snores way too much."

Leafiara amusedly says, "Ah, that answers that."


Ortar: "Watch your tongue when it comes to Winston."

[Moot Hall, Mayor's Office]

At the varnished modwir door, a red bear skin rug stretches across the polished hardwood floors while twin velnalin hide chairs face the Mayor's pine desk. A great stag's head is mounted above a cobblestone fireplace set into the western wall. Several tumblers of liquor and shot glasses rest atop an oak bar beside a tall arched window. A blue-streaked river trout is mounted above an open closet, its mouth still wedged open by a fish hook. You also see a bat-eared shadowy fennec, a droopy-eyed tan bloodhound, a large dog bed, a basket of sticks, a small framed portrait, a large detailed map and a fel-framed painting.

Also here: Leafiara, Meureii, Conquerer of Reim Ortar, Arshwikk, Maylan, Conquerer of Reim Myasarie, Stormyrain, Farsia, Alasatia, Rysus who is sitting

Maylan: "His snores happen to be adorable."

Speaking to Rysus, Alasatia says, "I figured I'd check this one first, knowing you."

Rysus also carefully surveys his surroundings. (everyone's ;uberbar was making them them do a LOCATION upon entering since the mayor's office was unmapped on ;narost)

Rysus nods at Alasatia.

Rysus says, "I'll have to redesign the place a bit."

Rysus asks, "Did you all sign a petition? Or make an appointment?"

Rysus says, "I'm a busy man..."

Rysus says, "Oh wait..."

Ortar offers, "With a guillotine?"

Rysus says, "I called you here."

Rysus smirks.

Quinshon the Dissembler

Rysus says, "You have a new visitor I see."

Speaking to Rysus, Kippe corrects, "Isn't summoned a better word?"

Rysus purposely rearranges some things on the desk.

Rysus touches one finger to his lips.

>look desk

Crafted from aged pinewood, the simple desk holds papers stacked in neat piles, a worn quill and an almost empty ink jar. A tall patched leather chair sits behind the desk, while a small brass nameplate on the edge of the desk reads, "Mayor Puptilian."

Speaking to Rysus, Arshwikk asks, "The Tehir?"

Rysus says, "Well, you know."

Rysus says, "Dock people talk."

Rysus says, "Ship people talk."

Alasatia says, "Quinshon."

Rysus says, "Halflings talk."

Rysus nods at Alasatia.

Arshwikk says, "Same guy."

Rysus says, "Sometimes, he's called..."

Leafiara: "We're speaking with Rysus in the mayor's office."

Rysus says, "Quinshon the Dissembler."

Speaking to Rysus, Goldstr asks, "Ye knows a him?"

Myasarie softly asks, "Would thee be knowing about this student he spoke of?"

Rysus says, "Me? Nah."

Arshwikk says, "That doesn't sound like a name that attracts the ladies."

Rysus asks, "The student?"

Rysus shrugs.

Leafiara curiously wonders, "And what does he dissemble, exactly?"

Rysus says, "I've got some information for you though."

Rysus leans back slightly, looking down at something written on his palm.

Rysus leans forward.

Speaking to Rysus, Arshwikk asks, "And?"

Rysus says, "He was once a Magister of the Hall of Mages in Phannus."

Rysus says, "Particularly known for his...darker sorcery like skills..and.."

Rysus taps the side of his head.

Alasatia thoughtfully says, "Curious."

Rysus says, "It's always the mentalists."

Rysus shakes his head, clucking his tongue.

Myasarie softly says, "Interesting to say the least."

Stormyrain mutters, "Isn't that the truth."

Speaking softly to Rysus, Wintersylph asks, "Where does the dissasembler hail from Rysus? He is not another Arcane Eye guy is he?"

Rysus says, "Apparently he had quite a few disagreements with the Magister Provost at the Phannus college."

Rysus says, "That's the head guy of each college I guess."

Rysus shrugs.

Maylan says, "Weird titles."

Rysus says, "So he left. Dropped his rank and title."

Rysus says, "But he remained 'with' the Hall, so to speak."

Rysus says, "Loosely connected."

Rysus says, "Rumors have it..."

Rysus says, "Now mind you these are scruffy dockworkers..."

Rysus says, "But rumors have it..."

Speaking to herself, Maylan says, "I love rumors."

