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Oriahn Delsechal was the leader of the sylvan elves at the Battle of Maelshyve during the Undead War.[1]

Oriahn was a captain of the Eranishal, an elite band of sylvan scouts and warriors who observed the events of the Undead War. After the Battle of ShadowGuard, he made contact with the elven forces and returned to Nevishrim with an offer of alliance from the Elven Empire against the threat of Despana, which was accepted by the sylvan high council. Oriahn was placed in command of the sylvans who joined the Eranishal to fight at the side of the elven armies.

Most of the Eranishal perished at Maelshyve when the Faendryl lost control of their summoned demons. After the battle, Oriahn led the remaining sylvans back to their homeland, and was gravely wounded while fighting a demon to cover his people's retreat. He died of his injuries before the gates of Nevishrim.


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