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Is your menagerie in need of a new resident? Need someone to talk to on the lonely trek through the Dragonspine? Now's your chance to design one!

Here are the requirements:
1. Design a short (15/15/15) OR Long (up to 60 characters) description for a new pet animal.
2. Design the LOOK of the animal. This is what is seen when you LOOK at them. 400 characters max.
3. Design an ambient action that your animal would do when awake.
4. Design a second ambient action that your animal would do when awake.
5. Design an ambient action that your animal would do when asleep.
6. Design a second ambient action that your animal would do when asleep.
7. Design one prop or piece of equipment that your animal would wear or brandish (15/15/15 only).

Example of a submission:

1. a small grey hamster
2. The hamster's fur is a uniformly grey color, save for a single black spot covering his left eye. 3. The small grey hamster yawns prodigiously, his cheeks stretching wide and trembling slightly. 4. The small grey hamster squeaks loudly and begins rubbing his forepaws across his face furiously. 5. The small grey hamster's rear legs kick spasmodically, and the muffled sound of squeaks can be heard. 6. The small grey hamster's ears twitch at the distant cry of a large bird, but he settles again immediately. 7. A tiny emerald-inset collar Entries that do not conform to the above requirements will not be considered eligible. Contestants have until 11:59 pm PT on August 6th, 2021 to get entries submitted.


Top Ten Winners, in alphabetical order:

  • Aethyra
  • Daevian
  • Erynien
  • Laehna
  • Leatrix
  • Lylia
  • Meliyara
  • Phanna
  • Yipsy
  • Yukito



1. a small painted rock doodled with lopsided eyes
2. The rock appears to be completely ordinary, but someone has sloppily scrawled a pair of sleepy eyes on its surface with a piece of chalk.
3. Araneus appears to be listening intently to a small painted rock, then nods approvingly.
4. Having found a crumb of food on their person, Araneus coos some words and then attempts to feed it to a small painted rock.
5. Araney makes a quiet snoring noise out of the corner of his mouth as he gingerly pets a small painted rock. He isn't fooling anyone.
6. Araneus seems surprised to see a small painted rock poking out of the top of his pack. He quickly nestles the rock back out of view.
7. A tiny paper crown.


1) a black-haired soft-furred nekomusume
2) The nekomusume is very kawaii, albeit confusing given that she is a young woman with cat features.  Her furry ears and long tail twitch just slightly under your glance, while her large green eyes gaze back at you.  She wears a fitted maid outfit comprised of a black and white dress with black stockings and white lace collar, while patches of white fur grace the backs of her ears.
3) The black-haired nekomusume brushes at her black and white dress to smooth it and make sure it's clean.
4) The soft-furred nekomusume lightly runs her hand several times over an ear, flattening it each time.
5) The black-haired nekomusume turns over in her sleep and murmurs quietly under her breath.
6) The tail of a soft-furred nekomusume abruptly swishes in the air, one ear swiveling before relaxing and her form stilling once more.
7) a gold-inlaid silver bell


1. a blue-eyed brindle kid
2. a blue-eyed brindle kid's coat is a gorgeous brindle of tawny browns and charcoal black. She has a patch of black on her forehead in the shape of a diamond. She has eyes the color of a deep blue sea.
3. a blue-eyed brindle kid jumps around, she comically bounces sideways.  Unaware of her surroundings, then takes off again on a joyful spree.
4. a blue-eyed brindle kid shakes her head, her little ears go to and fro, as she lets out a bleat, with no warning starts bouncing sideways.
5. a blue-eyed brindle kid lies quietly on one side, her legs involuntarily jerk as she opens one eye, she slowly closes it and falls into a deep slumber.
6. a blue-eyed brindle kid's ear twitches in response to an unknown noise.  Her nose wiggles slightly as she resumes her peaceful sleep. 
7. a red and black tartan sweater


1. a kaleidoscopic peacock spider in a glass jar
2. Housed in a jar decorated with a tilted, leafy stick, the miniscule jumping spider has comically oversized round eyes set in a line above plump, fuzzy fangs.  His third legs, textured with brown hairs, are disproportionately long and end in bottlebrush tips.   Boldly colored in a geometric pattern of lapis, amber, and lime, his oblong abdomen seems to shift endlessly in its iridescence.
3. A kaleidoscopic peacock spider scurries up the stick in his jar and raises his colorful abdomen, flaring it out into an impressive display.  His excessively long third legs lift up high and wave in a hypnotic dance set to the rhythm of his vibrating abdomen.
4. Trailing a gossamer silk dragline behind its arcing path, a kaleidoscopic peacock spider launches himself from a leaf in his jar and lands squarely on a gnat, which is efficiently turned into a light snack.
5. With his legs tucked neatly under his polychromatic body, a kaleidoscopic peacock spider remains completely still inside a cottony nest nestled within a curling leaf at the bottom of his jar. 
6. Resting inside a fluffy, densely woven nest hidden in the foliage at bottom of his jar, a kaleidoscopic peacock spider is motionless save for the subtle raising of the black and white hairs on his body as a gnat flits past.
7. a reflective,water droplet,hat