Rysus says, "He was used by the Hall from time to time for less than scrupulous activities."

Maylan says, "Ooooooo, scruples."

Rysus says, "They call him the Dissembler because of his reputation, true or false, of unraveling and molding minds."

Speaking softly to Rysus, Myasarie says, "Sometimes rumors hold more truth than others wish to believe."

Goldstr asks, "Anudder one?"

Rysus says, "He's also Tehiri. So he likes sand."

Rysus says, "Okay, I made that one up."

Rysus says, "But it's probably true."

The voice of Aleid asks, "Which is made up?"

Rysus says, "The sand part."

Rysus says, "I have no idea."

The voice of Aleid says, "Thank you."

Rysus says, "So, I won't begin to tell you how to live your life..."

The voice of Hapenlok asks, "Feeling a little worried, are we, Rysus?"

Rysus says, "But you should probably just kill him the next time you see him."

Rysus shrugs.

Rysus asks, "You guys still do that right?"

Arshwikk says, "That seems a bit rash."

Rysus asks, "Kill first, ask later?"

The voice of Aleid says, "I just can't help but think killing with im...imp...something is a bad idea."

Rysus asks, "Or are you slipping?"

Speaking to Rysus, Hapenlok says, "We're slipping. You're still alive."

Speaking to Rysus, Goldstr says, "Ye be one a his targets, we wait till after."

Rysus asks, "Am I?"

Rysus waves his hand in a dismissive gesture.

Rysus says, "I doubt he cares."

Deep Roots

Rysus stands up.

Rysus stands in front of a pine desk.

Rysus glances at a pine desk and slowly exhales.

Rysus rubs a pine desk.

Rysus says, "So dusty."

Speaking curiously to Rysus, Meureii asks, "What purpose would his death serve to you?"

Rysus says, "What DOES he even do in here."

Speaking to Rysus, Maylan exclaims, "Watch it!"

Speaking to Rysus, Arshwikk asks, "And what do you gain from his death?"

Alasatia whispers something to Rysus.

Rysus asks, "Me?"

The voice of Aleid asks, "And why not just kill him yourself?"

Speaking to Rysus, Arshwikk says, "Yes, you."

Speaking to Arshwikk, Hapenlok says, "He gets to keep breathing, probably."

Rysus says, "He's of no concern to me."

Rysus waves his hand in a dismissive gesture.

Rysus says, "I was just merely passing along some information."

Speaking to Rysus, Arshwikk says, "Uh huh, likely story."

Myasarie softly says, "Nae any concern but you speak of killing him on sight."

Speaking softly to Rysus, Wintersylph asks, "So, why was he dispatched here? Whats your best guess?"

Rysus says, "It was a jest."

Rysus shrugs at Myasarie.

Rysus shrugs at Wintersylph.

Rysus asks, "Why do all the imperials keep coming here?"

Rysus shrugs.

Rysus says, "It isn't for a vacation home."

Speaking softly to Wintersylph, Myasarie says, "Something was said of a student, he was to instruct."

Speaking to Rysus, Arshwikk says, "Don't get me wrong, I do kill some people on sight from time to time, but I generally have a reason, like they looked at me funny or something."

Speaking to Rysus, Maylan asks, "Is it for our dirt?"

Speaking softly to Rysus, Wintersylph asks, "You seem to know a lot about him, rumors and all, you can do better than that?"

Speaking to Rysus, Maylan says, "We seem to have special dirt."

Speaking to Rysus, Meureii asks, "Aren't they everywhere?"

Rysus says, "That's all I heard."

Rysus shrugs at Wintersylph.

Speaking to Rysus, Leafiara agrees, "That's a very mysterious thing, true--why so many Imperials come here, even important ones."

Speaking to a droopy-eyed tan bloodhound, Goldstr says, "Winston ye needs better guard trainin."

Rysus says, "I would just say..."

Rysus says, "Imperial knights moving in..."

Rysus shrugs.

Rysus says, "Manageable."

Myasarie softly says, "Give the man a chance to answer before asking so many questions at once."

Speaking to Rysus, Arshwikk says, "Quinshon seemed pleasant enough."

Rysus asks, "A cluster of Hall Mages trickling in?"

Rysus shakes his head.

Rysus says, "That is a deep root you should never let grow."

