Landing Events - 5120-06-02 - Walk It Off (log)

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Lumnea 2-3, 5120

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • Vlashandra seeks to meet at Lake Eonak to make good on her promises, so adventurers gather there for the return of three bane coffins. Magister Raelee tells her to release Magister Cordarius but leave Grand Magister Octaven sealed for now. Vlashandra summons a flesh gole to bring forth Cordarius' coffin, in which he looks unharmed but appears shocked and is down to only his pants. She touches the runes and says the coffin will open in two hours, to be less of a shock to him as Mayor Leafiara has him taken somewhere safer. Raelee asks if Vlashandra has unsealed the underground of the outpost, saying to leave her coffin there, and Vlashandra says she'll unseal it when she departs the lake tonight; Raelee says we can release her after Cordarius and she (Raelee) have a discussion.
  • The golem brings out another coffin, containing a woman who Raelee confirms is Octaven. Her robe is shredded and she's bloodied, as Vlashandra says she was repaying being carved.
  • Last is Walkar's remains, which she explains were preserved below the outpost and presumed to have been taken by Raznel. Faerinn asks why waste a bane coffin on a corpse and she says the remains were in there when she discovered it. Sir Cryheart asks how we can know it's the correct remains, but then speculates that the sunken chest cavity in the bones might be due to his armor.
  • Vlashandra says Raelee can open it when we're ready, Leafi says there's no reason to wait and it's on to the temple graveyard, and town guards arrive to carry it away. She asks if we have any further business or if we part ways here since Vlashandra won't come into town to risk assassination; Vlashandra says we have business another time, so Cryheart's group heads back just as Vlashandra returns Raelee's access to the underground. Hapenlok, still back at the lake, soon reports that Octaven's coffin will be opened in 72 hours and the Bourthians returned it to the outpost.
  • When Raelee comes back, Captain Stormyrain confirms with her that she'd like the coffin back. Raelee also requests to be there when Cordarius' coffin opens, and checks with Leafiara that that's acceptable; it is.
  • A baker and blacksmith arrive, as Raelee begins the process of opening the coffin and shovels are brought to the area; next a dockworker as the coffin's opened. He thanks Walkar for saving him and his boys from Talador. He and the blacksmith lift the skeleton innto the open grave as a crowd of townnspeople gathers. Everyone begins to shovel in dirt, as a little girl tosses in a rose and a boy tosses in a toy wooden axe. After he's buried at last, the townspeople begin to disperse and Leafi agrees with Raelee to have a town guard return the coffin to the outpost.
  • Horns begin to blare across town in a show of respect and shouts ring from the docks and North Ring Road: "For Wehnimer's!" Winston howls in the night and cries fill the air from shops, homes, and a dark hooded figure on a rooftop near Moot Hall.


Skeptical Gathering

[Town Square Central]

This is the heart of the main square of Wehnimer's Landing. The impromptu shops of the bazaar are clustered around this central gathering place, where townsfolk, travellers, and adventurers meet to talk, conspire or raise expeditions to the far-flung reaches of Elanith. At the north end, an old well, with moss-covered stones and a craggy roof, is shaded from the moonlight by a strong, robust tree. The oak is tall and straight, and it is apparent that the roots run deep. You also see an ember-eyed fire wyrdling, the Asben disk, an erratic luck spirit that is flying around, a massive snowy battle-scarred lynx, a great white wolf, the Hleef disk, a spotted great horned owl that is flying around, the Gasparr disk, the Viva disk, a massive snowy white tiger, a pale-faced coppery barn owl, the Swoonic disk, some black demon rum, a small violet, an orc hide robe, a berry-filled lemon finger cookie, a simple haon trunk, a large acorn, a large acorn, a large acorn, a large acorn, a large acorn, a large acorn, a large acorn, a large acorn, a varnished pale oak cart with some stuff on it, some stone benches with some stuff on it and an herbal remedy donation bin.

Also here: Zosimos, High Lord Asben, Offin, Dame Evia, Nicolas, Aeith, Russvult, Felita, Hleef who is sitting, Chaoswynd, Bernadette, Lady Sreka, Zosopage, Lord Torrecho, Gasparr, Viva, Roelon who is lying down, Lady in Waiting Chandrellia, Guarrin, Shinann, Anru, Thovor, Sir Cryheart, Kippe, Stormyrain, Remhaz, Aylant, Swoonic, Gidma who is sitting, Kalindon, Fatali, Pukk

Speaking to Ysharra, Guarrin says, "Not at all. I'm surprised she would have left such wonderful company so quickly is all."

Speaking to Guarrin, Ysharra says, "She had the most...special accommodations we offer."

Gasparr mutters, "So much for Sea of Fire."

Faerinn: "Good night! How is the new face person working out for you Vlashera?"

Pukk recites:

"Most of you are already joined, but for the rest

Join Cryheart!"

Speaking to Guarrin, Ysharra says, "Lylia must have been satisfied."

Vlashandra: "Shall we meet, to make good on some of my promises?"

Stormyrain: "Let's."

Faerinn: "Why start now Vlashooru."

Cryheart: "Where?"

Sreka: "Like you made good on your promise to restore Callid's family?"

Gasparr whispers to the group, "Wait why did I join this group?"

Pukk: "And we want a petting zoo too!"

Chandrellia: "And my mom's and sister's looks."

Sreka: "Why should anyone in this town believe anything you say?"

Morofinwe: "A roa'ter petting zoo!"

Faerinn: "I would like to think Lylia taught her some great lessons about holding up your end of deals."

Vlashandra: "The Lake?"

Zosopage says, "Always the Lake."

Vlashandra: "Lessons earned. I fault no one."

Offin asks, "Is it possible to post a job at Adventurers guild or is only possible to take jobs ?"

Cryheart: "Lake? Why?...don't you have the remains with ye?"

Speaking softly to Offin, Chandrellia says, "Not sure go ask and find out."

Lylia: "We still have a great deal to leaern about one another. And I still fault someone. But I have time."

Pukk: "I smell a trap!"

Pukk: "Get her!"

Cryheart says, " the Lake we go I guess."

Speaking to a pale-faced coppery barn owl, Pukk asks, "What do you think Owlie?"

Pukk asks, "Should we trust her?"

Cryheart says, "No."

The coppery barn owl hoots at Pukk.

Chandrellia whispers to the group, "Be on your guard."

Bernadette softly says, "No but we're goin anna ways."

Speaking to Cryheart, Pukk says, "Owlie says we need to watch out for her."

Cryheart says, "Moving."

Speaking to Pukk, Stormyrain says, "No but if she has Walkar's remains we would like them back."


Sreka: "I see no reason to believe a betrayer and a liar who is openly siding with a lich ally of Grishom Stone."

Morofinwe: "Hunt well and stay safe all."

[Melgorehn's Reach, Lake Eonak]

You are on the bank of a beautiful mountain lake that is fed by a waterfall gushing from the mountain side. There is a path which seems to actually lead up the side of the mountain. You also see a sleek raven, the fiery red Mekimin disk, the Adalfuns disk, the Mearyn disk, the red Sulien disk, a barely visible trail leading into a grove of ancient trees, a cedar chip path and a rune-covered wooden cart.

The voice of Hapenlok says, "So....we kill her again if she doesn't pay what she owes."

Cryheart says, "She is nae here."

