Landing Events - 5118-06-09 - Grishom's Offer and Breshon's Consideration

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Lumnea 9-10, 5118

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier

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  • Breshon greets everyone at the Hendoran outpost for dinner. After eating, the group proceeds to the war room, where Larsya is having dinner and still experiencing memory loops. Eventually soldiers escort her away and Breshon asks for opinions about the offer from Grishom Stone to cure her, first from Mayor Lylia and then from all others gathered.
  • Opinions follow:
    • Lylia says Grishom likely seeks no price because he already acquires something of great value from the act itself.
    • Ysharra says there's an opportunity to learn more about Grishom's abilities and plans.
    • Leafiara suggests taking the offer since the benefit is known and the cost is unknown. Later she adds that it wouldn't be Breshon's fault for a specific consequence he didn't see coming, even if he did believe some unknown consequence would come.
    • Chamorr says Grishom is a psychopath and to bet there's a cost.
    • Madmountan suggests taking the offer since he's not scared of unknown risks.
    • Smugg says it's going to end in terror either way, but it's none of his business.
    • Cruxophim says curing Larsya is more important than being sanctimonious.
    • Xorus raises three reasons for Grishom's offer: using her blood to a wicked end, her blood being a threat to him, or intervening so that the Landing won't learn how to solve this kind of problem in future cases.
    • Zosopage believes curing Larsya at any cost is worth it.
    • Dergoatean wonders what Stone gains from consent, mentioning that his motives are often inscrutable but that even evil interests might sometimes align with ours.
    • Irar cautions against betting that it's charity instead of a grander scheme.
    • Balley is more worried about not taking the offer.
    • Maags mentions there's more power in blood freely given than taken and later says if it were her sister she'd probably take the offer.
    • Cryheart suggests applying conditions to the offer.
    • Stormyrain says Stone offers hearts' desires, but afterward leaves ashes behind--and that sometimes the price is worth it and other times not. She adds that since Grishom has the Star of Khar'ta, she doesn't believe we can stop him from what he wishes to accomplish.
    • Zosopage and Leafi reiterate the question of what Grishom Stone gains by not just taking what he wants; Stormy reiterates the benefit of permission when it comes to blood magic.
    • Goat wonders if Stone's ever outright lied or only misled.
    • Madmountan says Stone doesn't need the deal since he's already unstoppable, so let him cure Larsya.
    • Hapenlok says that Stone had once claimed to be helping the Landing's people by sending them to the Wyrdeep, where they had gathered items for Stone to undo the curse that turned Mayor Walkar into an abomination, but was also engineering his own escape. Stormy adds that he did keep his word about the curse and the price was worth it.
    • Goldstr says accept the cure and we'll deal with what lies ahead. Leafi agrees that if we can deal with it we will, and if we can't, there's nothing we could have done either way. Goat later agrees that Grishom's already a being we cannot stop, so even if he grows in power the situation is the same.
    • Raelee says it might not cost Breshon anything, but instead cost someone else.
  • Breshon says he agrees with everyone's perspectives even though none of them are the same, and asks why Grishom wants permission if he wants her blood or the Epochxin. Maags, Goblyn, Xorus, Ysharra, Stormy, and Crux reiterate the power of permission when it comes to various uses of blood.
  • Shinann raises the question of whether Larsya's aware enough to give permission; Maags says yes and Leafi says maybe for a short time.
  • Breshon asks if Larsya will be in danger and Raelee says of course, given that we don't understand what technique Stone is using. She says observation isn't enough; Breshon asks what is enough and she says a detailed explanation of what he'd do.
  • Breshon asks Stormy about blood magic and she says Grishom is something "other" than merely that now: he is the most powerful blood mage and Seer she's encountered, and is evolved due to acquiring the Star.
  • Breshon asks about the Star, formerly the Gale Stone, and Crux and Xorus explain that Grishom has changed it and its abilities now aren't understood.
  • Stormy asks if there's anything unusual about Larsya's blood besides the poison and Breshon says their mother was half-elven and from the Deep. Stormy says that's what Grishom gains: the blood of a Wyrdeep lineage. Crux asks why he can't get it elsewhere and what its function is; Xorus mentions that the ancient sylvans once trapped the demonic essence of Althedeus in the Heart of the Wyrdeep and Stormy says that the Wyrdeep is one place Grishom can't walk into and take what he wishes, and that it's unlikely a Wyrdeep elf would give blood to him.
  • Regarding alternative plans, Raelee says that her opinion can be considered the opinion of the Hall of Mages since Grand Magister Octaven hasn't communicated in six months, and recommends following Xorus' course. Xorus explains that he's been working on a solution to briefly turn Larsya's blood into Everblood, reversing her body to her previous age and expelling the Epochxin. Breshon asks about her mind and Xorus says she might not remember the past two years. Xorus acknowledges that their cure could kill her if not calibrated correctly.
  • Breshon concludes that he'll need a month to consider Grishom's offer and that his answer is no if he can't have that time. Grishom also has a month to give a detailed explanation of what he'll do, how, and exactly what the end result with Larsya will be. Lastly, Grishom will have to speak that neither Breshon, his family, or his home are bound to him for favor.
  • Breshon will also cover expenses for Xorus, Raelee, and others to continue preparing their method. He also expects an invited guest to arrive within the month who might be able to help: Praxopius, a man from Estoria well versed in all things in the field of alchemy.


Gathering With Breshon

[Town Square Central]

This is the heart of the main square of Wehnimer's Landing. The impromptu shops of the bazaar are clustered around this central gathering place, where townsfolk, travellers, and adventurers meet to talk, conspire or raise expeditions to the far-flung reaches of Elanith. At the north end, an old well, with moss-covered stones and a craggy roof, is shaded from the moonlight by a strong, robust tree. The oak is tall and straight, and it is apparent that the roots run deep.

A faint rumble of thunder sounds in the distance.

[Breshon greets us over the amunet and he and Cryheart arrange where to meet; travel follows]

[Hendoran Outpost, Upper Hall]

A thick, but plain, carpet runs the length of the hallway, muffling sounds and offering some escape from the hard surface of the building's stone construction. Two doors face each other, one to the south and the other to the north. The northern door appears to have magical sigils carved into its surface and runes painted above the entryway. The opposite, southern door is plain. You also see an obese drunken chinchilla.

You get the feeling the kitchen is downstairs.

You get the feeling the kitchen is downstairs.

You get the feeling the kitchen is downstairs.

You get the feeling the kitchen is downstairs.

You get the feeling the kitchen is downstairs.

You get the feeling the kitchen is downstairs.

You get the feeling the kitchen is downstairs.

[travel time]

[Hendoran Outpost, Kitchen] The kitchen is a place of constant movement as the Hendoran cooks and staff continues a dance of constant clean up and preparation for the meals to feed their armed counterparts. Rich and savory smells flow from various boiling pots and several spits of meat slowly being rotated by small cogs in wheels built next to the kitchen's fires. Occasionally, an auxiliary disappears with a large plate of food and returns later balancing a number of wooden plates. You also see some wooden steps, a long oak table with some stuff on it and some carved oak chairs.

Lord Breshon just arrived.

Breshon bows.

Breshon waves.

Breshon says, "Evening, everyone."

Speaking to Breshon, Kinpo asks, "This is your kitchen?"

Breshon says, "I suppose, in a sense."

Breshon shrugs at Kinpo.

Cryheart offers Breshon a bottle of 5103 Vornavis mourverde reserve wine.

Breshon says, "I am in command of the Outpost at this time."

