Pilgrimage of Faith (storyline)

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Pilgrimage of Faith was a storyline that led to the release of Relieve Burden (314) and deity messaging for Raise Dead (318) and Divine Word (1640).

Archaeologists Unearth Shrine

Posted by GM Estild 24 April 2010

Archaeologists in central Elanith have unearthed a small shrine that dates back to the time of the Ur-Daemon War. It has three outer chambers which are ringed by obelisks bearing the marks of each Arkati and lesser spirits. Guildmasters of the Cleric Guild have examined the obelisks and determined them to be of a spiritual nature. They are strongly encouraging all clerics and paladins to make preparations for a pilgrimage to the site.

Due to the remote location, atop a mountain near Zul Logoth, the Cleric Guild has instructed all clerics to collect alms over the next few days in an attempt to purchase portals to aid in the travel. Funds are to be given to Theologians, who will handle the delivery of the silver and negotiation attempts with the Chronomages for their service.


Posted by GM Estild 24 April 2010

>Wait, Kuon as an Immortal didn't exist until after the Ur-Daemon war where he worked alongside Imaera to replant the earth. Contradicting the docs? -BAELOG-VENTURE

We're not going to post all the details on the boards. This was explained in-game by the Theologians. The shrine itself dates back to the Ur-Daemon War, but not all of the obelisks do.

Theologian Inoak

Posted by GREATFALLS 25 April 2010
You see Theologian Inoak the Archdruid.
He appears to be a Giantman of the Maeramil Clan.
He is tall and appears to be in the flower of life. He has silver-flecked crystal green eyes and tanned skin. He has long, flowing golden brown hair. He has a weathered face and broad shoulders.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a dark brown gnarled faewood crosier in his right hand.
He is wearing a cedar-framed gold leaf symbol, a crystal amulet, a dark brown wool cloak, a ragged bearskin pack, some shimmering forest green robes, and some fringed deerskin boots.

Apparently he made stops in Solhaven, Icemule and Ta'Vaalor. Not sure about other places.

He did announce himself on the thoughtnet/esp that he was in the center of town and collecting alms for the the new found shrine on a mountain peak outside Zul Logoth.

He only took silvers (no notes or other offerings) and when it was suggested that he may just be hoodwinking people he mentioned that the cleric's guild was behind his arrival and had sent out emissaries and heralds to notable ruling houses/families to collect and get further backing. About the shrine he said not too much more about it except that right now it's not considered safe for the masses and they symbols of the Arkati on the obelisks are separated by Liabo/Lornon/Lesser Spirits.

Spell Updates and Credits

Posted by GM Estild 12 May 2010.

We hope the players have enjoyed the Pilgrimage of Faith event. It was a gateway for us to release a new spell, Relieve Burden (314), to implement an easy and permanent method for clerics and paladins to earn symbols of their deities (along with some experience for completing the quest!), and for the implementation of deity specific messaging for Raise Dead (318) and Divine Word (1640).

My sincerest thanks goes to GameMaster Thandiwe. She, along with some help from GameMaster Aiza, did most of the deity specific messaging for the spells, painted the shrine area with breathtaking detail, and handled much of the event.

Credit also goes to: former GameMaster Gyres for the deity specific messaging used when you cast at the obelisks, GameMaster Andraste for QCing the deity specific messaging, and GameMaster Oscuro for QCing the scripts used throughout the event.

GameMaster Estild