Speaking to Sulien, Ysharra asks, "I rather love ravens, don't you?"

Gasparr plainly says, "Oh no I ain't falling for this...."

Faerinn says, "Maybe she'll give us a guy literally name Corduroy."

Gasparr says, "See ya."

Speaking to Cryheart, Stormyrain says, "I'm sure she wants to make an entrance. She has a flair for the..dramatic."

Speaking to Cryheart, Pukk says, "Geesh, you don't have to nod to curtly to Lylia. Relax."

Vlashandra: "You are welcome to...not come then."

Speaking amusedly to Stormyrain, Guarrin says, "I hadn't noticed."

Zosopage: "We are here, where are you?"

Cryheart: "We are here awaiting at the Lake."

Chandrellia: "Whats taking you Vlashndra, saving yourself for the moment?"

Roelon deeply asks, "Well. Did she say she would return 'em alive?"

Speaking wryly to Roelon, Leafiara says, "Good point."

A flicker of white flames burns into existance.

The white fire expands and burns brightly then takes on a humanoid form before peeling away to reveal Vlashandra.

Speaking softly to Vlashandra, Chandrellia says, "Oh such a dramtic entrance! You do have a certain panosh for flair."

Vlashandra grins crookedly.

Speaking to Sulien, Ysharra says, "I'd introduce you to my raven friend, but she seems hesitant to come closer."

>look vlas

You see Lady Vlashandra the Disciple of the Lich.

She appears to be a Human.

She is average height. She appears to be in the spring of life. She has sharp, gold-flecked snow white eyes and ashen skin. She has long, loosely ringeleted copper red hair woven with stained white falcon feathers. She has an angular face. She has a series of scab-covered scars that split her thin lips and stretch up, fragmenting her face before ending just below one of her eyes. Other scars on her body seem to be faded slightly.

She is in good shape.

She is wearing a shadowy black leather choker, a flowing orchid-hued robe, a bone-clasped black leather satchel, a carved fingerbone bracelet, and some stained dark leather boots.

Speaking to Vlashandra, Ysharra says, "It's curious. Normally she loves to look at ruined flesh."

Vlashandra licks one of her fingers.

Speaking to Vlashandra, Faerinn says, "Ah, Lylia did do some fine work for you. I was glad to hear you could find someone after Callid."

Vlashandra grins at Lylia.

Vlashandra says, "She was kind."

Lylia whispers something to Faerinn.

Speaking to Vlashandra, Faerinn says, "I hear the discounts were deep."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Faerinn says, "And faces were half off."

Speaking in Faendryl, Lylia says something you don't understand.

Speaking to Vlashandra, Leafiara observes, "A change of bracelets there... no more need for the isle, I suppose."

Drektor whispers something to Stormyrain.

Vlashandra says, "No."

Lylia says, "Yes, I am renowned for my kindness."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Ysharra says, "You walk the ground once more because she is also an elf of her word."

Faerinn says, "They don't anchor to a great place now anyway."

Vlashandra begins chuckling at Ysharra!

Chandrellia softly says, "Let's get this over with so we can be ride of your useless acts and lies."

Faerinn says, "And probably doesn't want to run into her Fist again."

Hapenlok says, "It's true, Lylia is. I hate tea. And I loved what she breweed."

Vlashandra says, "I walk the ground because I am the High Disciple of the Lich King."

Speaking softly to Vlashandra, Chandrellia says, "You're a joke."

Lylia loftily says, "For now."

Ysharra says, "Mm. And because she reanimated you before walking you over to the Spire."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Faerinn asks, "What was his name again? Barndoor?"

Speaking boredly to Vlashandra, Leafiara says, "Yes, yes, yes... now, on to our business..."

Speaking to himself, Guarrin mutters, "High disciple. There's a hierarchy now."

Speaking softly to Vlashandra, Chandrellia says, "A puppet, still second best and never quite reaching the top."

Speaking to Faerinn, Lylia says, "Bar-room."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Ysharra says, "I do hope you enjoyed the accommodations. Where everyone knew who you were. And what you'd done."

Speaking to Lylia, Faerinn asks, "Broom?"

Cruxophim: "Oh, fun. I'll be along shortly, let me sharpen my tools."

Speaking to Guarrin, Evia says, "Think in plain terms it means lackey."

Speaking in Giantman to Evia, Guarrin says something you don't understand.

Speaking to Evia, Lylia says, "Yes. A tool."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Pukk says, "Cruxy is coming to eat you."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Hapenlok mocks, "You're just another doormat for the Lich Thing to walk on. And another target for me."

Cord In a Coffin

Vlashandra says, "I believe I owe you three coffins."

Chandrellia softly exclaims, "What!"

Ysharra says, "Fool, tool. We shouldn't split hairs, after all, us being such for her plans is why we're in such low spirits."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Pukk says, "And a petting zoo. Don't forget that."

Krampton says, "3 coffins and a perma death, but 3 coffins now I suppose will do."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Ysharra says, "I believe you promised us our Blade."

Vlashandra says, "Death is the ultimate goal."

Vlashandra nods at Krampton.

Roelon deeply says, "We saw how that went."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Leafiara says, "Normally I'd say you could keep the Octaven one, but Raelee might be a bit upset."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Faerinn says, "And a heads up the next time the Hall just sells bane coffins at their next yard sale."

Speaking softly to Vlashandra, Chandrellia says, "Your death."

Speaking to Leafiara, Raelee says, "I will take custody of Octaven's, yes."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Raelee says, "Release Cordarius. Let us leave Octaven sealed for now."

Speaking to Leafiara, Pukk asks, "Was Raelee and Octaven a couple or something?"

Vlashandra says, "Whatever you wish sister."

Vlashandra cackles insanely, wild-eyed and drooling.

Speaking wryly to Pukk, Leafiara says, "No, she only wished."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Zosopage says, "Your real face must be really ugly to keep hiding it behind others."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Ysharra says, "You know that's how it'll work out, right? You may have been useful in this round of deception."

Speaking to Pukk, Leafiara clarifies, "Octaven, that is."

Faerinn whispers aloud, "I knew it."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Ysharra says, "But you're no Thirteen."

Speaking to Leafiara, Pukk says, "Raelee just wanted to examine Octaven probably. That's why they broke up."

Speaking to Ysharra, Faerinn says, "More like a 4. Less than half of a Thirteen."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Ysharra says, "I imagine you'll spend a lot of time wondering about that. Or a short time, depending on just how fast he grows bored."

A patchwork flesh golem wanders in.

Vlashandra nods to a patchwork flesh golem.

Speaking coldly to Chandrellia, Hapenlok says, "Relax."

Speaking to a patchwork flesh golem, Pukk asks, "You look familiar. Are you related to Chamorr?"

Speaking tentatively to Hapenlok, Leafiara asks, "Is something wrong, Hap? Did I just hear you tell someone else to relax?"

The flesh golem wanders off and in a few moments returns, carrying a crystalline coffin in its grasp and placing it on the ground next to Vlashandra.

Vlashandra nods.

Speaking softly to Leafiara, Chandrellia says, "That's why I'm speechless."

Speaking to Chandrellia, Pukk says, "Wow, that would be a miracle."

Speaking to Leafiara, Hapenlok says, "I'm in an exceedingly foul mood tonight. i just want this business to be done with."