Breshon accepts Cryheart's mourverde wine.

Breshon bows to Cryheart.

Speaking cheerfully to Breshon, Kinpo says, "Oh. Well, the food is amazing! Just thought I'd pass that along."

Cryheart says, "I brought some wine for the occasion."

Cryheart bows to Breshon.

Breshon says, "Thank you Sir Cryheart."

Cryheart says, "Welcome Lord Breshon."

Breshon says, "I shall save it, Sir Cryheart."

Cryheart smiles.

Breshon says, "For when we actually have a reason to celebrate."

Speaking curiously to Breshon, you ask, "Is your position more permanent now that Sir Thadston won't be returning as commander here?"

Cryheart nods at Breshon.

Breshon put a bottle of 5103 Vornavis mourverde reserve wine in his fur-lined cloak.

Cryheart says, "Aye."

Breshon nods.

Breshon says, "I do not know Leafiara."

You nod understandingly at Breshon.

Maylan offers Breshon a pumpkin spice muffin with maple cream frosting.

Breshon accepts Maylan's pumpkin spice muffin.

Breshon nods at Maylan.

Speaking to Breshon, Maylan exclaims, "There's still almost half of that left. Enjoy!"

Breshon takes a bite of his pumpkin spice muffin.

Breshon looks much more calm and refreshed.

Speaking to Breshon, you comment, "You've done well enough so far, anyway, so it's not such a bad thing even if it is."

Breshon says, "Delicious. Thank you."

Lauranathalasa offers Breshon a rumpled fleece pouch.

Breshon asks, "Who is leading this group, I assume you Sir Cryheart?"

Breshon chuckles.

Cryheart nods at Breshon.

Cryheart says, "Aye...the motley crew."

Cryheart grins.

Breshon says, "I did hear your band roving about upstairs for awhile."

Breshon says, "Before you found the kitchen."

Breshon says, "My apologies."

Cryheart says, "Aye, I got lost again."

Breshon chuckles.

Cryheart nods at Breshon.

Cryheart starts chortling.

Cryheart mutters castles.

Breshon grins at Lauranathalasa.

Breshon says, "Please, reoffer."

Breshon nods at Lauranathalasa.

Breshon peers quizzically at Lauranathalasa.

Breshon shrugs.

Breshon joins Cryheart's group.

Cryheart designates Breshon as the new leader of the group.

Breshon asks, "Shall we?"

Breshon says, "We'll head upstairs to the war room. I will see to it food is brought up as well."

Breshon says, "I just ask...when we arrive."

Breshon says, "Please, allow for a few moments of quiet."

Breshon says, "My sister is upstairs."

[a delay for... reasons]

Breshon grabs Stormyrain's hand.

Breshon says, "Let's head upstairs."

Breshon says, "Remember..."

Breshon says, "Just a few moments of some relative peace and quiet."

Breshon says, "As my sister finishes her meal."

Breshon says, "She has had some measure of calmness, while eating."

Breshon says, "Some progress I suppose."

Larsya at Present

[Hendoran Outpost, Upper Hall]

Two tall Imperial soldiers stand on either side of a set of large wooden doors engraved with a simplified version of the crest of North Hendor. A hallway leads westward, while the wide stairwell offers an avenue by which to return to the first floor. Next to each guard is a banner, one showing the crest of the Earl of North Hendor and the other stitched with the name of the House Andrews.

Breshon slowly empties his lungs.

Breshon nods.

Lord Breshon's group just went through a set of large wooden doors.

[Hendoran Outpost, War Room] The room is bare but for a long conference table and a number of chairs pushed under it while not in use. Situated in the middle of the table is a map of Wehnimer's Landing and nearby environs. Neatly lined up on one side of the map are a set of miniatures depicting Hendoran troops and potential enemies. Near a small window rests an empty gilded birdcage. You also see some Bourthian soldiers, a huge metal-framed slate hanging on a nearby wall and a set of large wooden doors.

J>look larsy

You see Lady Larsya Caulfield.

She appears to be a Human from Bourth.

She is short. She appears to be withered with age. She has very tired violet eyes and wrinkled skin. She has long and thin, frazzled bone white hair. She has a creased face, a splotch-marked nose and bent shoulders. Her back is gnarled, her form stooped over. Her scalp is spotted and discolored, haphazardly covered with clumps of frazzled white hair.

She is in good shape.

She is wearing a crystal amulet, a silk-lined white leather cloak, a mother-of-pearl clasp bathed in blue green lagoon opals, a small rose, a midnight black eyepatch, a curved elven-crafted wyrwood longbow, a thin gold-stringed white leather satchel, some supple dark leather hunts, a black and white iron signet ring, a delicate lagoon opal ring, a chipped glass vial, a narrow dark back sling, a small feed pouch, a lion skin quiver, some slim dark leggings, and a pair of brown suede knee-boots.

Larsya looks up from her bowl of soup briefly, a flicker of recognition in her eyes.

Larsya smiles briefly, before turning back to her bowl of soup, the spoon scraping the sides of the bowl as she slurps noisily.

Larsya looks back up, smiling, soup dripping down her weathered, wrinkled chin.

Breshon smiles.

Breshon asks, "Is it good, sister?"

Larsya says, "Yes, yes it is."

Breshon asks, "Filling?"

Larsya exclaims, "Delicious! I've never had soup so good!"

Breshon asks, "You...have not?"

Larsya exclaims, "Never!"

Breshon moves to stand behind his sister's frail body, placing his hands on the back of her chair, as if to support her, or catch her, or guard her. Perhaps all of them.

Larsya slurps hungrily at her soup, occasionally eyeing people in the crowd, once winking at Maylan.

Speaking warmly to Larsya, Cruxophim inquires, "How's the soup, dear?"

Larsya exclaims, "Delicious! I've never had soup so good!"

Breshon slowly empties his lungs.

Larsya suddenly looks up, eyes widening.

Larsya pushes her soup bowl forward along the table, and slowly moves her hand down to her side, eyes scanning the crowd.

Breshon steps back from his sister's chair, and turns away for a moment, just a short one, and then looks back to Larsya.

Larsya leaps to her feet, as best she can in her frail form. She stumbles, but plays it off as a drunken swagger.

Larsya exclaims, "I am the Black Pirate Larsya! Dreaded Scourge of the Seas!"

Cryheart says, "Yarrr."

Larsya exclaims, "Argghhh!"

Speaking to Larsya, Irar asks, "Orders Cap'n?"

Larsya says, "Lay down yer weapons! Yer ship is ours!"."

Speaking gently to Larsya, Cruxophim suggests, "Steady, Dread Pirate."

Cruxophim raises his hands toward Larsya in surrender!

Speaking loudly to Larsya, Maylan exclaims, "You'll never take me alive, swarmy bugger!"

Larsya exclaims, "Have at you!"

Larsya thrusts her weaponless hand towards Maylan!

Larsya exclaims, "Argghhh!"

(Maylan wields her pegleg as a mock sword.)

Larsya exclaims, "Argghhh!"

(Maylan advances on Larsya, feinting exaggerated blows with her peg-sword over Larsya's head.)

Larsya looks about, eyes wide again. She then slowly moves back to her chair, which Breshon repositions and holds steady for her. She sits down, and begins to slurp hungrily at her soup.

Breshon asks, "Is it good, sister?"

Larsya says, "Yes, yes it is."

Breshon asks, "Filling?"

Larsya exclaims, "Delicious! I've never had soup so good!"

Breshon nods.

Breshon says, "It is bed time now sister."

Larsya nods.

