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Sea Salt is an alchemy ingredient used to make some tinctures.

It is made by holding a vial of sea water and using ALCHEMY EXTRACT. This must be done in the workshop area in the guild, in the presence of a crucible. The process takes about 45 seconds per dose.

The necessary vials and flasks can be purchased at most town alchemist and magical supply shops.

Sea water may be collected in small crystal flasks, which hold 20 doses. In order to extract, however, a single dose must be poured off into a vial. These flasks are also available where vials are sold.

Obtaining Sea Water

In order to collect sea water, you need a small crystal flask. Stand (you cannot be sitting or kneeling) in the room where you are doing the collection, hold your flask, and HARVEST WATER WITH FLASK. This will fill your flask with 20 doses of sea water.

Sea water can be collected in any of the following locations :

Recipes requiring sea salt