Speaking to Leafiara, Zosopage says, "No you heard right, unbelievably."

>look coff

The coffin is nearly translucent, crafted purely out of a smooth, crystalline substance. Upon closer inspection, faint whorls of golden runes can be seen, almost infused into the material. Within the coffin you see a tall human of trim build with sharp-grey eyes and tanned skin. A black streak runs through his chin length blonde hair. His dimples show, despite his lips twisted into a look of shock. His chest is bare and he has no boots on. His only article of clothing is a pair of tailored pants.

Vlashandra says, "He is unharmed."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Faerinn asks, "Why is he only in pants?"

Speaking to Faerinn, Ysharra says, "He'll be glad he had a chance to get his shirt off."

Speaking to Faerinn, Pukk says, "She had her fun with him."

Leafiara hurriedly admits, "I don't really want to know the answer to that."

Speaking softly to Pukk, Razanetika says, "He wouldn't be wearing pants if that were true."

Vlashandra says, "It was easier to subdue him when he was not thinking properly."

Leafiara flatly asks, "Is he ever?"

Speaking to Razanetika, Pukk says, "She could be playing with his upper parts."

Raelee interrupts, "Let us just release him, no?"

Evia says, "If we're quite done with jabs and jibes and supposed...humor, let's get on with it."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Hapenlok says, "Oh, clever girl."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Faerinn says, "Why waste a bane coffin? Just leave him bound and gagged on the bed. Or whatever surface."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Raelee asks, "Are you going to open it, or shall I?"

Cryheart asks, "Is that Cordarius?"

Speaking to Vlashandra, Hapenlok says, "That's just ...foul."

Vlashandra touches the runes along the coffin and they flash in response to her tracing of the glyphs.

Lylia dryly remarks, "Hardly clever to lead some men by whatever is easiest to grab first."

Vlashandra says, "The coffin will open in two hours. It will be less of a...shock to him."

Vlashandra nods at Raelee.

Vlashandra nods at Leafiara.

Speaking softly to Lylia, Chandrellia says, "That's the only way some women can get a man."

Leafiara looks thoughtfully at Vlashandra.

Leafiara nods at Vlashandra.

Faerinn says, "Someone put an apple in there for him to find."

Vlashandra says, "I assume you will cart him off to somewhere safe, and not so he awakens here."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Ysharra asks, "I think he'd rather a different face to wake up to, don't you?"

Speaking to Vlashandra, Raelee says, "We will need to move this to the Outpost, then. We are not leaving a bane coffin sitting out here by the lake."

Vlashandra nods.

Lyrna asks, "So you can be long away by the time he awakens?"

Speaking to Leafiara, Melkizyor asks, "Is that the same man from our bar hopping in Mist Harbor?"

Vlashandra says, "I am going no where."

Speaking to Melkizyor, Leafiara says, "No, this is our councilman Cordarius."

Speaking to Raelee, Faerinn asks, "Why change policy now?"

Vlashandra says, "I am the High Disciple of the Lich King and we are here to stay."

Evia says, "That's what you think."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Raelee asks, "And Octaven's will go to the Outpost as well. I trust you have unsealed the underground?"

Ysharra says, "He's a Magister of the Hall. And our most recent Town Council member."

Speaking deeply to Vlashandra, Berost says, "Yer a damn fool and will end up with him in the shadow."

Speaking softly to Vlashandra, Chandrellia says, "You are a puppet on strings and I can't wait till we burn you."

Ysharra says, "...we do tend to orient them quickly, indeed..."

Vlashandra says, "I shall unseal the your area when I depart tonight."

Vlashandra nods at Raelee.

Speaking to Vlashandra, Pukk asks, "I thought he was disappointed in you and was going to give you to Lylia for her to play with?"

Vlashandra nods to a patchwork flesh golem.

Lylia says, "We already played a few games."

Speaking to Pukk, Faerinn says, "And to give back what was left."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Raelee says, "Leave Octaven's coffin there, in the underground chambers."

Ysharra says, "Welcome to the frontier. Here's a curse and bane coffin and sixteen other treacheries you never thought of. Enjoy your stay."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Raelee says, "We can release her after Cordarius and I have... a discussion."

Speaking to Ysharra, Lylia says, "We sometimes provide a welcoming basket of fruit as well."

Speaking softly to Vlashandra, Chandrellia says, "Yes Lylia is rough on toys she goes through them a lot I can't wait till you become her new toy and I get to watch her play."


The flesh golem leaves and wanders back in, carrying a second coffin that it places on the ground.

Speaking offhandedly to Ysharra, Leafiara says, "We did try to warn him about the dangers, but he insisted on taking the role."

>look coff

The coffin is nearly translucent, crafted purely out of a smooth, crystalline substance. Upon closer inspection, whorls of golden runes can be seen, almost infused into the material. Within the coffin you see a tall woman with long silver-blue hair that ends sharply at her shoulders. Her violet eyes stare outward and are widened in distress. Her blue robe is shredded in various spots, each tear stained with blood as razor-thin wounds dot her flesh in a myriad of designs. Fresh scars cover her face.

Vlashandra says, "She was not unharmed."

Cryheart whispers something to Roblar.

Lylia admits, "I may be at that."

Speaking to Roblar, Ysharra says, "Our Councilman is being returned to us."

Evia says, "Tis a regular coffin-mart around here tonight."

Speaking to Roblar, Stormyrain says, "And Walkar's remains."

Speaking to Raelee, Leafiara asks, "I suppose that's her?"

Speaking to Leafiara, Raelee says, "It is."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Faerinn asks, "The scars she gave you weren't abuse, were they? They were self defense, huh?"

Leafiara acknowledges, "Never seen her before, so I'd hardly know."

Cryheart whispers something to Roblar.

Vlashandra says, "She had me carved and enjoyed it."

Vlashandra says, "I repaid the favor."

Vlashandra says, "I was her Lylia."

Speaking to a large crystalline coffin, Faerinn says, "From the looks of things she got repaid several times over."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Ysharra says, "I very much doubt that comparison. You are nothing but a faceless tool."

Speaking drunkenly to Vlashandra, Gutstorm asks, "Shpeakin of Lylia, where me shtatchoo?"

Faerinn says, "Though Callid was a surgeon, and a good one."

Speaking deeply to Leafiara, Berost says, "She will find a way ta blame tha Landin when we open it and let her out."

Speaking to Berost, Leafiara agrees, "Of course she will."

Vlashandra nods to a patchwork flesh golem.

Roelon deeply asks, "Do we hae to let her out?"

Speaking deeply to Leafiara, Berost says, "Same page an all."

Roelon deeply says, "Things get lost all the time."

Speaking indifferently to Roelon, Leafiara says, "Well, the Magister insists. Maybe we can consider it a gift to her."

Walkin' Over Walkar

Vlashandra says, "The third that I promised..."

Speaking to Tsarok, Zosopage says, "You're popular tonight."

Speaking mildly to Raelee, Leafiara says, "You're welcome."

Cruxophim's group just arrived.

Vlashandra says, "Was below the Outpost and preserved, in what form it remains. I presume Raznel took them when she tried to create her illusion."

Lylia says, "Oh, you promised another, but you are incapable of delivering. I shall find someone who can."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Pukk says, "Welp, Cruxy's here. He's going to eat you now. Good bye."

