Lilly's Tavern

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Lilly's Tavern is an eatery in the Ravelin, around Ta'Vaalor, that sells beverages. It is located down, then northeast of Wyvern Plaza. It hosts four tables just inside the entrance, where you can also find the proprietor, Lilly.

[Lilly's Tavern] RNUM: u14201100
Silvery hoarbeam panels cover the walls of this large central room. A few tables sit across from the bar, lit with small chandeliers suspended from the ceiling. Above the bar, a large painting hangs directly opposite an archway. The clanking of tankards and the sometimes loud conversation of patrons make this tavern a lively place. You also see a tall elven woman.
Obvious exits: north, out


  1. a tall glass of spring water     7. a tankard of spiced hard cider
  2. a tall glass of iced lemonade    8. a glass of flaeshonberry wine
  3. a cup of lavender tea            9. a glass of Ravelin Red wine
  4. a mug of steaming black coffee   10. a dram of all-berry wine
  5. a glass of cloudy pale ale       11. a tiny cup of honeyed peach cordial
  6. a stein of Dragonsdraught ale