The Bourthian soldiers in the room come over and one grabs the soup bowl, while the other loops an arm under Larsya's.

Larsya says, "Goodnight everyone."

Larsya exclaims, "I am sorry I cannot stay. I must rest. Father is coming tomorrow!"

Larsya looks out the window briefly, her eyes bright for a moment.

Larsya says, "Goodnight everyone."

Larsya exclaims, "I am sorry I cannot stay. I must rest. Father is coming tomorrow!"

Breshon nods, and the soldiers escort Larsya away. A moment later, down the hall, you hear her voice faintly shout, "I am the Black Pirate Larsya! Dreaded Scourge of the...." and it trails off.

Breshon slowly empties his lungs.

Speaking to Breshon, Maylan says, "Her memory loops seem more erratic."

Speaking to Breshon, Ysharra says, "It must be very hard for you."

Some Bourthian and Hendoran soldiers arrive, finish setting up the table of food, and depart.

Speaking to Breshon, Ysharra says, "She, for all that she's lost, doesn't really feel it the way you do."

Breshon nods at Maylan.

Breshon nods at Ysharra.

Breshon says, "No that is one small blessing, I suppose."

Breshon nods at Ysharra.

Breshon says, "Please, eat and drink, if you wish."

Breshon indicates a long oak table as a possible option.

Breshon walks over to the chair and settles down.

Speaking to Breshon, Ysharra asks, "Not for you, it's not. As you've been left as the only one to even try to help her, hm?"

Talking the Grishom Stone Plan

[editing in this section proceeds as a GM-driven night (more selective editing) when Breshon wants to hear from Mayor Lylia, but as a player-driven night (more inclusive) after he opens the floor to all]

Breshon says, "The hour is late. Well, for you. It's early for Bourthian time."

Breshon chuckles.

Breshon says, "Thank you for coming. I shall get straight to it then."

Breshon says, "I am aware of the offer this Grishom Stone brought to you to give to me."

Speaking to Lylia, Ysharra says, "A hungry guest is not a bright speaker."

Breshon says, "Well, as much as rumors and notes can bring."

Breshon nods at Cryheart.

Breshon asks, "I would hear it perhaps in full?"

Breshon peers quizzically at Lylia.

Cryheart nods at Breshon.

Cryheart asks, "So ye received my letter?"

Lylia quietly says, "I am not hungry. I have words in my mouth, not food. Grishom's words, and I wish to be careful with them." Goblyn looks thoughtfully at Raelee.

Cryheart smiles at Breshon.

Breshon nods at Cryheart.

Breshon turns an inquisitive ear toward Lylia.

Cryheart says, "A warning Lord Breshon."

Speaking to Breshon, Lylia says, "He has made an offer to the 'Lord of the Outpost,' to -- in his exact words -- take the sickness from Larsya and cure her."

Cryheart says, "Stone has a history of being deceptive."

Lylia says, "He has said he would do this at no cost. He said she would be restored."

Deep in thought, Lylia laces her fingers before her.

Speaking to Breshon, Lylia says, "I am aware of what you would give to save her."

Lylia quietly says, "No one with eyes could see otherwise."

Lylia nods at Breshon.

Speaking to Breshon, Lylia says, "This is one path, and many of us could speak more on it. There may be another."

(Evician mutters under his breath, "Who's the sacrifice?")

Speaking to Evician, Lylia says, "He assured there would be no sacrifice."

Speaking to Breshon, Lylia says, "I am offering you his words; I have not offered my opinions. I shall do that if asked. But perhaps you wish to hear of your other choices."

Cryheart says, "Lord Breshon, I would do anything myself to see your sister healed, but if Stone is involved, it could come at a great hidden cost."

Breshon says, "No."

Breshon says, "First I wish to hear opinions of this offer."

Breshon says, "I suppose, you first Mayor."

Lylia smiles at Breshon.

Lylia simply says, "He seeks no price because he already acquires something of great value from the act itself."

Speaking to Breshon, Lylia says, "I do not know precisely what this is. But I know it is what I would do -- whether to learn, to acquire the epochxin, or to gain favor matters little."

Lylia says, "He sees value here."

Breshon peers quizzically at Lylia.

Lylia says, "You must decide whether the value he gets is greater than that which he gives. I believe he will indeed restore her."

Speaking to Breshon, Kipara says, "You could be happy spending the rest of her time playing pirates and indulging her, making sure she is comfortable, or you could take a chance to give her the opportunity to grow on her own terms."

(Lylia raises a hand in a wordless gesture for silence.)

Lylia turns her head toward Kipara to favor her with a silent, withering gaze.

Breshon grins at Kipara.

Lylia turns to face Breshon.

Breshon says, "Thank you Mayor."

Lylia asks, "Is there anything else you wish to know from me before you hear from others?"

Breshon asks, "Do any others hold opinions on Grishom's offer?"

Breshon says, "I would hear them now."

Evician looks over at Breshon and shakes his head.

Cryheart says, "Ye hae heard or read mine."

Ysharra says, "There is another reason besides your sister's plight."

Speaking amusedly to Cryheart, Cruxophim comments, "Don't trust Stone? A bold and refreshing stance."

Ysharra says, "He's still too much of an unknown, despite his activities we've all heard about."

Ysharra says, "This would be an opportunity to not only heal your sister, but find out more information about what he can do. What his plans may be. And how that might impact the rest of your people and your family."

You reason, "I actually think you should take the offer. If there's a hidden unknown cost, so be it, but why hold off the unhidden, known benefit?"

Speaking calmly to Ysharra, Cruxophim reasons, "Unknowns are best made... less unknown. Knowledge minimalizes threat, in the long term."

Speaking heartily to Breshon, Chamorr says, "Stone is a blood thirty psychopath, there will be a cost, bet on it."

Speaking to Breshon, Madmountan says, "I don't know what the hidden costs will be, but I still think you should permit it. I'm not scared of the risks of the unknown. I know that comes as a shocker to all here."

Smugg quietly says, "It's all going to end in terror one way or another.. but that's none of my business."

Speaking to Madmountan, Evician says, "Truly, I am shocked."

Ysharra says, "It's not an easy thing to consider. But information and the power to do what no one else has been able to? Those are a potent offering."

Speaking flatly to Breshon, Cruxophim suggests, "Perhaps curing Larsya is more important than being sanctimonious."

Breshon rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Xorus says, "There are three broad kinds of reasons he may be offering. He may wish to adapt her blood to some wicked end, or her blood may be a threat to himself as it is a more virulent form of the ingredient for the Everblood destroying salve, or he may wish to deprive us of the knowledge of how to do this kind of thing in other cases that matter to him."

Speaking to Breshon, Zosopage says, "She is your kin so you must do what you think best but I do believe the chance of curing her at any cost is worth it."

Speaking to Xorus, Hapenlok mutters, "Well, that's one compelling reason not to."

Dergoatean says, "If Stone just wanted Epochxin, I expect he'd just take it. What does he gain by first procuring our consent? Perhaps something about the way we will treat Larsya afterwards, or the Empire generally."

Speaking calmly to Xorus, Cruxophim suggests, "If the last is the case, taking a sample of her blood -- safely -- beforehand would alleviate that concern."

Speaking to Breshon, Irar says, "It is a rare thing, to witness true charity. Even rarer in the case of one such as Grishom. Perhaps the bargain sought is to be more well regarded by others in pursuit of a grander scheme. Perhaps something else. I would caution against such a wager in pursuit of, as some here seem to indicate, knowing more of the unknown."

