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Bloodline Wendwillow is one of the six cultures of Forest Gnomes.


After the departure of the Greengair, the Basingstoke gnomes enter a reactionary period in which dissent and disagreement are strictly prohibited. Resentment over these new policies grows, and less than a century later the forest gnomes fracture again, this time producing a group of gnomes famous for their unwillingness to settle on fixed policy or procedure. Led by Mircea Adhiambo, a gnome chosen for being the least likely to offer a settled opinion on any question, the new group wanders aimlessly until someone suggests stopping. They remain a while until someone suggests moving on. Over time, this settles into a more fixed pattern in which the entire bloodline wanders along the banks of rivers or the shoreline of lakes and the sea. Groups break off from the bloodline whenever they reach a spot they consider too beautiful to leave.


Endless wanderers of the forest, the Wendwillow bloodline of forest gnomes are known for their hospitality and diplomacy as well as their changeable personalities.

Wendwillow gnomes are easy-going and good-natured. They often stopped their wayfaring to heal environmental damage from fire or flood, and many are drawn to the healing profession. Their fickle nature leads many of them to worship the goddess Zelia.

Wendwillow gnomes have no institution of marriage. They choose seasonal partners called Summer Loves and Winter Loves. In some cases a couple renews those relationships throughout their lives, but in most cases the dalliances are for one season only.

Wendwillow artists are famous for working with sand. They blow glass, making wonderful colored objects for practical use and artistic design. At the end of a season, they are destroyed or hidden in the sand of a riverbank. Another unique art of the Wendwillow gnomes is sand painting. They use colored sand to create elaborate designs and realistic landscape paintings. They are created, enjoyed, then immediately destroyed.

The bloodmark of the Wendwillow consists of six wavy lines, arranged like the limbs of an ancient willow tree.


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