Vlashandra nods to a patchwork flesh golem.

Cruxophim begs Vlashandra hungrily, pointing at his mouth as his stomach rumbles.

Roelon deeply says, "Hmm.."

Asben: "She speaks the truth. You'll just have to wait."

The golem wanders away, then returns a moment later, and it gently, respectfully, lowers the final crystalline coffin to the ground.

Speaking to Vlashandra, Faerinn asks, "Why waste a bane coffin on a corpse anyway?"

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "It empy."

Berost deeply says, "Jest pullin bane coffin out her ..."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Faerinn says, "Cordarius will need an apple when he wakes up."

Vlashandra says, "The remains were in there when I discovered it."

Speaking ruefully to Cruxophim, Leafiara says, "Between Dennet and Octaven, we've been a bit short on Grand Magisters you've been allowed to eat, but maybe another time."

Cryheart asks, "How do we know this is the correct remains?"

>look cof

The coffin is nearly translucent, crafted purely out of a smooth, crystalline substance. Upon closer inspection, whorls of golden runes can be seen, almost infused into the material. Within the coffin you see what appears to be all that remains of a male human, not reduced almost completely to a skeleton. Based on the size of the bones it appears he was once a muscular man. The chest cavity is sunken in and many bones of the abdomen are missing.

Vlashandra shrugs at Cryheart.

Speaking to a large crystalline coffin, Faerinn says, "I recognize the arm even if it's not on fire."

Speaking loudly to Leafiara, Cruxophim protests, "I was promised All That Remains."

Cryheart says, "Well...he was human."

Speaking to Cryheart, Stormyrain says, "The body looks like Walkar's. I can't sense if there's a history while it's in that...thing."

Leafiara slowly asks, "Maybe a loresong?"

Speaking to Faerinn, Ysharra says, "I never met him, besides his doppelganger we encountered."

Speaking to Cryheart, Faerinn asks, "Except for the burning bone arm?"

Speaking to Leafiara, Stormyrain says, "There's no way I could get anything through the coffin."

Cryheart says, "And muscular...but perhaps the chest cavity is due to the armor he wore."

Faerinn asks, " I suppose to read his last Will and Estate now?"

Speaking ruefully to Leafiara, Cruxophim admits, "She's right."

Speaking dryly to Stormyrain, Cruxophim teases, "Much as it pains me."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Leafiara asks, "Unlike the others, there's no reason we can't release the remains now, right?"

Cryheart asks, " right arm and hand?"

Vlashandra says, "Walkar's right arm and hand were turned into a skeleton prior to his transformation."

Vlashandra nods at Cryheart.

Cruxophim whispers something to Lylia.

Cryheart says, "Aye."

Cryheart says, "They were skeletal."

Vlashandra asks, "The coffin can be opened when you are prepared to bury the remains?"

Vlashandra peers quizzically at Leafiara.

Vlashandra shrugs.

Vlashandra says, "Unless you wish to carry the skeleton now."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Leafiara says, "I suppose that works."

Shiril asks, "Bury, not burn?"

Speaking to a large crystalline coffin, Faerinn whispers aloud, "I'm sorry I didn't save you from this."

Speaking nonchalantly to Vlashandra, Cruxophim remarks, "I like skeletons."

Speaking softly to Vlashandra, Chandrellia asks, "So we won't know if you are telling the thruth or not till we open them?"

Speaking to Shiril, Stormyrain says, "He was buried before, he should be returned to his grave."

Leafiara says, "We can return to the temple graveyard, then."

Speaking to Faerinn, Ysharra says, "There's sorrows aplenty here. And not..."

Cruxophim whispers something to Lylia.

Speaking softly to Leafiara, Chandrellia asks, "Can we bury the remains now, like right now, remove them from the coffin and take them to the place?"

Speaking to Faerinn, Ysharra says, "All borne by us."

Vlashandra says, "Magister Raelee can open it when you are ready."

Speaking to Ysharra, Faerinn says, "If I had done my job better he would have never gotten that breastplate."

Speaking to Raelee, Faerinn says, "Please go ahead. I should deliver this estate finally."

Some town militia arrive and slowly fall in around two of the coffins. Walkar's and Cordarius's.

Speaking curiously to Faerinn, Cruxophim inquires, "Your job?"

Speaking to Faerinn, Ysharra says, "We all have history we regret or would remake. All we can do is learn."

Speaking to Vlashandra, Leafiara ventures, "I'm sure you don't dare set foot in town, so we'd best get to it..."

Cruxophim offers Vlashandra a glistening black apple.

Raelee asks, "And when will you wish to see it opened?"

Gutstorm drunkenly asks, "How come Cordariush hadda die?"

Shinann says, "He is not dead."

Zosopage says, "He isn't dead."

Speaking quietly to Gutstorm, Hapenlok says, "He's not dead."

Cryheart says, "He is asleep."

The town guard carefully depart with the two coffins of Walkar and Cordarius, respectfully carrying them to town.

Ysharra says, "Mm."

Speaking to Raelee, Leafiara says, "Once we're back at the temple graveyard, I would think."

Cryheart says, "Or in a trance."

Ysharra says, "I doubt it."

Speaking to Cryheart, Hapenlok says, "I wouldn't exactly call that ...sleeping."

Cryheart asks, "Shall we head to town?"

Ysharra says, "I do not think they are as removed as is suggested with those."

Speaking to Cryheart, Leafiara says, "Just a moment, no--"

Speaking to Cruxophim, Faerinn says, "I was his barrister. I failed to protect him from Stone's frame job."

Speaking calmly to Vlashandra, Cruxophim offers, "Hungry?"

Zosopage says, "Same thing as Rodnay was."

Lylia says, "They dream in the coffins."

Speaking softly to Leafiara, Chandrellia asks, "What about her? what if she was lying abut the remains what then?"

Zosopage says, "And Disean I believe."

Speaking to Leafiara, Hapenlok asks, "We done with her? We got everything we need?"

Speaking to Vlashandra, Leafiara says, "Do we have any other further business? You'll not be coming to town unless you want to risk assassination, I take it, so we'd part ways here."

Aeith says, "Well, with our track record so far, who knows they might all spring up into being Lich Kings."

Cruxophim offers Vlashandra a glistening black apple.

Speaking to Raelee, Ysharra asks, "Will you open Magister Cordarius' tonight?"

Roelon deeply says, "Aye? Dreams for one, Nightmares for the other ah am guessin'."

Lyrna says, "So far about a third of what she's told us is true, so probably at least one of the three is as it's supposed to be."

Speaking to Raelee, Ysharra says, "No pressure, of course...I was just wondering."

Speaking to Ysharra, Raelee says, "It will open in two hours time. Vlashandra began the process."

Speaking to Lylia, Pukk says, "Quick, implode her or something."

Speaking nonchalantly to Hapenlok, Cruxophim asserts, "To the contrary, I believe I'm next in line."

Vlashandra grins at Leafiara.

Speaking softly to Vlashandra, Chandrellia purrs, "Oh please, please come to town and help us bury our dead."

Vlashandra accepts Cruxophim's black apple.

* Elandail returns home from a hard day of adventuring.

Draught just arrived. Chandrellia grins evilly. Draught deftly removes the immense longsword from his swordbelt. Draught removes a gleaming arming sword from in his blue leather sheath. Speaking to Raelee, Faerinn says, "Let's go open Walkar's coffin. If you are ready."

