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Bloodline Rosengift is one of six cultures of Forest Gnomes.


A group of Basingstoke rangers led by Srinath Harazhdo decides that too much effort is put into hunting. They develop a variety of poisons, originally for use on arrow tips, but soon enough for darker purposes. Bloodline Rosengift splinters off for its own protection after a young gnome accidentally uses the wrong compound when hunting, leading to the death of five families who shared the tainted venison.


Rosengift gnomes believe that they have a mandate to subject the forests to gnomish rule. Descended from a group of rangers who hunted with poisoned arrows, Rosengift gnomes rarely follow any law but expediency and their own personal code. They take particular delight in violating the so-called "laws of nature" and turning it to their own uses by cross-pollinating plants, breeding new varieties of animals, and tattooing their fitness-sculpted bodies. They delight in sporting contests and competitions of every kind, and they rarely find time or inclination to marry.

Rosengift alchemists reduce food products to powders which are ingested with water or wine. Rosengift gnomes are also rarely content with the body that nature provides, seeking to alter their features in every way conceivable through body art and piercing, as well as sculpting through exercise.

They are shunned by other gnomes for their use of poison in the hunt.

The bloodmark of the Rosengift resembles a bundle of seven arrows.


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