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Richaard Zephyr
Race Human
Culture Selanthia
Profession Holy Warrior
Religion Devout Follower of Koar
Affiliation(s) Argent Aspis
Loyalties Sibs of Argent Aspis

Richaard Zephyr is a fictional character in the game, GemStone IV.


You see Richaard Zephyr the Holy Warrior.
He appears to be a Human from Selanthia.
He is taller than average and has a strong, robust physique. He appears to have come of age. He has piercing pale brown eyes and smoothly tanned skin. He has chin-length, thick dark brown hair styled in face-framing, feathery layers. He has a light hint of facial hair growing on his face that is well groomed.

Early Life

Richaard was born in Selanthia on the twenty-fourth day of Lormesta in the year 5090. As soon as he was old enough, he would help his parents on their farm with producing good crop and tending the livestock in order to make a living and feed the population.

In the year 5110 at the age of 20, Richaard left his home and set out on an adventure. Leaving the farm, he had just the clothes he was wearing and a tawny rolton hide pack. His clothing consisted of an alligator tooth pendant strung from a leather cord given to him by his father, a stoutly constructed thick brown leather jerkin, an open-front slate grey tunic with rolled-up sleeves, some thick brown leather strapped arm greaves, a wide brown leather belt with a square silver buckle, a felt-lined narrow gem bag consisting of many different gems to trade for food or silvers, a pair of side-laced brown leather breeches, and some side-laced brown leather boots.

On the western coast of Selanthia lies the city of Tamzyrr. As Richaard was passing through, a wizened wizard from the Hall of Mages had stopped him. Richaard was asked why he was there and replied that he was passing through to adventure through Elanith. The wizard asked Richaard if he had a weapon or knew magic because there will be plenty of danger ahead. Richaard responded that he did not have either. The wizard gave Richaard a rustic silver belt sheath etched with golden arcane symbols that contained a sword inside. The wizard explained that the sword is magical. As Richaard removes the white ora bastard sword from the sheath, it bursted into a pure white flame. The wizard continued to tell Richaard that this was an Iasha sword and that it attunes with the Arkati that the holder follows. The wizard was pleased when he heard Richaard and his family were devout followers of Koar.

Richaard was then given a tooled leather-bound folio by the wizard. He opened the folio to find pages upon pages of what looked like spells of magic. The wizened wizard explained to Richaard that with much practice, he could also learn to be a magic user. The wizard continued that the sword and folio would work hand in hand with enough training. Richaard attached the sheath to his belt and put the folio in his pack.

After Richaard exchanged more words with the wizard, he bid farewell and left the city to start his new adventure and go wherever the roads ahead might lead him.

The Adventures of Richaard Zephyr

Upon leaving the city of Tamzyrr, Richaard travelled to many places within Elanthia. He met other adventurers passing through towns. He also made friends with citizens of different towns. This is a synopsis of his travels and the people he has encountered.

Icemule Trace

(To be continued...)

House White Haven

(To be continued...)


(To be continued...)

Wehnimer's Landing

(To be continued...)

House of the Argent Aspis

(To be continued...)


(To be continued...)

Isle of the Four Winds

(To be continued...)


During his adventures, Richaard has made some friends that tag along with him as his pets.

Dulcinea (a yellow-eyed fluffy black kitten) - This long-haired kitten's black hair is very fine and silky and its eyes are a bright, brilliant yellow. The kitten bats at the air and surveys its surroundings with great curiousity. It has a silvery rolaren collar around its neck engraved with the name, "Dulcinea."

Hawkeye (a crested hawk)

Legs (a long-legged brown rat)

Millie (a compact brown horse) - She stands 16 hands at the withers. She has a compact body with a healthy brown coat. She has a square face, a short forelock, and pointed ears. She has a long mane that flows loose down her neck, and a full black tail. She is wearing a brown and white bosal hackamore fashioned of hemp and horseshair, some iron horseshoes, some fleece-lined soft suede leg wraps and a sienna saddle with orange and red garnet phoenix accents.

Spidey (a small smoke grey spider) - The smoke grey spider is a magical spider about the size of a silver coin.