Vlashandra says, "We have business, another time."

Speaking wryly to Hapenlok, Leafiara says, "I'm thinking we're done with her, but maybe she'll spring some last surprise."

Leafiara snorts derisively at Vlashandra!

Leafiara waves a hand at Vlashandra, dismissing her indifferently.

Speaking simply to Cryheart, Leafiara says, "Onward to town then."

Krampton says, "Ya business."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Lylia says, "She is calling herself High Servant or First Footstool or some such lowly honorific."

Vlashandra snaps her fingers and a curl of white flames form a rune in the air before her, then it fades.

Cryheart says, "Moving out."

Vlashandra says, "Your...access has been returned."

Speaking softly to Vlashandra, Chandrellia exclaims, "Your face is still going to be on my wall!"

Vlashandra nods at Raelee.

Speaking to Cruxophim, Lylia says, "You may wish to speak to her about it."


Krampton says, "If death is her ultimate goal, she sure is goal oriented."

Cryheart says, "Cemetery."

Leafiara nods at Cryheart.

Evia says, "Yes, there is a stone with a flower on it."

Return and Recognition

[Temple, Graveyard]

A small group of people stands around a newly-covered grave here in the Temple's shadow. A priest, dressed in solemn clothing, leads the people in a soft song. While the key is minor, the words rejoice that the departed one now rests beyond the hardships of life, safe within Lorminstra's grasp. You also see a smooth granite headstone with a deep purple violet on it, a row of small stone markers, a small grey tombstone and a recently dug open grave.

>look heads

The headstone has been crafted out of polished granite with its edges and surfaces smoothed to a nice finish. The small depiction of a waraxe has been etched into the stone, just inches above a pitted engraving that reads, "Walkar Wellington, 5115. May He Know Peace."

Balinworn says, "I have never found anything involving coffins to ever have a pleasant outcome."

Gutstorm drunkenly exclaims, "Me got a shovel!"

Gutstorm raises his wooden shovel skyward!

Speaking amiably to Gutstorm, Leafiara says, "Excellent, we'll need that."

Gutstorm drunkenly asks, "To whack wit?"

Cryheart says, "May Walkar rest again in peace."

Leafiara adds, "...if the guards ever get here..."

Speaking softly to Gutstorm, Chandrellia asks, "Got an extra one?"

Rasson says, "Why didn't they just leave it open last time we dug him up."

Leafiara says, "...or Raelee, for that matter..."

Pukk yells, "Bring the coffin!"

Speaking to Balinworn, Stormyrain says, "The grave has already been dug there's no need for digging tonight. Just filling in."

Cryheart says, "They are slower than molasses."

Speaking to Rasson, Leafiara says, "They did."

Leafiara points at a recently dug open grave.

Speaking drunkenly to Chandrellia, Gutstorm says, "Me shtole dish lasht year."

Speaking softly to Leafiara, Chandrellia asks, "Can you have some of the militia bring us shovels so we can help?"

Stormyrain says, "It's not easy to carry a coffin that far."

Pukk yells, "You lazy louts!"

Some guards arrive, lowering Walkar's crystalline coffin to the ground.

Stormyrain says, "We will need the Magister to open that..thing."

Pukk mutters, "Took em long enough."

Speaking to Kippe, Stormyrain asks, "Can you see if she will come?"

Speaking to Leafiara, Pukk asks, "I mean Cryheart beat them know how bad that is?"

Lyrna says, "Wiggle her fingers at it in the mysterious Magister way."

Leafiara absently says, "I wonder why... use an entire bane coffin on an already-dead... hm."

Roelon deeply says, "Preservation of the remains."

Roelon deeply says, "Ah would assume."

Lyrna says, "Good point."

Speaking softly to Leafiara, Chandrellia says, "You don't think."

Speaking to Leafiara, Pukk asks, "It's just a coffin. What could go wrong?"

Speaking to Leafiara, Balinworn says, "I really don't expect any of this to end well. Especially considering who is involved."

Speaking dubiously to Roelon, Leafiara says, "But they've already been decomposing for years.. hm."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Kippe says, "She's making sure Octaven's remains are in order."

Cryheart asks, "Should we re-consecrate it?"

Speaking to Kippe, Stormyrain asks, "Yes yes, that's fine, will she come? Or shall we bury the bane coffin?"

Anru says, "No."

Stormyrain says, "Because I am fine with either."

Pukk says, "It's been a nice quiet night tonight."

Speaking to Cryheart, Guarrin asks, "Perhaps once it is open?"

Shinann says, "Bury it."

Lyrna says, "And if there was no danger, he probably wouldn't be in the coffin."

Anru says, "Do not bury him in that thing."

Allyria says, "It's awfully cold."

Berost deeply says, "Should not be leavin a coffin like that layin about, even buried. Too temptin for folks."

Shinann says, "Well, we cannot get near it."

Leafiara: "For those still elsewhere, we've returned to Walkar's headstone in the temple graveyard. It's through the gate, for those who haven't been."

Speaking to Cryheart, Evia says, "I thought the Chaplain was with us, hmm."

Cryheart says, "We hae a cleric with us."

Leafiara says, "Hap is reporting that Octaven's coffin will be opened in 72 hours and was taken away by the Bourthians."

Kippe states, "She said he is dead. He can wait a few minutes."

Balinworn says, "Cover the whole thing in blessings, burn it, and bury the ashes. Nothing good can come from that coffin."

Speaking to Cryheart, Evia says, "A cleric is not our Chaplain though."

Speaking concernedly to Leafiara, Sulien says, "Vlashandra was.... ominous about Octaven's awakening."

Cryheart nods at Evia.

Cryheart says, "Aye."

Speaking to Sulien, Leafiara admits, "With good reason."

Hapenlok says, "Oh aye. It's going to be bad."

Lyrna says, "I can't imagine that Octaven is going to be happy when she awakes."

Speaking wryly to Lyrna, Leafiara says, "Pity."

Ysharra says, "If more of us valued such logic and strategy over hope..."

Ysharra says, "Ah."

Hapenlok says, "Well, anyway."

Aeith asks, "So, when do all three of the coffins open now? Two hours, seventy-two hours, and...?"

Hapenlok says, "I'm not good at funerals."

Speaking to Raelee, Stormyrain says, "I assume you would like the coffin back, and we would certainly like to return Walkar to his grave."

Hapenlok says, "Especially repeat funerals."

Speaking to Aeith, Leafiara says, "Now, if the Magister's up to it."

Ysharra says, "So this is to be the end of things, for our former mayor."

Lyrna says, "As soon as Raelee opens it."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Raelee says, "I would."

Hapenlok says, "So this is where I leave."

Hapenlok says, "Good night all."

Zosopage says, "Walkar's can be opened at any time if I heard correctly."

Speaking to Hapenlok, Pukk exclaims, "Night night Happy!"

Hapenlok says, "And remember, if you see my clutching my head in pain? You might just want to run."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Raelee says, "In addition, seeing as the town guards took Cordarius's... I would request to be there tonight when it opens."

Speaking softly to Hapenlok, Chandrellia says, "Night Hap."

Speaking to Hapenlok, Zosopage says, "Rest well."