Speaking to Myasarie, Maylan says, "Nonense. Bombarding folks with questions is what we do."

Speaking to Rysus, Hapenlok says, "There's one way they can go away, you know."

Rysus nods at Hapenlok.

Rysus says, "I like your thinking."

Speaking to Rysus, Hapenlok says, "Give it back."

Rysus asks, "Meteor them?"

The voice of Aleid exclaims, "And it would be glorious!"

Speaking to Rysus, Goldstr says, "Ye be right der we let yers grow."

Rysus nods at Meureii.


Archales fades into view.

Rysus says, "Well, if that's all you had for me..."

Archales nods to Rysus in greeting.

Rysus nods at Archales.

Rysus leans near a dark fel painting, trying to look nonchalant as he tries to wiggle it free from the wall.

Archales flags down a nearby urchin and exchanges a few words. The urchin nods to Archales, scurries off, and returns in a few moments with a plainly wrapped package that he hands to Archales.

Archales just opened a plainly wrapped package.

Arshwikk asks, "Is he stealing a painting?"

Rysus asks, "Is that necessary in my office?"

Hapenlok says, "Seems that way."

Rysus peers quizzically at Archales.

Rysus snickers.

Ortar says, "Unsuccessfully."

Archales shakes his head.

Alasatia says, "This is not our first mentalist type with goals of mind control."

Archales removes a painted wooden sign that reads, "The Mayor Must Go!" from in his plainly wrapped package.

Speaking to Archales, Kippe says, "He's... redecorating."

Rysus dusts off a fel-framed painting.

Hapenlok says, "I plan on redecorating in a few weeks anyway."

Rysus says, "It just had some dust on it."

Goldstr says, "Dats wha ge be sneaky low tief."

Archales tosses a painted wooden sign that reads, "The Mayor Must Go!" into one of the containers hanging from his reinforced harness.

Rysus says, "If I wanted anything..."

Archales says, "Everyone seems so quick to jump to conclusions."

Rysus points at a circular steel dial.

Rysus points at an open closet.

Arshwikk asks, "You mean, like to kill Quinshon?"

Rysus shrugs.

Archales says, "Someone's already cleaned out the closet."

Rysus says, "He's your problem."


Speaking to Rysus, Hapenlok warns, "You're on borrowed time, Rysus. Extend your life, such as it is. Return that plinite."

Rysus asks, "Plinite?"

Rysus peers quizzically at Hapenlok.

Speaking to Rysus, Hapenlok says, "And disappear."

Speaking to Hapenlok, Archales asks, "Return?"

Rysus says, "I do not know what you are talking about."

Archales laughs at Hapenlok!

Stormyrain slowly empties her lungs.

Stormyrain sighs slightly and rubs her temples.

Archales says, "That's rich."

Speaking to Rysus, Alasatia reminds, "Our problems tend to become your problems."

Archales chuckles.

An expression of abject hatred crosses Hapenlok's face as he scrutinizes Archales.

Rysus says, "No offense pint boy, but you disappear every time you walk past a low shelf or table."

Rysus winks at Hapenlok.

Rysus ruffles Hapenlok's hair.

Archales snickers.

Alasatia appears to be struggling to keep a straight face.

Ortar laughs softly, trying to hide his amusement.

Leafiara chuckles.

Leafiara clasps a hand over her mouth.

Speaking to Rysus, Arshwikk says, "We'll just have to ask Quinshon what he thinks of your opinion of him."

Maylan appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Archales leans against an oak bar.

(Hapenlok gives Rysus a not so gentle shove away.)

Arshwikk winks at Rysus.

Rysus says, "In fact..."

Hapenlok glowers darkly at Rysus.

Rysus walks around to the other side of the desk.

Hapenlok lifts his shoulders in a small shrug, his expression doing very little to hide his complete and utter disdain for Rysus.

Rysus gasps.

Rysus gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

Hapenlok chants a short phrase, embers leaping from his fingertips, as he clenches his hand into a smoke-shrouded fist.

Rysus asks, "Hapenlok!?!?"

Rysus exclaims, "Where did he go!"

Archales points down.

Maylan's features scrunch up as she guffaws loudly, all the while grinning enthusiastically.

Rysus leans over, looking over the desk.

Rysus exclaims, "OH!"

Rysus says, "Whew."

