Orrisian speaks about the Chronomage obelisk in Danjirland (log)

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This was recorded by Ylandra on 7/15/5116. The Red Forest returned to this plane of existence next to Danjirland in a celestial alignment spatiotemporal anomaly a week earlier. The Vaalor had also just had the Dawn Rose stolen, the most advanced airship ever made which they were leasing from the Chronomages. Orrisian is alluding to the archaic Navigators lore that preceded the Chronomages concept. The wooden obelisk leads to Talon Isle, which is strikingly similar to the Pillar of the Gods, an I.C.E. Age landmark possibly relevant to the isles of transfer and The Broken Lands.

The Firebird transported Alusius and Adyra in the events leading up to the Elemental Confluence a year earlier, which Brieson suggested was responsible for breaking the warding on the Red Forest.

Orrisian says, "The fascinating thing about gold rings is that their magical properties are not intrinsic."

Dord quietly says, "I have a nice one from below the arena."

Dord quietly says, "Lovely things to find."

Orrisian says, "If you melted a lot of them down--let's say three hundred and seventy four, for example--the metal doesn't retain the magic."

Ylandra asks, "Is that how many you're up to?"

Madala says, "I wonder how the chronomages do it?"

Orrisian says, "However, you can craft a larger gold ring out of them, if you work the metals correctly. And it would retain the properties."

Radurak darkly says, "That would be one big gold ring."

Speaking to Ilande, Orrisian says, "Well, it's old history now, but a good fifteen years ago or so, there was this Firemage named Thurfel."

Orrisian exclaims, "And he did actually craft a massive golden ring!"

Orrisian says, "Let's say that the Chronomages were less than thrilled."

Ilande exclaims, "Oh! I've heard of that guy!"

Ilande says, "Though, I can't say I'm familiar with his tale, but the name."

Ilande says, "The name's familiar. I think I maybe wandered onto an island named after him and swiftly died."

Orrisian says, "I'd rather not irritate the Chronomages. I'm just curious how the rings work."

Ilande says, "I mean, eventually. Eventually died."

Areigha quietly asks, "Where is it?"

Ylandra says, "Thurfel has a lot of history."

Dord quietly says, "I've heard rumors of a new village on his island."

Ilande says, "Oh, the island? Well, I might be remembering the name wrong, but the one I'm thinking of I wandered to from Icemule."

You say, "He has a keep named after him near Icemule."

Madala says, "I think they're plenty irritated right now already, what with that missing airship."

Dord quietly says, "It's no island."

Orrisian asks, "What sort of village would be on an underground tropical paradise?"

Speaking quietly to Dord, Areigha says, "I wonder if I could stow away on this vessel."

Dord quietly says, "It's not worth it."

Ilande says, "I wouldn't want to get thrown overboard, caught mid-flight on an airship..."

Orrisian says, "Now, part of my interest in gold rings is that the ship's home port on Talon Isle has quite the unusual relic."

Orrisian says, "It's a bit of a local legend here that I ferreted out of some fellow who lives in a workshop down in the catacombs."

Speaking quietly to Orrisian, Areigha asks, "The miniature toy making guy?"

Orrisian asks, "But there's an obelisk out in--what do they call it? Dangerland?"

Speaking quietly to Orrisian, Areigha asks, "Danjirland?"

Speaking to Areigha, Orrisian says, "Ah, yes. That was it."

Orrisian says, "And it has a long association with the Chronomages--or whatever they used to call themselves before they settled on that name."

Dord quietly says, "Pirates, I just think they are pirates."

Orrisian says, "These ancient Chronomages, it is said, placed obelisks all over the lands in a great network."

Speaking to Orrisian, Madala says, "Is that what they're for?"

Orrisian says, "You would touch the obelisk and say, 'I require the assistance of a Chronomage'."

Ilande asks, "And they'd respond?"

Dord quietly says, "Now they make us pay gold."

Orrisian says, "And you'd be pulled into their chapterhouse to be ferried about."

Ilande exclaims, "Oh!"

Speaking to Ilande, Orrisian says, "They've evolved as an order, no doubt."

Speaking to Orrisian, Ilande says, "I guess they must have, but it sounds like they had better customer service earlier on."

Ilande exclaims, "I mean, pulled right up and let to strut about!"

Ilande says, "Wow."

Ilande says, "Did it have a library? Now that'd be a place to stow away."

Ilande exclaims, "You could read all sorts of fun stories!"

Speaking to Ilande, Orrisian exclaims, "Alas, this was all long before my time!"

Dord quietly says, "Feels like they once were lead by kind souls, and now pirates have taken over."

Ilande asks, "I mean, pirates aren't always mean, right?"

Orrisian says, "However, when the Firebird first docked here, several people stowed away on board and stayed with the ship to the Isle. They were ejected and, well, one of them found another obelisk on the isle."

Ilande says, "Ohhh."

Ilande asks, "Did they touch it?"

Ilande asks, "Like in the olden times?"

Orrisian says, "They did! And perhaps it was the sheer need in them, but the obelisk awakened."

Ilande says, "Wow."

Orrisian says, "No Chronomages, but it seems to have a connection to the Wehnimer's obelisk."

Orrisian says, "It's a fickle thing, but I hear that if you touch the Wehnimer's obelisk, you can step through the Isle sometimes."

Ilande says, "Woah."

Ilande says, "I see some obelisk rubbing in my future."

Orrisian says, "Lords of Liabo only know what it's doing to your body when you're transported across all that distance."

Madala firmly says, "I'm so trying that."

Orrisian says, "So that whole fiasco ignited my interest in such teleportation magics."