Ravelin Harvest

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Ravelin Harvest is a shop in the Ravelin, around Ta'Vaalor, that sells groceries and/or cooking supplies.

[Ravelin Harvest] RNUM: 32788, u14201070
Smooth pine boards varnished to a golden shine line the floor and walls of the small, yet airy market. A trio of bronze lanterns hang from the ceiling, their glaesineth orbs etched in detail with a series of wildflowers. Canisters, crockery, and jars fill deep shelves set up about the room, while painted bins filled with sacks and bags are stacked neatly underneath. Detailed watercolors illustrating a wide variety of local herbs are hung between the goods on display.
Obvious exits: out


  Rough parchment
  1. a cotton bag of Yander's flour          8. a canister of mist sea salt
  2. a rough sack of whole oats              9. a small jar of freshly ground nutmeg
  3. a packet of fresh lemon zest            10. some flecked herring gull eggs
  4. a container of granulated sugar         11. a crock of goat milk cream
  5. a stone pot of dark brown sugar         12. a vessel of powdered cocoa
  6. a bowl of soft golden butter            13. a bottle of fresh gak milk
  7. a small tin of finely ground cinnamon  

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