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Bloodline Greengair is one of the six cultures of Forest Gnomes.


Within the Imaera priesthood of the forest arises a heresy suggesting that the goddess would not approve of the gnomes’ most basic relationship with nature. Stating that the race should live in harmony with nature rather than in conflict with it, this ideology makes little headway until the conversion of Doina Mazonn, head priestess of the Basingstoke line. After a series of impassioned sermons, in 2389 she leads nearly a third of forest gnomes off to establish a new group, named Bloodline Greengair after the fixed compounds they build.


Greengair bloodline forest gnomes live in balance and peace with nature in permanent settled compounds resembling parks and gardens.

The gnomes of Bloodline Greengair cultivate a balance with nature. Because of their fixed location, Greengair gnomes tinker with the environment, domesticating useful plants to maximize yield. Greengair alchemists produce natural compounds that have the ability to modify a person’s skills and characteristics. Many Greengair gnomes are vegetarian, and most are fanatical devotees of Imaera.

Greengair gnomes liken Basingstoke gnomes to a plague of locusts because of the Basingstokes' nomadic nature. They wholly approve of the Sylvans' relationship with the forest.

The Greengair bloodmark consists of five straight lines arranged in a pentagonal shape, like the briar-covered log fences that surround the greengairs.


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