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Kretan Melithorn is a Half-elf rogue, consort and partner of Emeralds, and citizen of River's Rest.

Kretan was born in Aldora in 5078, the son of a Loenthra elf mother and an Aldoran rare bookseller father. For the early decade of his life, Kretan lived a happy childhood in Aldora with both his parents. Eventually, however, he aspired to a life of adventurer. From that point, Kretan wandered to Ta’Vaalor. The severe dislike of his kind by the Vaalor elves had a profound impact on the young man and he quickly took to the shadows. It was, however, this intense hatred that eventually pushed him out the gates and back on the road. As he crossed the Dragonspine Mountains, he began hearing rumors of a pirate haven that offered more acceptance of his kind than most places. So, he made for River’s Rest.

Kretan quickly found a happy home in River’s Rest and learned quickly from the other adventurers. He often took it upon himself to introduce young rogues to the streets of the tiny outpost. It was on one of these “tours” that Kretan fell in love with a sylvan archer, Emeralds. The two have been together ever since.

In the course of his life in River's Rest, he as helped to fight off numerous threats to the town. Recently, Kretan has been drawn, reluctantly, into the newest violence of the Smuggling Wars in which the smugglers and pirates that vie for control of the island's back alleys.

Other Notes

Unlike many of his kind, Kretan doesn’t attempt to hide his mixed heritage. He has a distinct hatred of Krolvin and only barely tolerates Half-krolvin. Kretan doesn’t typically congregate in the Commons, but can often be found relaxing in the Quay Shelter, on the Dilapidated Pier, or on the Point.

Upon arrival in River's Rest, Kretan became interested in the Citadel era of the area's history. In particular, he became a student of the tactician and solider, Millah Pradapt. He became so facinated by the woman's lead of the Falcon Battalion that he often eschews the use of magic, travels very light with sparse armor and no shield. He has even taken to hone his survival instinct and the ability to climb or swim anywhere in Elanthia.

Many of his personal adornments and his personal seal, a falcon in flight clasping a white lily in its talons, incorporate themes to that effect.

Kretan is also a devoted follower of the patron goddess of River's Rest; Aeia. Though he adores gardens and often spends alot of his alone time in the Citadel Garden, he particularly worships her as the protector of his home.

Kretan's Appearance

You see Kretan Melithorn from Aldora He appears to youthful and of average height.He has bright hazel eyes and olive skin. He has shoulder length, shaggy brown hair with lighter streaks.He has an oval face, a hooked nose and bent pointed ears.

He is holding a slender rolaren dagger inset with a tiny sapphire wave in your right hand.

He is wearing an elegant black cavalier hat with a sweeping falcon feather attached to the band with an elegant emerald and silver brooch, a crystal amulet, a malachite-set white lily symbol, a black stalking cloak with the intricate image of a diving falcon sewn across the back, a salt-stained ebon eyepatch, some silvery vultite cufflinks, an antique silver buckle, a falcon-shaped cloak pin, a black scarab tattoo, a sigil-etched wide silver armband, some leather gloves with razor-sharp talons on the knuckles, a forest green leather blade bandolier, some falcon-adorned scale mail, a cracked leather wrist sheath, a silk-tasseled lockpick case, a silver coin-clasped hefty black leather loot sack, a silver-shot blue cotton poke, some well-worn black pants and a pair of dark leather boots buttoned with silver.