Morayna's Pet Shop

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Morayna's Pet Shop is located at the end of Wentletrap Lane in Solhaven. It is a specialty pet shop that does not use the ORDER system, except for the Exotics room, where Animal Companion accessories are sold.

[Morayna's Pet Shop]
A small bell above the entryway jingles each time a patron passes through the front door of the shop. The square black tiles of the floor are laid out throughout the area, and a large oak counter sits off to the right of the doorway with a large sign hanging on its front. A dark-haired woman stands behind the counter, keeping herself busy.
Obvious exits: north
Welcome to my Pet Shop!
You will find that I carry a small selection of fish,
intriguing glowing insects, and a fine selection
of items for those with exotic tastes.
Do have a look around, won't you?


[Morayna's Pet Shop, Aquariums]
Aquariums of various sizes line the walls of the small room, the faint sound of water trickling in each of the tanks filling the air. A large glass aquarium takes up most of the space in the center of the room, its interior filled to the brim with a variety of fish and aquatic creatures. A small child sits next to the center aquarium as if she was the tiny sentry for the large underwater domain.
Obvious exits: east, south, west
I hope you enjoy the variety of fish
we have to offer.  If you see one you like,
just hand Merissa the appropriate amount
of silver.
Betta......... 35,000 silver.
Cloudfish..... 30,000 silver.
Goldfish...... 25,000 silver.

In a large glass aquarium

a ferocious opaque white betta 35,000
a large black moor goldfish 25,000
a medium sized red white cloudfish 30,000

On the Counter you see

a large glass fishbowl 15,000
a small glass fishbowl 5,000
a medium-sized blue glass fishbowl 10,000
a small wooden carton 2,000

On the Counter you see

This sphere was specifically designed
to keep the lobsters from Solhaven Bay
alive in, should you choose to make one
your pet.

We've also graciously provided some
fish-heads for your friend.
a large glass sphere 50,000
a rotting fish-head 1,000

Dark Room

[Morayna's Pet Shop, Dark Room]
The lighting in the room is very minimal; a few strategically placed votive candles on some shelves. A large glass dome sits near the back of the room, its inside a flurry of activity and color from small specks of light. A large sign rests near the dome, and a small slot is attached directly to the glass.
Obvious exits: west
The insects inside the dome are called "Starflies".
They are similar to fireflies, but they give off
a brighter glow.  These have been carefully caught
and brought here to sell to you.
It will cost 1,000 silvers for one of these fine specimens,
just OPEN the dome when you have its future home in your hands.

On the Counter you see

a translucent glass tube 30000


[Morayna's Pet Shop, Exotics]
The walls are littered with hooks and shelves covered in various tools of animal handling. Stacks of falconry gloves and brushes are piled in one corner while a long oak counter sits in the other. A large sign rests on top of the counter, and behind it a sales clerk that looks about his area of the shop.
Obvious exits: east
Are you a wilderness person who has a taste
for exotic animals?  You've come to the right
We sell brushes to keep your faithful companion
healthy, spurs and bands to mark your avian friend,
along with paw-wraps and some leather for the more
larger of animals.  We also sell gloves to protect
your dear old hands.
Just ORDER to have a look around.
Welcome to Morayna's Pet Shop!

A clerk offers his catalog to browse.
A clerk exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a hook-tipped blackened steel spur    11. some serrated vultite spurs
  2. some linen silver-banded paw-wraps    12. some beaded green and white bands
  3. a set of cowrie shell bands           13. some steel swan-etched bands
  4. a copper turquoise-inset band         14. a pair of carved linden bands
  5. a fringed suede hawker's gauntlet     15. a pair of verdant suede bands
  6. some strips of brushed leather        16. a large siren's comb shell
  7. some supple verdant suede paw-wraps   17. a bristly golden modwir brush
  8. some padded light kidskin paw-wraps   18. a fine-toothed carved linden brush
  9. a pair of gleaming steel spurs        19. a long-spined pale shell comb
  10. a pair of polished ora spurs         20. a sturdy tanned leather glove