1.a small/upright/shan kit
2.This creature is clearly a member of the shan race, though perhaps a year of age.  It stands upright on its hind legs like a humanoid would, displaying its soft coppery fur with pride.  The kit's eyes gaze intelligently at it's surroundings, sniffing occasionally to better understand its environment.  It wears a monocle lens over one eye and a merlot-hued waistcoat over its torso.
3.The shan kit reaches up and adjusts its monocle, switching to its other eye.
4.The shan kit leans down on all fours to sniff the ground for a moment before righting itself in a swift bout of self-conscious awareness.
5.The sleeping shan kit's monocle slips from his face. Unconsciously, the kit gathers it back up and places it precariously into its previous place.
6.Moving to curl itself in a comfortable little ball, the shan kit continues to sleep soundly.
7.a crystal-lensed monocle


1. a pygmy three-toed sloth
2. The fuzzy sloth's body is mostly covered in thick gray fur, darkening to an orange-brown around her throat and head, giving the impression she is wearing a hood. Dark circles surround her eyes, with a streak of light silver fur crossing above them and bridging her nose. Her face is covered in russet fur, with dark circles around her eyes.
3. The pygmy three-toed sloth stretches languidly, claws scrabbling in idle search of a tasty morsel.
4. The pygmy three-toed sloth squeaks indignantly and slowly cranes her head around to look behind her.
5. The pygmy three-toed sloth snores softly, fur twitching momentarily before she resettles into a curled-up ball.
6. The pygmy three-toed sloth opens and closes her mouth as though chewing on a phantom leaf in her sleep.
7. a rakish red velvet beret


1 a miniature troll prince
2 This caricature of troll-kind remains roughly humanoid, but at nine inches tall, something has gone terribly wrong with the troll's regenerative cycle. Dark green and covered with ugly warts, it hardly seems threatening, even with razor-sharp claws. Both arms are long enough to reach the ground, but one ends in a comically oversized fist which it drags along behind.
3 The miniature troll prince suddenly lunges at you, only to be brought up short by the weight of its one massive hand.
4 The miniature troll prince growls and mutters as it paces in an uneven circle, dragging its larger hand.
5 The miniature troll prince twitches its enormous hand, briefly clenching and opening it repeatedly.
6 The miniature troll prince begins to emit a low snore, much louder and deeper than its size would suggest.
7 a black steel broadsword


1. a fuzzy pink piglet with small, floppy black ears
2. The tiny piglet stands on short, stubby legs that barely keep his chubby belly off the ground.  His skin is a pale pink, except for two irregularly shaped black spots that match his tightly coiled black tail and small, floppy ears.  A layer of soft, fuzzy bristles gives his body a faint sheen, inviting you to pet him.  He has a flat, dirt-caked snout peeking out below big brown, curious eyes.
3. Startled by some imagined threat in the shadows, a fuzzy pink piglet's eyes grow wide as he lets loose a series of high-pitched squeals.  He runs blindly in the opposite direction, causing him to plow head first into <XXX>!
4. With his flat snout pressed to the ground, a fuzzy pink piglet snorts loudly as he roams the area, eagerly foraging for scraps.
5. A fuzzy pink piglet snores quietly in his sleep until a loud *PFFT* sound escapes his posterior end and startles him awake. He raises his head to groggily scan the area before deciding the potential danger has passed, then resumes his slumber.
6. A fuzzy pink piglet's curly black tail twitches back and forth as he snores quietly by <XXX>'s feet.
7. An itty-bitty polka-dot bow tie.


1. a miniature lop-eared rabbit
2. The rabbit is covered in soft white fur with splotches of black on its back, face, and long, floppy ears.
3. In a sudden burst of energy, the miniature lop-eared rabbit hops and spins several times, its nose snuffling the air.
4. The miniature lop-eared rabbit stops to carefully groom its face and ears.
5. The miniature lop-eared rabbit yawns and lazily stretches out on its belly, utterly content.
6. The miniature lop-eared rabbit twitches and chitters quietly in its sleep.
7. A tiny carrot-shaped backpack


1. A glossy sable cassowary
2. Standing on muscular legs with its hardened casque atop her head, the glossy sable cassowary sweeps the area with keen eyes. It occasionally ruffles its coarse feathers that curl around its bulky frame. Two red wattles dangle on either side of its dagger like bill.  With a razor sharp nail protruding from the inside of its three toes, it would easily slice through bone and sinew if provoked.
3. The glossy sable cassowary bellows admonitoringly, its slender neck coiled back and ready to strike.
4. The glossy sable cassowary casually pecks at the ground, its sharp nail aimlessly scraping the ground, leaving trails of dirt in its wake.
5. The glossy sable cassowary rolls its neck against the ground, its casque tapping against the ground in a lullaby of its own.
6. The glossy sable cassowary booms a deep purr, its waddles brightening in its mating ritual over another cassowary it fancies.
7. A polished leather muzzle.

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