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Original Story: Olaesta 18, 5120

To his Excellency, Earl Jovery, Northern Sentinel:

Soon there will be a trial for a former Grand Magister, Pylasar, of the Hall of Mages within the Empire. The trial will be adjudicated by Magister Vlashandra of the Hall of Mages. He has been accused of a crime against the Empire by association with Raznel the witch who has since deceased. Octaven, current Grand Magister of the Hall of Mages, has been central to the cause of attempting to bring Pylasar to trial.

What is perhaps not known by the Hall of Mages is that Octaven had previously attacked the Landing in Eorgaen 5117. It is entirely possible that something is amiss with Octaven. Being a protectorate of the Empire, we felt you should be informed.

Sir Cryheart Thaxin
Knight Banneret
Order of the Silver Gryphon

[The parchment bears at the bottom the symbol of the office of the Wehnimer's Landing Mayor, signifying the endorsement of Mayor Leafiara, and likewise the enclosing envelope bears the signet of the mayoral office.]


Leafiara watched the messenger bird depart. Whether that message will arrive and be read, arrive and be discarded by someone beneath the Earl, get intercepted, or anything else... well, Jastev only knows? She chuckled to herself.

How often our letters fail to reach--but no one can say I didn't try. And if it does reach, that should be a pretty good compromise between what Shinann, Cryheart, Raelee, Balley, Hapenlok, and Mother have all been saying. Don't throw away the entire Hall as a potential ally over qualms with one high-ranking official, but at the same time don't let her get away with--well, literally murder. She's gone far enough past her boundaries as it is.

The young mayor paused a moment, contemplative, as the bird at last vanished from sight. I don't know if I more hope it does reach or hope it doesn't...

"Forever winging it, huh?"

She shook her head, smiling faintly, and made her way toward the square in advance of Pylasar's mock trial.