Provoke (1235)

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Provoke (1235)
Mnemonic [provoke]
Base Duration 180 seconds
Added Duration None
Span None
Utility Magic  
Subtype Creature Generation 
Components Sentient Creatures 
Availability Sentient Creatures 
Minor Mental Spells
Force Orb (1201) Attack
Iron Skin (1202) Defensive
Powersink (1203) Attack
Foresight (1204) Defensive
Soothing Word (1205) Utility
Telekinesis (1206) Attack
Force Projection (1207) Attack
Mindward (1208) Defensive
Dragonclaw (1209) Offensive
Thought Lash (1210) Attack
Confusion (1211) Attack
Shroud of Deception (1212) Utility
Mind over Body (1213) Utility
Brace (1214) Defensive
Blink (1215) Defensive
Focus Barrier (1216) Defensive
Vision (1217) Utility
Mental Dispel (1218) Utility
Vertigo (1219) Attack
Premonition (1220) Defensive
Mindwipe (1225) Attack
Provoke (1235) Utility

Provoke sends thoughts of rage throughout an area that incites the local creatures. This effect potentially increases the generation rate for sentient creatures in the area. In "normal" (see saved posts) hunting grounds the base increase is +2.

The rate can be further increased by training in Mental Lore, Telepathy by an additional +1 per 15 ranks.

Lore Benefit

Ranks Gen Rate
0 +2
15 +3
30 +4
45 +5
60 +6
75 +7
90 +8
105 +9
120 +10
135 +11
150 +12


First person
You focus inward, drawing on all of your unrest and unsettled indignation.  Before you, a ball of blanched fire winks into existence.  You feed it your anger, your pettiness and your hate, watching it swell and grow.  Tendrils of white flame extend from the miniature sun, snaking out to lash the air.  Pouring the last, deepest remnants of your vitriol, you unleash the full power of your rage.  It spreads like an inferno, overtaking all in its path, battering them with the entirety of your darkest thoughts.
Third person
What ire, what vitriol unleashed!  Monk's provocation hangs palpably in the air, a ball of cold, blanched fire, before spreading like an inferno, overtaking all in its path.
Third person (not in the room)
Streaks of blanched fire lance the air, their white tendrils arcing.  Carried on the flames is a wave of anger and withering hostility, which touches everything, even what the blaze does not.
The sense of anger in the air, previously hanging like a vitriolic cloud, laced with blanched fire, fades and then disappears.

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