Speaking to Breshon, Ysharra says, "I am sorry that you have to decide this. It must hurt, that weight."

Speaking amusedly to Dergoatean, Cruxophim suggests, "Perhaps he wants to be perceived as less of a villain. Or perhaps it simply amuses him."

Speaking softly to Breshon, Balley says, "Honestly, I am more worried about what would happen if we do not take the offer."

Dergoatean asks, "Stone is now associated with a level of power that approaches godhood. And gods' motives are often inscrutible to us. Even the apparently evil ones' interests may sometimes align with ours. But who can say when?"

Speaking to Cruxophim, Dergoatean says, "Amusement could be a primary motive indeed."

You reason, "When the cost is unknown... even if Stone does turn this to his own gain, it's not your fault nor anyone's here for some consequence they didn't see coming."

You clarify, "I know that many see -some- consequence, but which one... that's the unknown."

Breshon slowly empties his lungs.

Maags says, "That which is given freelies is more powerful than that which is taken or forced."

Speaking frankly to Irar, Cruxophim inquires, "If you had a choice right now, would you not cure her... or would you hold back for fear of some -possible- larger scheme?"

Stormyrain slowly says, "I have a lot of experience with Grishom Stone. And some of it was aiding him to break the chains of his captivity years ago."

Cryheart says, "I would suggest that you apply conditions to his offer."

Speaking to Cruxophim, you agree, "I'm with your line of thinking."

Speaking dryly to Stormyrain, Cruxophim remarks, "I wasn't there for that."

Speaking to you, Maags says, "The thing is, most here cannot say they didnts see it coming."

Stormyrain offers, "'Stone always offers beauty. In one way or another, he always offers to us that which our hearts and minds desire the most. But often, when the initial flash of that beauty fades, we are left with ashes. Now that he has the Star--I don't believe we can stop him, not as we are now, from what he wishes to accomplish."

Speaking to Breshon, Maylan asks, "It's a lot to take in, eh?"

Stormyrain quietly says, "Sometimes, that flash of beauty is worth the price. Sometimes, it is not."

Speaking to Breshon, Stormyrain says, "That is what you will need to decide."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Evician says, "I have you know, I am still beautiful, and I have not become ashes."

Zosopage says, "If this was for ill gain I'd think he would do it without permission."

Speaking to Stormyrain, you ask, "To Goat's point earlier... if he just wanted to do this, he could do it without asking, no?"

Speaking gently to Maags, Cruxophim explains, "It's not a matter of trusting or not trusting Stone. It's a matter of whether or not Larsya can be cured, and if so, what is the cost.. and are those relative to such willing to pay that cost?"

Speaking to Stormyrain, Madmountan says, "Right, but on that note, especially since he has the Star, what does he NEED to get out of this? I say nothing. Let's let him cure the girl."

Dergoatean asks, "I wonder - has Stone ever outright lied to us? Or just constantly misled. Can we quite rely on him to uphold at least the strict content of his offer?"

Speaking to Breshon, Hapenlok says, "Well, I could give you the whole story about Grishom Stone, but the hour's late. But let me explain something to you. Our former Mayor Walkar Wellington was cursed, turned abomination. And turned on us, Stone claimed he was helping us, when he sent us into the Wyrdeep to slaughter the inhabitants there, but he wasn't being honorable, he was also engineering his escape. He was facing a lifetime in a stasis coffin. That was the price we paid to save ourselves. We loosed him on the world at large."

Speaking amusedly to you, Cruxophim counters, "We could all do a lot of things without asking."

Speaking to you, Stormyrain says, "Mayhaps, but in Blood magic, there is always a benefit to doing something with permission."

Speaking to Breshon, Hapenlok says, "To gather the ingredients he needed."

Speaking bluntly to Hapenlok, Cruxophim retorts, "Did his actions not ultimately result in the unraveling of Althedeus?"

Speaking to Cruxophim, Maags says, "And that is the question and the test and ultimatelies the consequence."

Speaking curiously to Cruxophim, you say, "I think you think you're giving me a rebuttal when I actually agree."

Speaking to Breshon, Ysharra says, "It will certainly cost you something. I hope it's just your misgivings and revulsion over making such a choice to begin with."

Speaking slowly to Hapenlok, Stormyrain says, "But he also kept his word with Walkar, and allowed him to escape his curse."

Breshon says, "Yes, I am aware of the tragedy in Wyrdeep."

Breshon says, "The great forest is our backdoor, our ally."

Speaking to Breshon, Lylia says, "Your father refers to her as his 'little Elf.'."

Stormyrain says, "And that price, was worth it. For it was what Walkar wanted."

Speaking to Breshon, Goldstr says, "I say accept da cure fer yer poor sister. WE deal wid wha lies ahead."

Xorus says, "Grishom recently performed a similar separation of toxins ritual on Cruxophim. I suspect it was intended as a proof of concept for this offer."

Speaking to Xorus, Lylia says, "That would explain a great deal."

Speaking to Breshon, Ysharra says, "You wear your feathers on the right side. I did notice that, by the by."

Speaking casually to Breshon, Cruxophim reports, "And I feel fine now. Better perhaps, even."

Cruxophim gives Breshon a strong, encouraging smile.

Maags says, "If it were my sister problies I would accept."

Hapenlok says, "Well. Very magnanimous."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Jeril says, "Still squishy."

Chamorr heartily says, "I find it interesting that those present at Stone's intervention with Crux's malady are all for letting this happen."

Breshon grins at Ysharra.

Speaking gently to Maags, Cruxophim agrees, "Ultimately, it's not our decision."

Hapenlok says, "I'm not."

Cryheart says, "It may require a significant sacrifice to allow him to heal your sister."

Ysharra says, "If it were my daughters I would be stunned and grateful that someone offered, much less could do it."

Breshon nods at Fahlo.

Speaking to Chamorr, Madmountan asks, "Why is that interesting?"

Speaking to Chamorr, Hapenlok says, "But in the end, I don't make that decision."

Entertaining Many Ideas

Breshon says, "I hope you know..."

You earnestly say, "Whatever happens, any negative consequences... either we can deal with it or we can't. If we can't, because Stone's really as powerful as some of you say, then there's nothing we could have done either way. And if we can deal with it, we will."

Breshon says, "Your opinions have not helped in the slightest."

Breshon chuckles.

Speaking to Ysharra, Raelee says, "It may not cost him anything. It will likely cost *someone* something, but his stake my be incidental."

Madmountan says, "Go with yer gut then."

Speaking wryly to Breshon, Cruxophim jests, "Welcome to the Landing."

Breshon says, "Because I agree with all of them."

Speaking heartily to Madmountan, Chamorr says, "Almost as if you are workin towards Stone's wishes."

Speaking to Raelee, Ysharra says, "I don't think you heard the rest of my statement. It has already cost him something."

Breshon says, "Yet none of them are the same."

Breshon says, "I do not care for what my father would think."

Evician says, "I do not volunteer as said sacrifice this time...."

Speaking to Chamorr, Madmountan says, "As if any of us know what those wishes are."

Speaking to Raelee, Ysharra says, "He is here. Isolated from his father, because this fell on his shoulders."

Speaking to Breshon, Maylan says, "We're always like this..."

Speaking to Breshon, Irar says, "The best compromise is the one in which all parties leave dissatisfied."

Breshon says, "He is a..."

Breshon clenches his jaw.

Breshon nods.

Breshon says, "He is my father."

Speaking philosophically to Breshon, you add, "For what it's worth, I think people regret things they didn't do more than things they do. No matter how bad either might be."

