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He has appeared as a half-elf, when not hiding behind his bird mask as is the traditional disguise of many in the Brotherhood of Rooks. His features have been different on many occassions, and rumors have spread he is a master of disguise, or perhaps there exists multiple people claiming to be Rysus.


Rysus recently became the new leader of the Brotherhood of Rooks after both Drangell and Alendrial DeArchon were apprehended by imperial forces and allied heroes. Both captures were said to be somehow manipulated into taking place by Rysus, who sought to rise to power. Rysus has taken the Brotherhood of Rooks on many efforts to oppose the Hendoran presence and control in Wehnimer's Landing, and even recently allied with a nefarious group of criminals known as the Silver Kings within the Turamzzyrian Empire to escalate his attacks on the Hendorans.

Little else is known of the man or his true identity.