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Lord Vathon started teaching uncommon runes to sorcerers able to cast Minor Summoning (725) in 5113 with a bi-monthly lecture series on the three Valences. Along with allowing one uncommon rune teaching for the year, he had special signed copies of the Enchiridion Valentia. All of these sessions took place at the Faendryl Embassy in Ta'Illistim


. Lord Vathon also made appearances at Return to Coraesine Field, Ebon Gate, and the Talador Baronial Coronation Festival.[1] Runes learned at Lord Vathon's sessions in the Faendryl Embassy did not come with any teachings.

In mid-Charlatos 5113, Lord Vathon appeared at the Wehnimer's Landing Sorcerer Guild and called to nearby sorcerers to help him concoct a potion to open a dust-covered worn leather volume with a thick sigil-incised locking clasp. After successfully making the potion and opening the lock, Lord Vathon raised the book and all sorcerers were imparted with the knowledge of Ensorcell.

Vathon raises his worn leather volume high into the air with both hands as a jagged bolt of inky black necrotic energy streaks down from the sky, striking the volume!  The worn leather volume glows briefly for a moment as a shifting shadowy mist funnels from the pages and into the sky!

A shifting shadowy mist swirls into existence around you, this time delivering clear messages in a language you can distinguish.  You listen intently as you are taught the secrets of archaic sorcerous rituals and practices.  The shifting shadowy mist slowly dissipates into the ground, leaving you with a pleasant feeling of knowledge, strength, and insight.

Vathon looks drained and weakened.

After a five month break from the lectures, Lord Vathon resumed his teachings in Ivastaen 5114 with a less formal structure for the sessions. He loosened restrictions on the number of teachings per year to one per session.

Suddenly, bright viridian lightning lashes in all directions from a point in midair.  A rift opens at that point, and Vathon steps out of the rift.  Twisting magical energy halos Vathon for a moment before fading away as the rift vanishes.
You see Lord Vathon Kel'Driss Faendryl the Basilican Summoner.
He appears to be a Dark Elf.
He is average height and appears to be wizened with age.  He has silver-flecked black eyes and dusky skin.  He has very short, thick white hair.  He has an angular face and narrow pointed ears.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a sleek silver pentagram necklace, some sigil-incised deep black Faendryl robes with wide crimson-banded sleeves, a time-worn ashen leather satchel, a twisted mithril signet ring, a scorched wyrwood rattle, and a pair of black leather boots.

The End

On the 12th of Olaesta, 5115, Lord Vathon taught uncommon runes for the last time. The next morning, he defied the laws of the Basilica and traveled to the Lorae'tyr valence.


  1. 2013 was the 10th anniversary of the Enchiridion Valentia.