Maags says, "It will cost something from someone there reallies is no doubt. Without knowing the tradeoff it surlies is a difficult offer to refuse."

Xorus says, "The short answer is that Grishom can likely do what he claims. But the cost for someone else, perhaps everyone else, may be enormous."

Lylia diplomatically says, "I shall not speak ill of your father."

Speaking heartily to Madmountan, Chamorr says, "Perhaps minions don't need to know."

Breshon says, "I do not suspect Grishom is doing this with no goal in mind."

Lylia says, "I shall, however, speak of alternatives. If you would hear this."

Speaking to Xorus, Goblyn says, "Or maybe it will not be a 'cost'. This does depend on perspective."

Dethnyain asks, "Is the cure for sure not going to cause a side affect for M'Lady?"

Breshon says, "So, let us entertain the idea then that..."

Breshon asks, "He wants her blood?"

Speaking frankly to Chamorr, Cruxophim states, "I don't care a wit about Stone, save for whether he is useful or an obstacle. But feel free to carry on with your drunk conspiracy theories."

Breshon asks, "The epoxchin?"

Breshon asks, "Why ask then?"

Breshon says, "Has he not been known to take what he wants."

Madmountan says, "Yeah, that can't be it."

Breshon asks, "What does my permission give him?"

Speaking softly to Evician, Balley says, "He said there would be no sacrifices this time Evician. So you should be safe."

Dergoatean says, "Should Grishom Stone grow in power, he'll grow from from a being we cannot stop ... to a being we cannot stop."

Speaking calmly to Breshon, Cruxophim agrees, "Yes. That is true."

Speaking to Lylia, Raelee says, "Presenting alternatives is likely overdue. It leads to a rather... one-sided debate."

Speaking to Breshon, Ysharra says, "He may wish to see if he can harvest it for similar purposes."

Maags says, "Because that which is given is more powerful than that which is taken."

Speaking to Breshon, Kipara says, "Either way, whatever decision you make you should resolve yourself. Acceptance is not an unhonorable alternative, but if you keep searching and searching for solutions that never come, then the offer may be worth the risk."

Speaking to Breshon, Goblyn says, "There is power in permission in some times for some ways."

Cryheart says, "A binding contract perhaps."

Speaking to Dergoatean, you agree, "Exactly."

Xorus says, "It is a matter of blood magic that things freely given are more powerful."

Breshon peers quizzically at Goblyn.

Breshon asks, "What do you mean?"

Speaking to Breshon, Lylia says, "I can think of a few possibilities there. As our dear Goblyn says, and as my advisor notes, free permission may matter."

Speaking to Goblyn, Ysharra says, "...that is quite true. And interesting that you would say it."

Goblyn looks thoughtfully at Breshon.

Breshon says, "I see."

Evician asks, "Perhaps permission gives him power?"

Lylia says, "Another possibility is that it makes you beholden."

Speaking to Goblyn, Stormyrain offers, "Mayhaps they did not hear it when I said it. Thank you for repeating it."

Speaking calmly to Breshon, Cruxophim explains, "Blood volunteered freely is more potent, in most common uses."

Speaking to Breshon, Lylia says, "You are of noble birth. You are not unfamiliar with the power of that."

Breshon says, "Then saving her, could...harm others."

Speaking to Breshon, Goblyn says, "There is what these others say. But also in some ... schools of blood magic, blood taken with permission has more power."

Goblyn asks, "And he -is- taking blood, yes?"

Ysharra says, "A willing sacrifice means much."

Stiana says, "Not sure he really told us the procedure...."

Stormyrain offers, "Think of it as the difference between someone sending mana willingly, or trying to leach it off of them. For those who operate within the mana realm only."

Speaking to Goblyn, Lylia says, "He said he would use the Blood Star in the process. He did not say how."

Speaking to Stiana, you mention, "He said it would involve the orb, but other than that... no, not really."

Lylia adds, "He also said that others may observe."

Breshon slowly empties his lungs.

Speaking to Lylia, Raelee says, "Observation is not enough."

Speaking happily to Lylia, Goblyn says, "I will like to observe, please."

Breshon asks, "Will she be in danger?"

Shinann asks, "She is not giving any permission. Her brother will be. So, is that the same?"

Breshon peers quizzically at Lylia.

Speaking to Breshon, Raelee says, "Of course."

Speaking to Raelee, Lylia says, "Not my call, Magister."

Speaking frankly to Breshon, Cruxophim reminds, "We have no way of knowing Grishom's plans or lack thereof, beyond what we know. Thus, I would personally not consider it. One cannot perform calculations with data one doesn't have, this is not something we can afford to guess or make speculations about."

Breshon peers quizzically at Raelee.

Breshon says, "Explain Magister."

Ysharra says, "It would give Bourth and the Landing opportunity to observe Stone's power again."

Speaking thoughtfully to Shinann, you say, "We don't know that she won't..."

Speaking to Shinann, Maags says, "If she freelies does what her brother asks of her yes."

Speaking to Shinann, Goblyn asks, "This is difficult to say. And maybe is not why he needs permission. It is just... throwing thoughts for considering out, yes?"

Speaking to you, Shinann asks, "You saw her. Is she able to really know?"

Speaking to Breshon, Lylia says, "Yes and no. I think she would be in less danger from Stone. But the greater danger may be more present as we simply do not know what he gains."

Cryheart says, "Keep in mind, Stone has the ability to control golems."

Speaking uncertainly to Shinann, you admit, "Maybe for a short time enough. I don't fully understand blood magic and 'permission' by any means, though."

Speaking to Breshon, Raelee says, "It seems self-explanatory to me. And, given that we do not actually understand the technique being employed..."

Shinann says, "That is what I am trying to figure out. I know nothing of these processes."

Speaking to Cryheart, Dergoatean asks, "Do you think we'll end up with Larsya golems after this?"

Speaking to you, Maylan says, "It's a wonder to me that blood magics can be applied outside of the healing realm."

Speaking to Breshon, Raelee says, "Which is why I say observation is not enough. Observation is only one part of the learning process."

Zosopage says, "By asking permission he is also doing what one should do. Ask first."

Cryheart says, "Or she will be somewhat under his control, perhaps."

Breshon asks, "What is enough?"

Breshon peers quizzically at Raelee.

Speaking wryly to Chamorr, Cruxophim mutters, "And not that I care for your opinion, since you're lobbing accusations at me, but... I was the one who warned Evician not to agree to Stone's offer."

Speaking to Goblyn, Dergoatean says, "You maybe never know."

Speaking to Breshon, Raelee says, "An explanation of how it works. Not everything can be understood with one's eyes alone."

Speaking to Breshon, Raelee adds, "... in detail."

Breshon nods.

Speaking plainly to Chamorr, Cruxophim reminds, "But it was his choice, ultimately... just as this is not ours."

Evician says, "What's done is done."

Breshon slowly empties his lungs.

Speaking heartily to Cruxophim, Chamorr says, "I guess we shall see,then, huh."

Dethnyain asks, "And Stone is guaranteeing there will be no ill side affects to the cure he is giving to M'Lady?"

Breshon asks, "You are familiar with blood magic, yes Captain?"

Breshon peers quizzically at Stormyrain.

Speaking to Raelee, Stormyrain suggests, "You and I both know he will never acquiesce that."

Speaking frankly to Chamorr, Cruxophim states, "There was a consequence, and he paid it for his friend... for which I am grateful. He measured the worth, and paid the toll. And it's fine."

Hapenlok says, "Well, I said what I had to say, at any rate."

