Premonition (1220)

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Premonition (1220)
Mnemonic [premonition]
Base Duration 1200 seconds
Added Duration 60 sec/rank of
Minor Mental
Span Stackable
Defensive Magic  
Subtype (DS) & Maneuver 
Defensive Strength +20 base 
Availability Self Cast 
Minor Mental Spells
Soothing Word (1201) Utility
Iron Skin (1202) Defensive
Powersink (1203) Attack
Foresight (1204) Defensive
Glamour (1205) Utility
Telekinesis (1206) Attack
Force Projection (1207) Attack
Mindward (1208) Defensive
Dragonclaw (1209) Offensive
Thought Lash (1210) Attack
Confusion (1211) Attack
Shroud of Deception (1212) Utility
Mind over Body (1213) Utility
Brace (1214) Defensive
Blink (1215) Defensive
Focus Barrier (1216) Defensive
Vision (1217) Utility
Mental Dispel (1218) Utility
Vertigo (1219) Attack
Premonition (1220) Defensive
Mindwipe (1225) Attack
Provoke (1235) Utility

Premonition allows the caster to see a series of possible future events, giving him the chance to better defend himself. The caster receives +20 Defensive Strength (DS) +1 DS for every 2 Minor Mental spell ranks beyond 20. With the increase in defense comes an increase in mana cost; 20 base mana +1 for every 2 additional DS bonus gained.

Overtraining in Minor Mental spell ranks does not yield additional bonus past the caster's level.

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