Seregon's Leathers

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Seregon's Leathers is a shop in the Ravelin, around Ta'Vaalor, that sells armor and general goods, and specializes in leather-made items. Located northwest of Wyvern Plaza, it is also known as Itarille Seregon. All of Itarille Seregon's armors are twice-enchanted.

[Itarille Seregon, Front Room] RNUM: u14201020
Silvery hoarbeam rafters support an intricate reed fan system over the center of the room, its wide blades turning slowly to circulate air. Armor stands arranged throughout the small shop are set to face either each other, the counters, or the shelves, which display leather wares and fashions. Glaesine windows framed in dark thanot stand open to the sunlight, which glints off of the vaalin latches and hinges set into the dark wood. You also see a fair-skinned elven tradesman.
Obvious exits: east, out


  1. a dark-hued leather jerkin                 7. some basilisk hide splinted leathers
  2. a supple leather arming doublet            8. a gold-edged black leather sheath
  3. some reinforced lion skin hunts            9. a red-tasseled leather weapon harness
  4. some forest green elven leathers           10. a tooled leather thigh-sheath
  5. a richly tooled dark leather breastplate   11. a brass-banded leather thigh-quiver
  6. some boiled centaur hide armor             12. a pair of dusky calfskin half-boots

The backroom does not offer any merchandise.