Breshon says, "At least I am told."

Speaking to Dethnyain, Lylia says, "He said she would be 'restored.'."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Raelee says, "Perhaps not."

Speaking to Breshon, Stormyrain says, "I am, yes. Though what Grishom is now is not strictly blood mage. It is--also other."

Speaking idly to Dethnyain, you admit, "I wouldn't go so far as guarantee, at least."

Speaking surreptitiously to Chamorr, Cruxophim inquires, "Are you saying that you wouldn't sacrifice something to save a friend?"

Breshon peers quizzically at Stormyrain.

Speaking to Breshon, Lylia says, "I asked him in what manner she would be left. He simply said that word. 'Restored.'"

Breshon asks, "What do you mean?"

Speaking heartily to Cruxophim, Chamorr says, "There is always a consequence."

Speaking to Breshon, Stormyrain acquiesces, "But I am a blood mage, and a Seer. He is both of those, as well. The most powerful of each I have encountered in my centuries."

Cryheart says, "Ask him more specifically, what restored means."

Speaking idly to Stormyrain, Cruxophim agrees, "He's... evolved."

Speaking slowly to Breshon, Stormyrain says, "As Cruxophim says, he is--evolved."

Breshon says, "I see."

Speaking dryly to Chamorr, Cruxophim deadpans, "Yes, that is what I just said."

Stormyrain says, "The acquiring of the Star has--furthered him. His tenants are still in blood magic, and his power is in blood--but he is more."

Dethnyain says, "Restored could mean with memory but not in body."

Kipara asks, "Have you read Stone's book? He is deeply disturbed by most standards, but he also believes that his work will raise humanity to the status of gods. Maybe he truly does want to help her, and this is his way of garnering favor. Would you accept a clean and right service from a frightening person who thinks they are doing the right thing?"

Breshon says, "How has...I suppose I am confused."

Breshon says, "I am vaguely familiar with the Gale Stone."

Breshon says, "And what power it commanded years ago."

Speaking to Breshon, Lylia says, "It has changed. And grown."

Breshon asks, "Is it truly changed now?"

Speaking calmly to Breshon, Cruxophim clarifies, "He has that artifact, which is one of great power, and has furthered its power somehow."

Lylia says, "It waxes full and red."

Xorus says, "He has changed it. It absorbs blood now."

Speaking evenly to Lylia, Cruxophim agrees, "With shadows."

Speaking amusedly to Breshon, Goblyn exclaims, "It is quite pretty to watch!"

Breshon asks, "It no longer does..what it once did?"

Lylia says, "It is not green but crimson, a lush hue, and lambent."

Speaking wryly to Breshon, Cruxophim warns, "Whatever it has become now is something we cannot even begin to understand the consequences and ramifications of."

Xorus says, "We know little about its current abilities."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Raelee says, "We can always begin."

Speaking politely to Breshon, Cruxophim offers, "And Xorus would know."

Stormyrain quietly says, "It has been washed in blood, and it now beats like a heart--I heard it. Such a strong call, so much power."

Breshon asks, "Has he said what is to come, if I do not accept his offer?"

You reply, "He simply said that would be your choice."

Lylia says, "I asked him that too."

Speaking calmly to Raelee, Cruxophim opines, "That is part of why my opinion is that he should agree to this offer. A chance to observe, and to scrutinize... not just the process, but the artifact -itself-. Learn whatever we can."

Evician says, "I watched it and felt its power."

Evician nods at Breshon.

Zosopage says, "I hate to say it but it's almost like the toss of a coin. Should or shouldn't. Hard to contemplate the correct answer."

Ysharra says, "I would imagine he will attempt some other way to experiment with his power."

Breshon says, "How long do I have to make a decision? Surely not this night."

Breshon nods at Fahlo.

Breshon asks, "You think he merely seeks to experiment?"

Breshon peers quizzically at Ysharra.

Ysharra says, "I think curiosity is a strong motivator, yes."

Speaking to Breshon, Lylia says, "'Mere' experimentation is so much more. What he could learn could be of incalculable value."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Raelee says, "I would argue that this is not our best learning opportunity."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Stormyrain mouths, "No."

Breshon says, "How long do I have to make a decision? Surely not this night."

Lylia says, "Your sister is your sister to you. To others, she is an alchemical alembic."

Speaking to Lylia, Hapenlok mouths, "Poor choice of words."

Speaking calmly to Raelee, Cruxophim repeats, "That's merely my opinion. It is not my decision, nor do I envy Lord Breshon in his choice."

Xorus says, "Grishom said he would return in a week."

Cryheart asks, "Did he say when he wold expect an answer?"

Larsya and the Wyrdeep

Breshon says, "You spoke of alternatives."

Evician glances at Breshon and raises his hand.

Speaking to Breshon, Lylia says, "I did."

Breshon nods at Evician.

Breshon asks, "Evician?"

Evician says, "Lord Breshon, I don't think he seeks to experiment, I think he is confident in knowing he can restore her. I think I was the test subject."

Breshon says, "He has to gain something."

Breshon nods at Evician.

Breshon says, "He HAS to."

Breshon says, "I would like to hear of these alternatives."

Speaking to Breshon, Lylia says, "Some of us have worked tirelessly to understand the nature of epochxin, among them my chief advisor Lord Xorus and Magister Raelee."

Speaking to Breshon, Stormyrain asks, "Is there something unusual about her blood--other than the poison that runs through it?"

Speaking calmly to Breshon, Cruxophim repeats, "The question is what you think that is, and if it is a cost you are willing to part with for your sister."

Breshon says, "Yes. Xorus has compiled some information for me."

Breshon nods.

Breshon says, "To which I appreciate immensely."

Hapenlok leans on Lylia.

Lylia says, "It is an extension of Lord Brieson's work. I would --"

Lylia turns her head toward Hapenlok to favor him with a silent, withering gaze.

Breshon glances at Stormyrain.

Speaking to Breshon, Zosopage says, "Perhaps you should speak with Grishom."

Breshon asks, "What do you mean Captain?"

Lylia continues, "I would let him speak to it, along with the Magister. They know more than I in this matter."

Speaking to Breshon, Stormyrain offers, "A link to the Heart of the World, mayhaps? Something unusual about her heritage?"

Speaking amusedly to Stormyrain, Cruxophim offers, "Demon blood?"

Balley softly says, "I think he wants to use what he takes from your sister and experiment with it. I do think he will treat her. What ails her may have some importance to him."

Breshon says, "Our mother was half-elven, from the Deep. You would not know it, if she did not say it."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Stormyrain says, "I was not going for demon, no."

Speaking calmly to Breshon, Cruxophim reports, "I would agree with Mayor Lylia's assessment."

Breshon says, "She was beautiful beyond measure, the Deep was second to her."

Breshon sighs.

Speaking to herself, Stormyrain murmurs, "There it is."

Speaking to Breshon, Stormyrain says, "That is what he gains. If you ask my opinion."

Breshon peers quizzically at Stormyrain.

Hapenlok mutters, "Another reason for me to be ashamed of what i did there."

Breshon says, "I am sorry, forgive my ignorance."

Speaking surreptitiously to Stormyrain, Cruxophim inquires, "And how would he gain the same ostensible thing, if denied Larsya?"

Breshon says, "It is hard to constantly connect these dots you all so easily do."

Stormyrain says, "He gains the blood of a Wyrdeep lineage. How that ties into what he wishes, I'm not sure."

Speaking to Breshon, Ysharra says, "As I said. You have my sympathy."