Alasatia buries her face in her hands.

Maylan clears her throat.

Rysus says, "There you are."

Stormyrain's eyes glaze over as she stares, unfocused, into the distance.

Rysus slowly empties his lungs.

Archales carefully surveys his surroundings.

Rysus snickers.

Hapenlok says, "I'm still here. And I plan on being here long after you're dead and buried."

Leafiara appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Hapenlok chants an esoteric incantation as small sparks surround his hands.

Leafiara furrows her brow.

Aleid suddenly fades into view.

Speaking softly to Rysus, Wintersylph says, "May I remind you there halfbreed, you're not so tall either."

Hapenlok stares at Rysus.

Rysus asks, "What do you call Hapenlok's mom that has to keep cleaning up after him?"

Rysus seems to be waiting for something.

Rysus says, "A meteor maid."

Rysus gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

Hapenlok begins to twitch as he glances at Rysus.

Alasatia coughs.

Leafiara stares into space, appearing to ponder multiple possibilities and potential nuances.

Alasatia clears her throat.

Farsia raises an eyebrow in Rysus's direction.

Speaking to Hapenlok, Goldstr says, "I rather he be burned. Nae has ta see fis foul grave."

Speaking to Rysus, Archales asks, "So did you gather everyone here to announce your bid for mayor?"

Rysus says, "I should have quit when I was ahead."

Archales chuckles.

Rysus snickers at Hapenlok.

Leafiara flatly says, "I don't think I got that one."

Aleid simply says, "That wasn't funny."

Hapenlok chants a short phrase, embers leaping from his fingertips, as he clenches his hand into a smoke-shrouded fist.

Leafiara starts chorting.

Archales holds up his hand and tilts it side to side in a so-so gesture.

Rysus says, "Don't flip Aleid."

Rysus nods at Aleid.

Speaking softly to Rysus, Wintersylph says, "You burned that joke up."

Stormyrain gazes heavenward.

Goldstr shakes his head.

Speaking agreeably to Wintersylph, Leafiara exclaims, "Better!"

Leafiara turns toward Wintersylph and render a sharp hand salute.

Rysus begins chuckling at Archales!

Ortar offers, "Throw enough against the wall, something sticks."

Rysus says, "The office is too dull for me."

Alasatia says, "It was a - little - funny."

Aleid crossly says, "I hate when people pronounce my name wrong."

Rysus beams happily at Alasatia!

Speaking coolly to Rysus, Hapenlok says, "Keep laughing. You know I'm right."

Alasatia looks at Rysus and hums.

Stormyrain shifts her weight.

Rysus moves to stand in front of Aleid.

Rysus gives Aleid a lingering kiss on the hand.

Rysus bows to Aleid.

Speaking to Ortar, Maylan says, "I bet you'd stick if we threw you against the wall."

Rysus says, "My deepest apologies."

Leafiara smiles at Rysus.

Aleid stares at Rysus.

Archales carefully surveys his surroundings.

Stormyrain wrinkles her nose.

Aleid uneasily says, "Uh huh."

Archales casually looks around as he subtly adjusts the golvern bracer on his left wrist.

Aleid moves to stand behind Meureii.

Aleid traces a series of glowing runes while chanting an arcane phrase...

Aleid gestures.

Aleid suddenly disappears.

Avalera chuckles.

Archales carefully surveys his surroundings.

Rysus exclaims, "Well, enjoy!"

Rysus turns around.


Speaking offendedly to Maylan, Ortar teases, "Me?!? how about you?"

Wintersylph softly says, "Still, shouldn't be making short jokes when he barley stands taller than a gnome."

Stormyrain says, "That's always exhausting."

Avalera asks, "So, did he just put a very cheap bounty on someone's head?"

Arshwikk asks, "Is that all you had us here for?"

Ortar asks, "Is barley bigger than gnomes?"

Hapenlok abruptly kicks at a pine desk!

Myasarie softly says, "Still as unpredictable as one remembers Rysus being."

Arshwikk says, "Figures."

Speaking to Arshwikk, Stormyrain says, "Seems so, since he's gone."

Alasatia says, "No, he's just feeding the rumors."

Speaking to Hapenlok, Maylan exclaims, "Hey! I'm sitting here!"

