Kreldor's Locksmithy

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Kreldor's Locksmithy is a shop in the Ravelin, around Ta'Vaalor, that sells locksmith supplies. It is located northeast of Wyvern Plaza. Lockpicks and other tools of the trade are sold in the Salesroom of the Locksmithy. In the backroom, Kreldor will repair lockpicks and open boxes.

[Kreldor's Locksmithy, Salesroom] RNUM: u14201040
hin strips of polished rosewood and birch are inlaid along the walls creating an intricate design. Some rustic wooden chairs are set about the room on rugs of colorful spun wool. A pair of carved shelves is fixed to the back wall, each holding various locksmithing tools. Hung from each wall are pairs of faenor sconces that burn brightly with scented candles. Several tall windows of tinted glaes allow cool air to flow through the building.
Obvious exits: east, out


  1. a polished copper lockpick        7. an onyx-handled grey alum lockpick
  2. a slender steel lockpick          8. a tapered white kelyn lockpick
  3. a silver-chased gold lockpick     9. a feystone-set invar lockpick
  4. a burnished ora lockpick          10. a tapering golvern-edged lockpick
  5. a wood-handled mithril lockpick   11. a russet leather tool kit
  6. a translucent glaes lockpick      12. a set of professional calipers