Jeril says, "Or he is using this to distract you all."

Speaking surreptitiously to Stormyrain, Cruxophim counters, "Surely there are others out there? One must ask first: what is endemic to this particular thing, and what is its function that excludes all others?"

Xorus says, "The ancient sylvans once trapped the demonic essence of Althedeus in the Heart of the Wyrdeep."

Maags says, "Or as a way to gain some trust, easier we allows him the next thing he wants."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Stormyrain says, "Wyrdeep is one place he cannot simply walk into and take what he wishes. And do not forget, the elves of Wyrdeep keep to themselves. I cannot fathom one would offer their blood willingly to Grishom as he is now."

Goldstr asks, "Da Maw be in da Wyrdeep aye?"

Speaking lightly to Maags, you say, "I don't think he'll ever have anyone's trust."

You add, "At least... I hope not."

Xorus says, "In the Deadfall."

Stormyrain says, "However, here we have one of their lineage in need... a way for him to be given it willingly."

Speaking to Goldstr, Hapenlok says, "No, it's closer than that."

Stormyrain says, "Just a theoretical answer to 'what would Grishom gain'."

Breshon says, "I see."

Breshon asks, "What...would he need the blood for?"

Speaking to Breshon, Lylia says, "There was a time the elders of Wyrdeep saw a threat and wished our help in eliminating it. I thought that threat might have been Chaston Griffin. Perhaps not."

Madmountan says, "Your guess is as good as ours."

Speaking to Breshon, Stormyrain says, "I'm sorry if I was unclear or confusing. And unfortunately at this juncture, I cannot answer that question."

Lylia says, "But they extracted a promise from many of us."

Goblyn cocks her head at Lylia.

Speaking to Goblyn, Lylia explains, "For their help with the dark roots that threatened to engulf the town, they secured such a promise from us. Aid in times to come."

Speaking mildly to Lylia, Cruxophim suggests, "We unraveled Althedeus for them. One might consider that a SMALL favor, at least."

Speaking coolly to Lylia, Cruxophim opines, "I would call us even."

Breshon sighs.

Alternative Options

Breshon says, "Let us speak of this alternative."

Speaking to Breshon, Raelee says, "If I may."

Speaking to Breshon, Lylia says, "Yes. The alternative."

Speaking to Breshon, Raelee says, "Given that Grand Magister Octaven has not... graced us with her presence... in six months, you may consider my opinion the opinion of the Hall in this matter."

Speaking to Xorus, Lylia says, "I would not trust myself to explain it as fully as you."

Speaking to Breshon, Raelee says, "That said, what I believe Xorus is about to explain is... promising."

Speaking to Breshon, Raelee says, "And the official recommendation is to follow that course."

Breshon turns an inquisitive ear toward Xorus.

Xorus says, "I have worked on an extension of what Brieson used to halt Larsya's aging. It would briefly turn her blood into Everblood, which should reverse her body to the age it was in at the moment she was struck by the arrow."

Xorus says, "I would have to work with Magister Svala on the elemental aspects to tune it right."

Breshon turns an inquisitive ear toward Xorus.

Speaking to Breshon, Raelee says, "And the preliminary steps of that work has already begun."

Xorus says, "It would then be expelled from her much like the blackblood sickness was when treated. In theory, at least."

Xorus says, "The trouble is that there is no one to test it upon."

Speaking to Xorus, Lylia asks, "Could there be? That is, do you have the...hmm, the raw materials to age a test subject?"

Speaking to Breshon, Raelee adds, "We do still have some of Lord Brieson's papers on that in storage here."

Speaking amusedly to Raelee, Cruxophim offers, "And mine."

Breshon says, "So it would....revert her to before the arrow struck..."

Speaking quietly to Lylia, Hapenlok says, "I was going to ask that."

Breshon asks, "But how do we expunge the poison? The Everblood does?"

Breshon asks, "What of her mind?"

Speaking to Breshon, Lylia says, "A fair question."

Speaking carefully to Breshon, Cruxophim explains, "There are... ways to accomplish this."

Speaking to Breshon, Raelee says, "It is well-accounted for."

Lauranathalasa says, "I kinda like her mind, she thinks she is a pirate, and pirates are cool."

Xorus says, "The potion would expunge it in the process. There would be an essence of fire component to purify her blood with heat, but that also repels this primal blood aspect."

Maylan says, "Sounds painful."

Xorus admits, "She may not remember the past two years if it works."

Lylia replies, "That may be more of a kindness than a side effect."

Madmountan says, "Not sure that's a bad thing."

You muse, "I'm not sure we want her to, anyway."

Breshon nods.

Maylan woundedly says, "I was sorta hoping she would remember me."

Maylan says, "But of course it's for the best."

Speaking to Breshon, Raelee says, "Much of her state of mind can be blamed upon the physical state of her brain."

Speaking softly to Maylan, Lylia says, "It is not that she does not. It is that she cannot."

Speaking to Maylan, Chaoswynd suggests, "Just means you get to teach her how to play pirates all over again."

Speaking to Maylan, Shinann says, "She seemed to. She winked at you."

Speaking to Maylan, Maags says, "She shall has the joy of getting to know yous all over again."

Breshon asks, "So in theory, her youth restored, would restore her mind?"

Speaking to Breshon, Hlendril says, "Hey.."

Shinann says, "Oh, you mean after the..."

Hlendril asks, "New face?"

Breshon peers quizzically at Hlendril.

Speaking to Shinann, Maylan says, "I did notice that. It gave me a glimmer of hope."

Shinann clears her throat.

Speaking mildly to Breshon, Cruxophim explains, "During the height of Chaston's reign of terror, I took it upon myself to research the various forms and derivatives of Everblood. What Xorus says, in my opinion and based upon my own research, certainly seems not only feasible... but tenable to me."

Breshon says, "Not for some months now."

Breshon nods at Hlendril.

Xorus says, "That as well as getting the toxin out of her body. So that her mind is no longer exposed to it."

Speaking to Breshon, Raelee says, "I would believe so, save for the recent memories, as Xorus mentioned."

Hlendril stares at Breshon.

Raelee says, "Afterall, her memory of her current state is not well-cemented as is."

Breshon says, "Breshon Caulfield, of Bourth."

Breshon nods at Hlendril.

Breshon grins.

Zosopage says, "Of course perhaps this is exactly what Grishom is proposing as well."

Breshon says, "Enjoy some food and drink."

Breshon indicates a long oak table as a possible option.

Speaking wistfully to Cruxophim, you say, "Good times."

Xorus says, "The hazard in it is that this tar-like black salve, what Brieson slightly modified to be used on her, feeds upon Everblood."

Breshon says, "So it could kill her."

Breshon nods at Xorus.

Speaking to Xorus, Lylia says, "Then the risk to her would be..."

Xorus says, "Yes. I will not lie to you on this, if we do not calibrate it correctly."

Breshon says, "I see."

Madmountan says, "I mean...Grishom is probably the safer bet for Larsya herself. Maybe more dangerous to the rest of us."

Breshon stretches.

Speaking amusedly to Madmountan, Cruxophim praises, "That's more or less the long and short of it."

Breshon nods at Madmountan.

Breshon twists his head slightly, cracking his neck. He looks relieved.

Xorus says, "As I said. He may be offering now in part because he does not want us to know how to disentangle his hybrids this way."

Breshon's Conclusion

Breshon says, "Here is what we will do."

Speaking calmly to Breshon, Cruxophim advises, "Do you want extreme efficacy and certainty at a cost, or do you want a risk without Stone's involvement?"