Leafiara neutrally comments, "I'll agree about one thing, at least. If--and it's a big if--there were any mages from the Hall who had ill intentions toward us, that's a much bigger concern than Imperial soldiers."

Speaking to Leafiara, Hapenlok says, "Thre'd be Imperial Drakes here. And Malvernus."

Hapenlok says, "Which is exactly what happens if some idiot takes him up on his offer."

Arshwikk mockingly says, "Hey, everyone go kill this guy because I said they should die..."

Speaking to Hapenlok, Leafiara concludes, "And we'd be dead. Probably swiftly."

From behind an oak bar, Archales's voice asks, "How much is the bounty?"

Speaking to Arshwikk, Hapenlok says, "Sad part is, someone here might try it."

Speaking to Arshwikk, Stormyrain says, "It's somewhat normal for him to act that way, really."

Avalera says, "A plug silver and stuff from the closet."

Arshwikk says, "Well I don't see as how anyone really has a reason yet, he has done nothing wrong we are aware of thus far."

Leafiara clarifies, "Rysus didn't offer anything for Quinshon, just 'suggested' we should kill him. Now, for an actual bounty, the Grand Magister offered two and a half million several days back for information that leads to Carenos' capture..."

Archales says, "Silvers seem like a perfectly good reason."

Stormyrain repeats, "So far."

Wintersylph softly says, "However, if this, this Dissembler was dispatched here, we should find out to what end."

Ortar thoughtfully offers, "He was just sowing seeds of doubt."

The voice of Raelee says, "... at present, there is Hall blood on the hands of the Rooks already. If this town is worried about cultivating the ill will of the Hall, killing more of our associates is likely an efficient way to do so."

Avalera asks, "Isn't that what they do? Mind games and seed sowing?"

Raelee suddenly fades into view.

Stormyrain asks, "Is he an associate then, Raelee? Can you confirm what Rysus said about his past?"

Myasarie softly asks, "Perhaps this student that the Dissembler spoke of is perhaps someone he is to ummm work his dark arts on and nae teach?"

Leafiara calmly remarks, "Nobody agreed to do anything to Quinshon anyway. Not even me and I'm deathly afraid of magic users who specialize in mind control."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Raelee says, "I can confirm that the Grand Magister invited him. Yes, he is an associate."

Leafiara idly says, "If he is one."

Ortar says, "We saw a flash of blue light in the outpost after he arrived there."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Raelee says, "As for the rest - I met the man on the docks at the same time as the rest of you."

Speaking to Ortar, Alasatia says, "Cyph, likely."

Speaking to Raelee, Stormyrain says, "Interesting. I've known Imperial folks to work with..unsavory types in the past. I just wonder how official this Quinshon's relationship with the Hall is."

Stormyrain says, "I'm sure we'll find out soon enough."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Kippe mouths, "... unsavory?"

Speaking to Kippe, Stormyrain asks, "..what else would you call Raznel?"

Speaking flatly to Stormyrain, Kippe says, "Undesirable."

Wintersylph softly says, "I saw the golems working today, problem is, they are doing work that ordinary men could do. Something's amiss with them, that's for sure."

Speaking to Wintersylph, Goldstr says, "Aye takin work from our own."

Speaking to Wintersylph, Leafiara admits, "So far everything's lining up with what the Grand Magister said about them."

Speaking to Wintersylph, Raelee says, "Ordinary men could haul stone, yes... but with far less efficiency."

Leafiara slowly repeats, "So far."

Raelee says, "Men and beasts need to stop, to eat, to sleep... and have far less physical strength."

Speaking softly to Wintersylph, Myasarie says, "True, but they can carry much more stone at a time that a mere man could."

Maylan says, "I'm thirsty."

Goldstr says, "Nad tinkin der."

Wintersylph softly says, "So, the deduction is, he is building something, and needs it built fast."

Speaking offhandedly to Wintersylph, Leafiara says, "Or repairing something."

Hapenlok says, "Well, the whole compound did fall out of the sky a couple of months back."

Leafiara says, "And that was part of why he said he was here, after all--to strengthen the Outpost's foundations."

Hapenlok says, "They fixed a good deal of it, but there's still a lot of damages."

Leafiara adds, "Both physically and magically."

Speaking to Raelee, Hapenlok says, "And I was about to say your clever bit about the golems needing no rest thing."