Hapenlok says, "Leafiara can explain further."

Speaking to Leafiara, Raelee asks, "Will that be a problem?"

Speaking to Raelee, Leafiara says, "Not at all. He's your colleague too."

Hapenlok whispers something to Leafiara.

Speaking to Elbromo, Evia says, "Heya Chaplain."

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "How come we hasha wait two hoursh to pop Cordariush open."

Speaking to a large crystalline coffin, Hapenlok says, "We should have put you on a Pyre, Wellington."

Speaking to Gutstorm, Zosopage says, "To reduce the shock."

Ysharra says, "I do not know what waits past the Gate, mayor. May it be a rest, for you. At last."

Hapenlok says, "I hate that she used you against us, a second time."

Speaking to Gutstorm, Leafiara guesses, "Maybe Vlashandra's buying herself time to get somewhere he can't access."

A townsperson arrives, hands still caked in flour from a long day and night's work. He stands at the back of the crowd, watching the coffin and grave.

Evia says, "Goodness."

Speaking to a townsperson, Leafiara acknowledges, "Yeah, I know the feeling."

Speaking to a townsperson, Pukk says, "Welcome."

Speaking drunkenly to a townsperson, Gutstorm asks, "Got anyfin to eat?"

Hapenlok whispers something to Leafiara.

Leafiara whispers something to Hapenlok.

Speaking softly to a townsperson, Chandrellia asks, "Got a shovel so I can help bury the body when it's time?"

(Raelee touches a sequence of runes along the surface of the coffin. Each one faintly flashes as she pulses mana into them, one by one.)

Hapenlok whispers something to Leafiara.

Ysharra says, "Much more suitable for a funeral." [change of shimmer trinket outfits]

Speaking to Leafiara, Hapenlok whispers aloud, "But right now, we can't go there."

Speaking quietly to Leafiara, Hapenlok says, "Not a good time to discuss it, though. When we're having a second funeral."

Zosopage says, "Shovels on the ground."

A town blacksmith arrives, soot on his tired face and tattered apron. He stands respectfully quiet near the crowd.

Speaking to Ariond, Gasparr says, "Hi."

(Raelee touches one last rune on the coffin, lingering slightly on that one.)

Speaking to a town blacksmith, Ysharra says, "Good evening, Jack. Good of you to come."

You hear an unpleasantly wet slurp and faint crunching in the shadows.

Speaking drunkenly to a town blacksmith, Gutstorm asks, "Any idea if Helga gunna shwing by?"

Ariond wryly remarks, "Sounds like Cruxophim is here."

Chandrellia whispers something to Asben.

The crystalline surface of the coffin responds to Raelee's magic and begins to dissolve like melting wax.

(Raelee slowly pulls her hand away to simply observe the melting crystal.)

Speaking to Leafiara, Ariond inquires, "Vlashandra come herself?"

A dockworker arrives, the odor of salt and sea clinging to his heavy beard. He bows near Walkar's coffin and grave and joins the crowd.

Ariond asks, "She provide any additional information of benefit?"

Speaking to Ariond, Leafiara answers, "Over at the lake, yes. We parted ways as quickly as we could since most can't stand to see her."

Speaking to Ariond, Leafiara responds, "Nope."

Ariond whispers something to Leafiara.

Speaking to Ariond, Ysharra says, "Lylia withdrew her formal invitation. She is now free of any of you to get your pound of flesh."

Leafiara whispers something to Leafiara.

The crystalline surface of the coffin melts entirely away, leaving only the skeleton of Walkar within, resting inside.

Speaking drunkenly to Razanetika, Gutstorm says, "Werk it girl."

Asben whispers something to Chandrellia.

Speaking to Ariond, Keiiko says, "I'm sorry, I came as soon as I could."

Ariond whispers something to Leafiara.

Speaking warmly to Keiiko, Ariond greets, "It is no concern, lass.. Good evening."

Leafiara whispers something to Ariond.

Ariond whispers something to Leafiara.

Roblar carefully places a handaxe on the ground.

Roblar carefully places a handaxe on the ground.

Cryheart asks, "Could we place the remains in the open grave now?"

Speaking curiously to Leafiara, Keiiko asks, "What do we have?"

Stormyrain says, "I don't see why not."

Roblar deeply explains, "Shud be buried wid weapons."

Ariond explains, "Former mayor."

Lyrna murmurs, "Well he didn't jump up and attack us, so that's some good news."

Ariond whispers something to Keiiko.

Speaking approvingly to Roblar, Leafiara says, "I like it, good thinking."

A dockworker nods and steps forward to the coffin. "You saved me and my boys from Talador. They live and love still to this day. Thank you Walkar." He reaches for the skeleton.

Speaking carefully to Ariond, Keiiko says, "So... She actually followed through."

Lyrna says, "Er..."

Cryheart says, "Walkar was a decent human being and former mayor of this town."

Carefully, slowly, the dockworker lifts the skeleton out of the coffin.

Speaking to Keiiko, Lylia says, "She did not. This is a sop to some."

Shinann says, "Ahh."

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "Wunner if Winshton can shmell Walkar here."

The blacksmith steps forward, stepping in beside the dockworker and helping to hoist the skeleton up.

Ariond whispers something to Leafiara.

Speaking to a large crystalline coffin, Faerinn says, "You took a chance on a young half elf who had never stood in a court room before...."

Cryheart says, "As his advisor along with Sir Tebon, he showed us he cared for this town and its citzens."

Speaking to a large crystalline coffin, Faerinn says, "And in the end it cost you everything."

Ariond whispers something to Leafiara.

Speaking to Leafiara, Ariond asks, "Did Vlashandra also release her prisoners?"

Cryheart says, "We persevered and demonstrated loyalty even when he wore that cursed armor."

Speaking earnestly to Lylia, Keiiko says, "You are correct that she has fallen far from other promises."

Speaking to Ysharra, Faerinn says, "Wow, this rain. All over my face."

Cryheart says, "He did."

Speaking to Ariond, Leafiara says, "Not yet, but Cordarius' coffin will open in less than two hours and Octaven's in three days."

Speaking to Faerinn, Ysharra says, "You bear the water well, you know."

Speaking curtly to Lylia, Keiiko says, "But consider this a small win."

Speaking to Ariond, Leafiara says, "They've been returned respectively to town and the outpost."

One by one, more townspeople gather. Young, old, all walks of Wehnimer's life. The dockworker and blacksmith slowly lower Walkar's skeleton into the open grave and then step away.

Speaking to Faerinn, Ysharra says, "Like you have carried far more than your share."

Anru says, "Rest."

Cryheart says, "Walkar, may ye rest in peace and in honor."

Speaking to a town dockworker, Leafiara says, "Thank you for coming on short notice."

Speaking to a townsperson, Leafiara says, "And all of you."

Cryheart says, "Amen."

A townsperson grabs a shovel and pushes some dirt into the grave.

Erienne steps on the top of her wooden shovel's blade and leans into it, sinking the blade into the ground. With a hefty tug, she lifts out a large load of soil and throws it aside.

[everyone else begins digging, cue spam]

Speaking to Faerinn, Ysharra says, "Let's be frank, my friend. It's going to end like this for most of us."

(OOC) Leafiara's player whispers to the group, "Push shovel."

Roelon deeply says, "The least ah kin do."

