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Sayakah Lamarel
Race Human
Culture Aldora
Class Ranger
Affiliation(s) Guardians of Sunfist
In-a-Word Shy
Greatest Weakness Is very shy
Soft Spots Ghost, her companion
Loved One Graison (brother)


Name: Sayakah Lamarel
Title: Mist Harbor Representative
Race: Human       Gender: Female
Age: 20
Date of Birth: Day 14 of the month Lumnea in the year of 5099
Clan: Aldora
She is taller than average. She appears to be extremely young. She has long-lashed blue-grey eyes and alabaster skin. She has waist length, braided black hair streaked with silver. She has a delicate face and high cheekbones.


She is wearing an oiled light leather courier bag with polished faenor buckles, a gold-edged white suede tricorn, an ivory and jade argyle silk cape clasped with an onyx feathered rose, a small gold badge, a dark-grained burnished ruic yumi strung with golden sinew, a tan silk haversack, a wide-collared natural linen shirt, a pyrothag hide coat-of-plates trailing an emerald velvet cloth, a glacial white smooth glaes armband, a black wrist sheath inlaid with bleakstone chips, an enruned gold ring, a distressed doeskin bag fringed with various talons, a bead-covered white feed bag, a slim maple first aid kit colored in fiery hues, a pair of navy wool trousers with a single red stripe, a sleek vaalorn quiver containing a bundle of faewood arrows, and some tall black leather knee-boots reinforced with steel.

Show Descriptions

You carefully examine your white suede tricorn. The suede brim has been rolled up on three sides and pinned to the crown to form the unique look of a tricorn. The supple material has been bleached to a pale white hue and then embroidered with thick scrollwork with thread-of-gold to provide an elegant contrast. A soft band of silk lines the interior of the hat to provide a more comfortable fit.Ezza Hat
An ivory and jade argyle silk cape clasped with an onyx feathered rose has a steel-banded bloodwood bangle fitted into the left corner where the fabric has been stitched to form a sleeve, while the right corner has an onyx feathered rose brooch pinned to it.Shield Cape
The small, vaguely triangular badge is inlaid with a colorful bejeweled crest of a hut flanked by two vine-draped trees. A banner with the words "Isle of Four Winds" is etched beneath the tiny scene.
Thick strands of webbing have been woven in a chaotic pattern to create the thick organic mesh of this silk haversack. Hollow insect carcasses and bits of debris are interspersed and impossibly tangled within the walls, while thin web-covered straps extend from its sides.Spider_bag
A few stray leaves appear along the surface of your pyrothag hide coat-of-plates. Forest Armor
Along the side of the doeskin bag are a series of narrow scabbards, several which are rhimar-throated, as well as a small number of loops.Pelt Bag
A complex framework of overlapping vaalorn segments runs along the entire length of this slender quiver, providing sturdy support to the intricate metal interior. Thin panels of veniom-lined steel separate the inside of the quiver into 4 compartments. A smooth half-dome of glaesine, attached to the top of the quiver with an array of miniscule gears, covers all but one compartment, which currently contains a bundle of faewood arrows. Through the semi-transparent glaesine, you can see a bundle of smoke white arrows, a bundle of silvery white arrows, a bundle of forest green arrows and no empty spaces.Compartmentalized Quiver


Name: Ghost
Species: An ebon-spotted pewter mint leopard
Worn: She has some padded light kidskin paw-wraps.
Description: At first glance, what appears to be little more than an overgrown housecat reveals herself to be anything but: The large, rounded ears, longer skull and massive paws indicate membership in the big cat family. Large, broken ebon spots turn what would otherwise be snowy fur into pale pewter, and alert grey-green eyes gleam with predatory intelligence, breaking the otherwise monochromatic coloration.

AFFILIATIONS Guardians of Sunfist

On Being Sayakah

Sayakah Lamarel was born to an older woman that lived by herself out in the woods. When she was young her mother would only tell her that her father was a Paladin that traveled the land vanquishing evil. As she got older she was told that her mother had found her father wandering the woods. He'd been wounded and was in the midst of a fever dream. Her mother had brought him to her home to heal him and he'd mistaken her mother for his wife. She saw him from time to time as she grew up, when he would visit but rarely for more than a day or two. Occasionally he would ask her to sit for a while as he sketched her on paper that he would then carefully store away in an old folio that he had.

She spent most of her childhood running free about the forest, to the point where she knew every bit of it and was more comfortable surrounded by trees than walls. Her 'friends' were the creatures of the forest and she carried that love of the wild with her when her mother moved them to the Isle of the Four Winds when she was thirteen in an effort to safeguard her. There she learned to navigate the wilds of the jungles that were prevalent in the area. This then led to her taking tutelage from the rangers that patrolled about and later to becoming a ranger herself. When she was seventeen her mother died, having grown frailer and frailer over the years. Shortly after that she took a job working on the Isle as a representative and was told that she was ready to venture out further into the world to learn as much as she could. She has taken to this with the same dedication she once gave to learning about the forests of her childhood and the jungles of her adolescence, rarely staying in one place for very long but returning often to the Isle she calls home. Shortly after her mother's death Saya went through her mother's things and among them she had found more information about her father - including his full name of Sir Jackson Derges and that he was from Aldora. With that information she decided that would have to find him, to let him know that her mother had died since she hadn't seen him since they had moved to the Isle.

Recently, during a trip to the mysterious Caligos Isle she was approached, and accepted, by a mint leopard she has named Ghost. The ebon marked white mint leopard is now her constant companion and she is seldom without her.

Finding The Unknown

Second part of the Unknown storyline. First part found at Into The Unknown

Sayakah wandered into Landing, the pelts for Dakris in her hand. Once she'd turned these in to him she'd see if the Adventurer's Guild had anything else worth her while to do. She absentmindedly noted the Wanted poster tacked at the gates but didn't pause to look at it. The quicker she got these turned in and received a new task the quicker she could get out of the walls of the town. At the door to the furrier's she turned to Ghost, "Wait here, it shouldn't take me long."

Entering the building she approached Dakris and handed him the bundle of pelts. As he inspected them she noted that he set two of them aside. She was glad now that she'd brought him extra since she was fairly certain she'd felt her skinning knife slip at least once, bringing the quality of the pelt down. Once he'd told her that she'd brought him enough and paid her she headed out and made her way to the Adventurer's Guild. After informing Taskmaster Rheteger about the completion of the errand she had run for the furrier she asked for a new task. Upon being told that she was requested for an escort task she nodded and left the building.

Arriving at the gates with her leopard at her heels she waited patiently for the traveller that she was to escort. While waiting her attention was once again drawn to the Wanted poster that she had dismissed earlier and she stepped over to read it.

‘’’WANTED’’’ One Male: Human with blue-grey eyes, short and frizzy black hair, last seen with a small black spider on his head. One Female: Sylvankind, sparkling blue-grey eyes, blonde hair held with gold combs and parrot feathers. Possible tattoo of a raven on her arm. Both figures claim to represent the Order of Voln. Suspected in aiding a prisoner escape from jail.

She stared in shock at the words for a moment. Surely it was simply coincidence, but the male... Out of the corner of her eye she saw what looked to be the person she was to be escorting so she quickly reached up and haphazardly tore the poster from the wall and tucked it into her courier bag to look at after the job was done. As she walked over to speak to the traveller she tried to tell herself that the pounding of her heart was for the unknown dangers that the coming journey would bring but a part of her was anxious for another reason. Perhaps she had found a clue to her father's location.