Hapenlok says, "Would have made me look smarter if you had waited."

Speaking to Raelee, Hapenlok says, "I'll stick to what I'm good at, I guess. Fire, brimstone and talking."

Kippe awkwardly says, "... pardon me."

Raelee explains, "Deeper within the Empire, utilizing magic to aid in construction is... entirely common."

Missing Poster

Stormyrain abruptly states, "Well, I'm heading back to the center of town."

Outside the window of the office, you see a town guard nailing a poster to the outside wall of Moot Hall.

Meureii agrees, "Nae a reason to stand around here."

Speaking to Raelee, Hapenlok asks, "Well, a fair bit of it was used in the rebuilding of Solhaven, right?"

Speaking to Raelee, Goldstr asks, "An Golems Magister?"

Stormyrain says, "..or ..just outside."


[Town Square, East]

Here in the center of a broad plaza near the commercial area of the bazaar stands the impressive facade of the slate-roofed Moot Hall, where the citizens of Wehnimer's Landing hold various official, religious and social functions. Facing the square are some of the town's more prosperous shops, still doing business with the many customers who still frequent the streets at night. You also see a MISSING poster, a gypsy fortuneteller and a large purple wooden barrel.

>look post

The poster reads "MISSING" in bold black letters across the top of the wrinkled parchment. Beneath it is the name "Lana Orpharion. Last seen three nights ago leaving work from her aunt's Music Shoppe in town." Below all of that is the word, "REWARD!"

Alasatia says, "Goodness."

Stormyrain says, "That's never a good sign."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Alasatia mutters, "Not funny."

Stormyrain says, "Wasn't meant to be."

Leafiara ventures, "Maybe we should ask at the shop for any further details?"

Stormyrain designates Leafiara as the new leader of the group.

Avalera says, "Wish they had a sketch of her."

Stormyrain says, "Lead on."


[Wehnimer's, South Ring Rd.]

The quiet of the moonlit street is broken by the sound of metal bouncing against metal. A small group of rough-looking citizens gather in the shadow of the buildings, apparently busy at some gambling game. From one small storefront comes the sound of a lilting melody being picked out on a lute. You also see an ornate wrought iron gate.

>go store

[Assuming you mean the music shop.]

The music shop appears to be closed.

Leafiara slowly says, "It... appears to be closed."

Arshwikk knocks on the music shop.

Stormyrain thoughtfully says, "Well, if my niece was missing I wouldn't be open either."

Hapenlok says, "You know, I've already got a theory."

A town guard arrives, and nails a poster to the outside of the Music Shoppe.

Leafiara concedes, "Fair. Just wish we had a little more to go on."

[same poster as elsewhere]

Speaking to a burly town guard, Stormyrain asks, "Say, do you know any more details about this?"

Hapenlok asks, "Doesn't our friend Cyph fancy himself a ladies' man?"

The guard suddenly snaps to attention, and bows to Stormyrain.

Leafiara hesitantly says, "You... might say that."

Stormyrain bows to a burly town guard.

Stormyrain asks, "--any more to report about this missing girl?"

Hapenlok removes an etched militia badge from in his dark leather cape.

Hapenlok puts on an etched militia badge.

Hapenlok mutters, "Time to go to work, I guess."

Alasatia says, "Naimorai might have spoken to the girl or gotten a look at her. She did visit here after all."

The guard says, "It's Lute's niece."

Stormyrain asks, "Yes, says as much. How old? What does she look like?"

The guard says, "She works about four nights a week here, but she's been missing for three days now."

Stormyrain asks, "Who saw her last?"

The guard says, "She's about, twenty-ish or so? Brown hair, brown eyes, long hair."

Leafiara asks, "Any other places she's known to frequent?"

Leafiara admits, "Though I guess if there were and she went to any of them recently, these posters wouldn't be needed."

The guard says, "We're putting up signs all over. She frequented here a lot, Thrak's, the Park."

The voice of Aleid asks, "Helga's?"

Hapenlok murmurs, "Shop, Thrak's, Park."

Speaking to a burly town guard, Stormyrain asks, "Did she have any beaus? Suitors that may have ..lured her away?"

Arshwikk says, "We could investigate the Inn, or the Park then, look for clues."

Goldstr says, "Dennet's daughter hung bouts da music shop."

