Shind's Lockpicks

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Shind's Lockpicks is the locksmith shop in Ta'Vaalor. It can be found on Shimeraen Var within a small, sturdy limestone building near the airship docks.

[Ta'Vaalor, Locksmith]
The wall behind the counter is lined with an extensive array of meticulously labeled cubbyholes, each organized to hold specific types of locks, lock components, and lockpicks. The locksmith, Shind, works behind the counter, his spectacles perched on the tip of his nose. To the left of the counter, a small sign has been tacked to the wall, under which is a stained oak barrel that serves as a trash bin. You also see Shind.


Welcome to Shind's Lockpicks!

Shind offers his catalog to browse.
Shind exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a wire-wrapped copper lockpick     8. a tapered black kelyn lockpick
  2. a plain steel lockpick             9. an emerald-set etched invar lockpick
  3. an acid-etched gold lockpick       10. a well-crafted narrow golvern lockpick
  4. a spiraled white ora lockpick      11. a black leather tool kit
  5. a thin mithril-tipped lockpick     12. a set of professional calipers
  6. a gleaming dark glaes lockpick     13. a gold lockpick
  7. a burnished golden alum lockpick



The stout elf's pockets bulge and jingle as he moves around behind the counter. He is dressed in a fine green velvet vest and blue velvet pants. His gold-rimmed spectacles shimmer oddly as they are imbedded with tiny, colorful jewels.


"Let's not confuse things," suggests Shind, "a lockpick is an honest tool just like a hammer or a maul, it's just that a lockpick requires some skill and does its job with a lot less fuss and muss."

Shind rummages around behind his counter, arranging various boxes of materials and repaired lockpicks waiting on customers to return for them.

"Gauging the right kind of lockpick for your current skill level is an important decision," advises Shind.  "You choose one that's not precise enough for your abilities, and you hamper yourself...You choose one that's too delicate, and you end up breaking 'em too often and pay out for too many of 'em."

"If you've got a box and an itch to open it yourself, I've got the lockpick that'll help you do it!" says Shind with a friendly wink and a nod.

Shind glances at a large wall calendar, mumbling off dates and customer names, obviously gauging the flow of his business.

Additional Notes

>read sign

|                                                            |
|               Welcome to Shind's Lockpicks!                |
|                                                            |
|  LOCKPICKING SERVICES                                      |
|                                                            |
|  To get a price quote, hold a locked box in one of your    |
|  hands and ring the bell.  If you agree to the price       |
|  quoted, simply PAY <amount> to have the lock picked.      |
|                                                            |
|  LOCKPICK REPAIRS                                          |
|                                                            |
|  Been picking with your eyes closed again?  No problem!    |
|  We can repair any regular lockpick for a nominal fee!     |
|  Hold the lockpick in your right hand and APPRAISE it to   |
|  get a price quote.  If the price is right, simply give    |
|  the lockpick to the proprietor to receive a claim ticket. |
|  Be sure to KEEP YOUR TICKET!  No ticket, no lockpick!     |
|                                                            |