Breshon says, "Tell Grishom Stone, I will consider his request. I will need a month. If he cannot afford me that time, then my answer is no. In addition, he now has a month to provide a detailed explanation of what he intends to do, how he intends to do it, and what, precisely, in no vague terms, will be the end result with my sister and her condition. Furthermore, he will need to speak it, that I, or my family, or my home, is in no way bound to him for any favor."

Lylia repeats, "A month."

Ushakaron says, "Seems like a long time."

Dergoatean says, "If he agrees to all that, we should be that much more certain that he has something to gain from the epochxin."

Breshon says, "Now, alternately..."

Speaking to Breshon, Evician says, "Well, on the bright one is sacrificed to restore her."

You acknowledge, "That's a pretty good measure of caution."

Breshon says, "I will suffer no expense for Xorus and Magister Raelee, and those who wish to be involved, to begin preparations and calculations for their method."

Maylan says, "A wise plan."

Speaking to Breshon, Lylia says, "Put another way, your choice is -- both choices."

Breshon says, "Within the month, my invited guest should also arrive, who may have some...aid to bring to this."

Speaking to Breshon, Irar says, "I shall pray that you find the wisdom and guidance to help you in making the decision."

Lylia asks, "You are expecting a guest?"

Speaking seriously to Dergoatean, you say, "I'm already certain. I just don't think we should be all that--"

You suddenly ask, "Guest?"

Breshon says, "If weather at sea is fair, he should arrive sooner."

Speaking to Breshon, Maylan asks, "He?"

Breshon says, "His name is Praxopius."

Hapenlok says, "That's a mouthful."

Stormyrain asks, "--and what is his expertise?"

Speaking curiously to Breshon, Cruxophim inquires, "Who?"

Speaking offhandedly to Hapenlok, you say, "Glad someone said it."

Speaking to Hapenlok, Lylia says, "Only four syllables."

Speaking to Breshon, Shinann asks, "Where is he arriving from?"

Breshon says, "He is from Estoria. He is well known for his experience in herbs, remedies, ointments, salves, all things in the field of alchemy."

Breshon says, "I had surmised that between him, and our resources here, there may be some promise."

Shinann says, "I see."

Xorus says, "An alchemist from Estoria."

Speaking to Xorus, Ysharra says, "Almost sounds like a title."

You idly comment, "Sounds good."

Hapenlok wryly says, "Like I always said, better living through alchemy."

Cruxophim evenly remarks, "What an astonishing coincidence."

Hapenlok says, "Well, not for me, though. Potions and poultices only make me want to burn the guild down when I try to brew them."

Speaking ruefully to Hapenlok, you agree, "Right, most of us practitioners would tell you our -own- lives have been anything -but- better, learning alchemy."

Speaking to Breshon, Lylia says, "I shall convey your message to Grishom Stone."

Maylan says, "Herbs are not normally a rememdy I would recommend. But given the circumstances we should of course examine all options."

Hapenlok says, "But, I wave this around. And you all come running."

Hapenlok waves an essence of greater fire around.

Speaking to Breshon, Lylia says, "And I shall be glad of my experience as a diplomatic advisor for our former mayor, I suspect."

Madmountan says, "That's cause we are afraid you are gonna burn another horse."

Speaking to Maylan, Ysharra says, "The ones from the Rift have such odd and potent properties. Perhaps those from another valence or reality have something just as powerful, but not so caustic."

Speaking to Breshon, Raelee says, "... if I may offer a parting thought to you..."

Speaking to Madmountan, Hapenlok says, "That needed to be done."

Speaking mildly to Lylia, Cruxophim states, "I have convered some of the basics of this before."

Speaking to Ysharra, Maylan says, "Perhaps."

Speaking evenly to Breshon, Raelee says, "The minds of mortal scholars can still bring great knowledge and great accomplishment. When we always turn to gods and false gods to solve our problems, often out of impatience, it leads us to forget what we are truly capable of."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Lylia says, "Indeed."

Speaking to Ysharra, Maylan says, "Healing herbs are not a true healing, not really."

Speaking emphatically to Raelee, Cruxophim agrees, "Well said, Magister."

Speaking to Maylan, Ysharra says, "I have an herb in my vasculum right here than can regrow severed limbs."

Lylia quietly says, "Well said, Magister. The difference between us and the gods is one of degree, not of fundamental kind."

Speaking to Maylan, Ysharra says, "Another that will regenrate eyeballs."

Speaking to Maylan, Roelaren says, "It depends on what you are healing."

Raelee evenly says, "... indeed."

Speaking to Ysharra, Maylan says, "Utilizing your body's own reserves and resources."

Speaking to Maylan, Ysharra says, "I would imagine the ones who had missing either would consider that healing."

Speaking to Ysharra, Maylan says, "With an empath healing, you utilize OUR bodily reserves and resources. With herbal remedies, you rely on your own."

Speaking to Breshon, Lylia asks, "I shall convey to him precisely the message you have given me. Is there anything else you would wish to say to Stone?"

Speaking to Ysharra, Maylan says, "So it can be more taxing and less effective."

Breshon nods.

Breshon says, "No, that is all I wish to send to him."

Speaking suggestively to Ysharra, Cruxophim purrs, "My body is your instrument."

Breshon nods at Raelee.

Breshon says, "We cannot always look to the heavens for answers."

Speaking to Maylan, Ysharra asks, "If it were better researched and cultivated, who knows what herbs could be capable of?"

Breshon says, "We were equipped with many of the answers ourselves."

Speaking to Ysharra, Maylan says, "But for Larsya, I am helpless. So yes. Herbs, alchemy, blood magic, we should try it all."

Speaking surreptitiously to Breshon, Cruxophim emphasizes, "Agreed."

Speaking to Maylan, Ysharra says, "We rely too much on healers and Lorminstra. It may not be the only way or even the better bargain."

A Bourthian soldier arrives, "M'Lord? Your sister, she stirs. She wishes a story...."

Breshon nods.

Breshon stands up.

Breshon says, "I am sorry. It is late regardless."

Speaking quietly to Breshon, Pukk says, "Just because you are avoiding looking to the heavens for answers. Make sure you are not look at the demons for one as well."

Breshon nods at Raelee.

Speaking to Breshon, Lylia says, "Of course. Thank you for your time and for your generosity at your table."

Speaking to Breshon, Ysharra says, "My daughters always liked ones with sorcerers."

Speaking to Breshon, Ysharra says, "Perhaps some pirates, just to be safe."

Lylia says, "Everything is better with sorcerers."

Speaking pleasantly to Breshon, Cruxophim wishes, "Fair eve, my Lord."

Speaking to Breshon, Hapenlok says, "You know, I wouldn't blame you for wanting to turn to Stone. The Krolvin took my wife from me, years ago. And there was a time where I would have done anything to bring her back to life. I just wanted to try to make you aware of the kind of person who was offering to 'restore' your sister."

Speaking to Breshon, Roelaren says, "Thank ye for this evening."

Speaking to Breshon, Zosopage says, "Rest well and may your dreams guide you in your final decision."

Speaking to Melikor, Ysharra says, "You are quite right, my friend Lylia. Just look at this one."

Breshon grins.

Breshon bows.

Speaking to Breshon, Maylan says, "Thanks for the grub."

Breshon says, "Goodnight, and thank you."

Speaking to Breshon, Maylan says, "And the company."

Breshon says, "For your time, your ideas, and your friendship."

Breshon designates Cryheart as the new leader of the group.

Lord Breshon just went through a set of large wooden doors.