Bjornsong says, "Next to."

Speaking to Goldstr, Alasatia says, "A few weeks past."

The guard says, "Helga's? No, she did not drink I was told."

The guard says, "No suitors Lute is aware of."

Goldstr says, "Mights be a whole evil Kestrel family."

The guard says, "Very, bookish, she said."

Speaking to a burly town guard, Stormyrain says, "Thank you. No need to keep you when there are more posters to get up."

Speaking to Leafiara, Stormyrain asks, "Park? Inn?"

Leafiara says, "Both close by."

Leafiara asks, "Anyone else want to follow along?"

[joining up]

Avalera says, "Might as well."

Leafiara says, "Moving in three..."

Leafiara says, "Two..."

Leafiara says, "One..."

Leafiara says, "Now."


[Town Square, Small Park]

A small, shaded park fills an old vacant lot behind a row of buildings, the bright lamplight from the square filtering through the passage to the north to illuminate the area with a soft glow. A weatherworn grey marble statue of a stocky human in pioneer's clothing overlooks the park, his stone hat encrusted by the gifts of decades of passing birds and his right hand half-upraised as if it once held some now-missing object. You also see a MISSING poster, a Wehnimer's runner, a bright yellow building, some ornate wrought iron benches and a giant mound of snow.

[various people searching]

Hapenlok says, "I'll go check the alley."

Leafiara admits, "Nothing I can see..."

Speaking to Leafiara, Stormyrain says, "Me either."

Leafiara says, "To the inn, then."


[Raging Thrak Inn, Barroom]

A long and polished wooden bar occupies the whole north wall of the tavern here in The Raging Thrak, which is named for the fiery proprietor. Hard wooden chairs, tables and benches are spaced liberally throughout the room. The tavern does good business, and seems to be at least half full, no matter what time of day. You also see a doorway and an old wooden table with some stuff on it.


Leafiara idly says, "Hmm."

Alasatia says, "I.."

Leafiara asks, "Yes?"

Alasatia says, "No. Nevermind."

Hapenlok suggests, "Upstairs?"

[Raging Thrak Inn, Hallway]

You can look down this hallway to the other end of the building. Doorways lead right and left off it. You also see a creaky wood staircase, a white painted door and a curtained doorway.

Hapenlok just went through a white painted door.

Leafiara says, "Well--"

Hapenlok just arrived.

Leafiara says, "I was about to say I don't know if we should barge into every room, but you were on top of it already."

[Raging Thrak Inn, Rooftop]

Dwarven loggers tirelessly haul crates of lumber along the cobblestone road below, moving along the street between the bathhouse and local bank. The ancient oak tree of Town Square stretches up to the southeast. You also see a wooden hatch and a wooden railing.

Leafiara muses, "I guess it would be too easy if we could find anything right away. Someone else already would have."

Hapenlok says, "I can't say there isn't foul play. I mean, Lute could be wrong, she could have wanted a new start."

Leafiara says, "And we hardly even know what we're looking for, after all."

Hapenlok says, "Granted, that's not the way it usually works around here, sadly."

Myasarie softly says, "Nothing down the passage."

The voice of Aleid says, "Usually it seems this IS the new start."

Hapenlok says, "I didn't even know she had kin, Lute, that is."

Leafiara says, "Even if we found one of her belongings, what would we do? We wouldn't know it was hers."

Speaking to Hapenlok, Leafiara says, "Same here."

Hapenlok says, "But I don't spend much time in the music shop."

[more travel]

Hapenlok says, "Murdos' shop is where I spend my time."

Hapenlok asks, "Speaking of which, did his son survive Talador?"

[Town Square, Northwest]

This corner of the square is lively and hectic even at night. A number of representatives of the Landing's population, including several elven loggers and a party of rough-looking dwarves, loiter around the door of the Raging Thrak Inn, where the rowdy cheers of patrons and voices raised in songs of many sorts, from snatches of heroic ballads to blushingly bawdy tunes, beckon you to enter. You also see a MISSING poster, a polished granite statue, a large painted sign, a large wooden makeshift stand with some stuff on it and a giant mound of snow.

Hapenlok asks, "Or survive in general?"

Hapenlok says, "I never did hear any word about that."

Leafiara concedes, "I think we might need more to go on before we can discover anything more."