Samyrle's Salon

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Samyrle's Salon is a boutique shop in Ta'Vaalor. In the Platinum instance, this is a small building between the Shind's Lockpicks and Helgreth's Tavern on Shimeraern Var. In the Prime instance, the salon was replaced by the Mess Hall.

Women's Wear

[Samyrle's Salon, Women's Wear]
Dominating this side of the room is a large glaes bay window hung with sheer gold-threaded ivory voile curtains, pulled back to the wall with a black silk tassel. A window seat with a tufted cushion awaits weary shoppers, affording them a prime view of the busy street. You also see a gold dress rack with some stuff on it, an antique oak armoire, some ebonwood shelves with some stuff on it and a polished boxwood sign.
Obvious exits: west
  1. a soft cyan gossamer skirt            13. a gold-chased celadon linen blouse
  2. an olive green linen skirt            14. an onyx-trimmed crimson velvet blouse
  3. a buttercup yellow doeskin skirt      15. a silver-edged onyx black silk blouse
  4. a pale orchid silk skirt              16. a vaalin-laced umber linen blouse
  5. a brilliant celadon satin skirt       17. a ribbon-laced celadon satin bliaut
  6. a deep crimson velvet skirt           18. a chain-laced crimson velvet bliaut
  7. an onyx black wool skirt              19. a silver-laced onyx black silk bliaut
  8. a dark umber leather skirt            20. a silk-laced orchid wool bliaut
  9. a patterned cyan silk blouse          21. a gold-laced olive silk bliaut
  10. a striped olive green satin blouse   22. a vaalin-laced cyan velvet bliaut
  11. a buttercup yellow doeskin blouse    23. a leather-laced umber puma hide bliaut
  12. a dotted orchid cotton blouse        24. a ribbon-laced yellow doeskin bliaut

Men's Wear

[Samyrle's Salon, Men's Wear]
A large glaes bay window hides behind sheer gold-threaded ivory voile curtains, giving discriminating shoppers a modicum of privacy as they look over the displayed wares. Suspended by thin gold chains in the center of the window, an ebonwood sign has been painted with the name of the shop on both sides. You also see a short clear glaes rack with some stuff on it, a large gold-banded trunk with some stuff on it, some ivory haon shelves with some stuff on it, a simple table that looks slightly out of place with some stuff on it and a black framed sign.
Obvious exits: east
  1. a flowing white robe                          13. a gold-thread umber velvet waistcoat
  2. some arm greaves                              14. a silver-edged onyx black silk waistcoat
  3. a reinforced shield                           15. an ora-buttoned white brocade waistcoat
  4. a gold lockpick                               16. a ribbon-laced crimson leather waistcoat
  5. some bright cyan twill galligaskins           17. a deep orchid silk shirt
  6. some dark umber leather galligaskins          18. a buttercup yellow linen shirt
  7. some onyx black velvet galligaskins           19. a dark celadon wool shirt
  8. some olive green wool galligaskins            20. a bright crimson velvet shirt
  9. some deep crimson satin galligaskins          21. an olive green doeskin shirt
  10. some pale celadon silk galligaskins          22. an onyx black leather shirt
  11. some buttercup yellow doeskin galligaskins   23. a soft umber satin shirt
  12. some soft orchid linen galligaskins          24. a pale cyan cotton shirt

Outer Wear

[Samyrle's Salon, Outer Wear]
Mirrors line the ebonwood wall, giving the room a multi-dimensional effect, perfect for examining all angles of the various wares for sale here. A narrow double door lies open and leads out onto a small balcony. You also see a large carved oak shelf with some stuff on it, a set of twisted onyx hooks with some stuff on it, a tall gold cloak rack with some stuff on it and a neatly-lettered sign.
Obvious exits: east, southeast
  1. an amethyst-set orchid silk cloak         13. a jet-beaded olive doeskin longcoat
  2. a gold-edged buttercup wool cloak         14. a blackworked crimson wool longcoat
  3. a jade-clasped celadon silk cloak         15. a silver-edged umber brocade longcoat
  4. a jet-beaded crimson velvet cloak         16. a gold-buttoned onyx velvet longcoat
  5. a vine-tooled olive leather cloak         17. a ruby-beaded vaalin mesh crespine
  6. an onyx black raven-feathered cloak       18. a topaz-beaded gold mesh crespine
  7. a sard-dusted dark umber wool cloak       19. an onyx-beaded silver mesh crespine
  8. a turquoise-set cyan spidersilk cloak     20. a pearl-beaded ora mesh crespine
  9. a braid-belted celadon velvet mandelion   21. a deep umber leather cap
  10. a vine-belted orchid silk mandelion      22. an olive green doeskin cap
  11. a chain-belted cyan wool mandelion       23. a deep crimson velvet cap
  12. a hide-belted yellow doeskin mandelion   24. an onyx black leather cap


[Samyrle's Salon, Accessories]
White marble walls flecked with gold keep this small room bright, as does a central chandelier of clear glaes set with ivory candles. The soft light reflects a flicker of rainbow refractions from the glaes prisms and an occasional breeze creates a soft chime as crystals touch. You also see an ironwork display case, a set of ornate gold hooks with some stuff on it, an iridescent low glaes rack with some stuff on it and a discreet sign.
Obvious exits: southwest, west
  1. some soft cyan silk boots                16. a pearl-clasped cyan satin pouch
  2. some dark umber velvet boots             17. a spiderweb obsidian wristlet
  3. some onyx black doeskin boots            18. a crimson blazestar wristlet
  4. some olive green leather boots           19. a maernstrike diamond wristlet
  5. some deep crimson velvet boots           20. an olivine faenor-bloom wristlet
  6. some pale celadon leather boots          21. a dragon's-tear ruby band
  7. some buttercup yellow doeskin boots      22. a dark umber sard band
  8. some brilliant orchid leather boots      23. a spiderweb turquoise band
  9. an opal-clasped orchid velvet pouch      24. a smooth white chalcedony band
  10. a topaz-clasped buttercup satin pouch   25. a gold and ruby-inlaid armband
  11. a jade-clasped celadon silk pouch       26. a silver and onyx-inlaid armband
  12. an onyx-clasped crimson velvet pouch    27. a bronze and sapphire-inlaid armband
  13. a bone-clasped olive silk pouch         28. a copper and emerald-inlaid armband
  14. a ruby-clasped onyx velvet pouch        29. a vaalin and amethyst-inlaid armband
  15. a sard-clasped umber hide pouch         30. an ora and pearl-inlaid armband