Lyrna quietly says, "May you find peace in Gosaena's care."

Speaking to Ysharra, Faerinn says, "True, but are they all going to be my fault? So many are."

Speaking to Faerinn, Ysharra says, "Perhaps not so many tears, though."

A young girl steps forward, tossing a red rose into the grave and stepping away.

Speaking to Ysharra, Guarrin whispers aloud, "Far better than I expect."

Speaking to Keiiko, Lylia says, "I shall. But the bill is still due."

Speaking sternly to Lylia, Keiiko says, "I am devoted to helping any way I can."

Speaking to Faerinn, Ysharra says, "Many are the burdens you bear, Counselor. Make sure all those stones are truly yours."

Speaking firmly to Lylia, Ariond says, "It will be paid."

Elbromo asks, "Why do I feel this isn't the end of Walkar?"

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "Alldish diggin ish back breakin work."

Cryheart says, "Rest in peace."

Speaking to Ysharra, Faerinn says, "The stones are all bleakstone. They are surprisingly light."

A woman and her young son step to the edge of the filling grave. The boy pulls out a small toy wooden axe. "I don't need this anymore. But when I was young, you made me want to be just like you. Thank you Mayor Walkar." He drops the axe into the grave.

Holoni says, "When you give your all for a town, you live on through memories."

(OOC) Zosopage's player whispers to the group, "Are we burying or digging a hole? Seems we are digging a hole."

Hapenlok: "...I buried him once. that's enough for me."

Speaking to Faerinn, Ysharra says, "Make sure they don't circle your throat like a millstone."

Clump by clump, each shovel load from those around you begin to fill up the grave. It isn't long before all that remains of Walkar is buried beneath dirt, disappearing once again into the earth and his final resting place.

Evia says, "This seems to be an awkward process."

Speaking to Ysharra, Faerinn says, "Don't worry. I can't stand tight things around my throat."

Cryheart says, "Oh Lord Kai, accept this warrior into your arms."

Speaking to Evia, Gasparr says, "You hit that nail on the head."

Ysharra says, "His Suffering is done."

Ysharra says, "Send him on."

Bernadette softly says, "Hail Lord Kai."

Gutstorm drunkenly asks, "Ish dish like da fird time he been booried?"

Pukk seriously says, "This was good work."

Leafiara: "It's finished, Hap."

The townspeople speak in hushed tones amongst themselves then slowly disperse, returning to their lives and families within Wehnimer's.

Drektor offers Stormyrain a leather-bound alum canteen.

Aeith says, "May his rest this time be more peaceful than the last."

Speaking quietly to Gutstorm, Nightflame says, "He told me he was buried in paperwork once, but that was long ago."

Stormyrain accepts Drektor's alum canteen.

Drektor says, "You don't want that on yer hands."

Hapenlok: "Oh, and that person who was looking for Tsarok? He's dead. But I can reliably say, I didn't do it....probably."

Pukk says, "The townspeople will all light a candle for him."

Speaking reverently to a fresh grave, Ariond says, "Ronan guards your sleep now, mayor."

Zosopage says, "May you rest in peace once again. This time to be undisturbed."

Cryheart says, "Amen to that."

Speaking to Pukk, Leafiara agrees, "Probably. On their own time, over coming weeks. Just like when they thought he was back."

Speaking to Leafiara, Raelee asks, "Can the guardsmen return the empty coffin to the Outpost or shall I have Breshon's men do it?"

Remhaz: "Tsarok slain him?"

Stormyrain pours some of the pale yellow liquid from her alum canteen on the ground. It puddles, and then quickly evaporates.

Stormyrain glances down.

Stormyrain glances at Drektor.

Drektor says, "Don't waste it."

Speaking softly to a fresh grave, Chandrellia says, "I never knew you, but the talk I hear is of proud people and for that I resepct you."

Asben: "Tsarok is a murderer?"

Stormyrain says, "Didn't expect it to be so full."

Speaking to Raelee, Leafiara says, "Oh, either way. Let me call for the guards since we're in town."

(Stormyrain pours some of the water from the canteen on her hands to clean the dirt off.)

Drektor says, "That was lemonade."

(Leafiara catches sight of a town guard in the vicinity and signals him over.)

A horn blows in the distance.

Stormyrain says, "..why you .."

Remhaz: "I can't speak to that I only know he was asking for Tsarok for roughly an hour and now he's dead after he wandered off with Tsarok."

Leafiara uncertainly says, "...err..."

Speaking to Drektor, Stormyrain says, "I asked if it was for drinking or cleaning my hands."

Hapenlok: "...oh, what fresh hell is this."

A town guard arrives and looks at Leafiara.

Drektor says, "I sed dont put it on yer hands."

Speaking uncertainly to Leafiara, Ariond asks, "Are we expecting visitors?"

Hapenlok: "...can't even get drunk without hearing warhorns."

Evia asks, "Were we expecting a visitor?"

Ysharra says, "...I don't suppose that's a dirge."

Cryheart asks, "Who is blowing a horn at this time of the hour?"

Speaking amiably to a town guard, Leafiara asks, "Can you gather the guards and take this bane coffin back to the outpost?"

Leafiara indicates the crystalline coffin as a possible option.

Speaking to Drektor, Stormyrain says, "Clearly I couldn't hear you in all this chatter. I thought you said I might want it on my hands."

Another horn sounds, echoing from somewhere within town.

Caernloch: "I came in just in time for this?"

Speaking to a sleek burnt caramel kodkod, Keiiko says, "Alyssum, be at the ready."

The guard nods and runs off.

Ysharra says, "It's a salute."

Shiril says, "Hm."

Bernadette softly says, "Somepins up."

Evia says, "Quite the ruckus."

Chandrellia: "It may be a tribute horn for Walker."

Speaking concernedly to Leafiara, Keiiko asks, "Mayor, what is happening?"

Ysharra says, "They're sending him off."

Leafiara: "It's... probably a tribute, yeah."

Drektor says, "Well drink it."

Shinann says, "Maybe so."

Allyria asks, "That's not Clunk's horn is it?"

Stormyrain says, "My hands are sticky."

Gasparr worries, "Trap."

Speaking to Keiiko, Leafiara says, "I think it's a tribute, like Ysharra said."

A third horn blasts within town.

Cryheart says, "Nae...the guard is showing their respects."

Ysharra says, "It's warning the other side of the Gate."

Hapenlok: "....I didn't even think of that."

Ysharra says, "That Walkar is coming."

A deep, hearty shout seems to ring up from the docks of town. "For Wehnimer's!"

(OOC) Bernadette's player whispers to the group, "Kinda like playin Taps."

Leafiara: "It's okay, Hap. We're all a little on edge thanks to Vlashandra."

Keiiko recites:

"For Wehnimer's!"

Stormyrain yells, "For Wehnimer's!"

Evia yells, "For Wehnimer's!"

Chandrellia yells, "For the people!"

Ysharra softly says, "For Wehnimer's."

Some more voices rise up from North Ring Road. "For Wehnimer's! For Wehimer's! For Wehimer's!"

Bernadette yells, "Fer Wenhimers!"

Ariond softly agrees, "For Wehnimer's."

Evia yells, "For Wehnimer's!"

Asben exclaims, "For Wehnimer's!"

Cruxophim loudly cries, "For Wehnimer's!"

Cryheart says, "Amen."

Leafiara recites:

"For Wehnimer's!"

Roelon yells, "Fir Wehnimer's!"

Gutstorm yells, "Now letsh invade Icemool!"

Zosopage yells, "For Wehnimer's!"

A bloodhound howls in the night.

Lyrna yells, "For Wehnimer's!"

Aeith says, "Aww."

Evia says, "Dang."

Bernadette softly says, "Awwww .."

Cryheart says, "Poor Winston."

Krampton says, "Poor Winston."

Leafiara warmly says, "Aww, ol' Winston."

Bernadette softly says, "Winston."

Evia says, "Sorry Winston."

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "Me jush fed him a cockatrice leg."

Hapenlok: "...for Walkar Wellington.....flawed, but he had his honor at the end."

Evia says, "Maybe he can have his old bed back now."

Balinworn says, "For all those who gave their all for others. May we always remember them and follow their example."

Roblar deeply says, "One for him."

Talismanblue: "Is anyone else there?"

More cries fill the night. From windows of shops, from lit doorways of homes, even from a dark hooded figure perched upon a rooftop near Moot Hall. A chorus of voices rise, young and old, "For Wehnimer's! For Wehnimer's!"

[XYZ] whispers, "Ok, this part seriously got to me. I was doing great till Winston howled, now I seriously have watery eyes!"

Roblar recites deeply:

"For Wehnimer's"

Keiiko offhandedly asks, "So... Where are the drinks?"

A horn pierces the night again, its sound resonating loudly and then it, along with the chants, fade quietly into the stillness of night.

Discussion Afterward

Stormyrain asks, "Well now, if you will all excuse me?"

Guarrin whispers something to Stormyrain.

Speaking drunkenly to Gutstorm, Keiiko says, "Quite... Strong."

Cryheart says, "Time to rest all."

Speaking respectfully to Stormyrain, Cruxophim states, "Captain."

Cryheart says, "Good evening, good friends."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Stormyrain responds, "Winged One."

Zosopage says, "Rest well all."

Bernadette softly says, "Nite."

Aeith says, "I'm glad I got to experience this with all of you."

Elbromo says, "Nite all."

Leafiara says, "A good eve to all. To our future, without forgetting our past."

Speaking warmly to Leafiara, Keiiko says, "Thank you."

Speaking drunkenly to Leafiara, Gutstorm asks, "Ho we gotta wait anudda hour for Cordarioush?"

Pukk exclaims, "Good night all!"

Cruxophim pleasantly wishes, "Night all."

Pukk exclaims, "I'm off to sleep!"

Speaking to Raelee, Ysharra asks, "You certain you won't pass along my gesture, Magister? To your chatty colleague?"

Speaking to Gutstorm, Leafiara says, "I believe the town guards will be taking care of him..."

Speaking to Chandrellia, Zosopage says, "Rest well, sweetie."

Speaking to Raelee, Ysharra says, "I can go fetch him an apple if that feels less silly to you."

Speaking softly to Zosopage, Chandrellia says, "Thank you pap."

Elbromo says, "Perhaps the fates won't be so perverse and let this one rest in peace."

Lyrna says, "Wait, when did this turn into bloodrain." [weather charm]

Speaking to Gutstorm, Leafiara says, "If you haven't seen someone come out of these coffins before, they're often a bit, uh--disoriented at first."

Keiiko concernedly asks, "Now... Has anyone seen Hapenlok?"

Speaking to Ysharra, Faerinn says, "You can get one from Crux."

Lyrna says, "This wasn't bloodrain earlier."

Berost deeply says, "Eve all."

Roblar deeply says, "He was in town center."

Speaking amusedly to Keiiko, Leafiara says, "Usually it's better news if we don't."

Speaking softly to Leafiara, Chandrellia asks, "Uumm Mayor?"

Speaking to Keiiko, Ariond says, "He is well. He was here earlier."

Speaking gently to Chandrellia, Leafiara asks, "Yes?"

Speaking to Faerinn, Ysharra says, "I very much doubt that Cordarius will want to wake up to that. I could be wrong. If I am, that would be...very interesting."

Chandrellia softly says, "Lyrna has pointed something out."

Speaking to Ysharra, Faerinn says, "I'm sure he doesn't want to wake up to us either."

Hoodtralfeck: "Whats all that noise about?"

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "Mebbe Barnom come vishit now."

Talismanblue: "Not certain - I'm at Voln, quiet here."

Speaking to Faerinn, Ysharra says, "Speak for yourself. I'm sure he'd love to wake up to me."

Speaking suddenly to Lyrna, Leafiara says, "Oh."

Speaking to Ysharra, Faerinn says, "Probably not Raelee either considering what had happened to him, but that's his fate."

Lyrna says, "The rain changed."

Speaking softly to Leafiara, Chandrellia says, "Its raining blood."

Leafiara gently says, "Love, you can always step away..."

Speaking sweetly to a sleek burnt caramel kodkod, Keiiko says, "Hey now, it's alright."

Voltung: "No one outside Moot hall either."

Hapenlok: "We just reburied the bones of Walkar Wellington, the bones that the witch took for her own purposes."

Speaking sweetly to a sleek burnt caramel kodkod, Keiiko says, "He's being nice to you, no need to be rude."

Ysharra says, "...perhaps not covered with blood, but.."

Speaking sagely to Lyrna, Cruxophim remarks, "It's a Landing tradition... to honor the fallen."

Hapenlok: "The horns and the shouts were a show of solidarity."

Speaking softly to Lyrna, Chandrellia asks, "You wish me to take you to the Inn hon?"

Speaking to Ysharra, Faerinn says, "Fortunately I'm wearing red."

Speaking tartly to Cruxophim, Lyrna says, "Well, it's making me pretty ill."

Lyrna joins Chandrellia's group.

Bernadette softly says, "Mebbe we name a street afin him."

Lyrna says, "Please."

Speaking to Faerinn, Ysharra says, "I'm really wearing pajamas. Scout's honor."

(Cruxophim shelters Lyrna a bit with his wings.)

Lyrna smiles at Cruxophim.

Guarrin says, "Good night, everyone."

Speaking softly to Leafiara, Chandrellia says, "I'll take her to Thraks we'll sit with Winston."

Speaking warmly to Lyrna, Leafiara says, "I'll see you soon. Let me just check that no one else needs anything."

Asben whispers something to Chandrellia.

Bernadette softly says, "Nite sir."

Gutstorm takes quick aim at Chandrellia and pulls the silver lever on the monir water cannon!

With a click and a loud *WHOOSH*, a torrent of water hurtles out of the cannon directly at her! The spray hits Chandrellia right in the chest with a loud *SPLAT*, knocking her backwards to land comically on her rear!

Speaking warmly to Ariond, Keiiko asks, "Heading back? Would you like to join me for a drink?"

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "Too easy."

Hapenlok: "And I hope Vlashandra and the Lich Thing heard that. Because we just reburied one thing tonight....soon, we rebury another."

Ariond affably replies, "That sounds lovely."

Speaking brightly to Keiiko, Ariond says, "Lead the way."

Ysharra says, "Well. I suppose that's my call to slink away, too."

Roblar deeply says, "Walkar's Way."

Bernadette softly says, "Aye."

Bernadette softly says, "Who say we kint does it."