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Gender Male
Race Half-elf
Status alive
Relationship(s) Zeeva (Companion)
Alias/Title a scruffy-faced half-elven warden
Affiliation(s) Lady of the Green


Bedecked in soft leathers from head to toe, the half-elven warden has silver hair that is worn in a multitude of skull-hugging braids beaded with bits of bone and woven with tiny golden feathers.  His lean face is haggard, the new scruff of a dark beard decorating his chin, while almond-shaped eyes of green reign over a hawkish nose.


Squinting at the rolling mist, the half-elven warden watches the sinuous path of the ethereal indigo band as it moves through the area.  His posture is clearly of distrust and wariness.

"Alya'us'ama," the half-elven warden says in a chiding voice to a lion-maned shaggy Caligos eagle.  In response, the avian tilts her head at an odd angle and blinks rapidly.  The comical movement elicits a chuckle from the warden.

Unslinging his bow, the half-elven warden checks the cat-gut string carefully before returning the weapon to his back

Shielding his eyes with his hand, the half-elven warden keeps a weather eye upon the coast.

Running his hands over his head, the half-elven warden pulls his long braids over his shoulder while keeping a keen eye upon the mist-covered ground.


Arkati Arching one slender brow, the half-elven warden says, "I do not know why my religious beliefs would be of any interest to you."
Avians Gazing up at the sky, the half-elven warden says, "When I first got here I was struck by the avians. So different. So strange. The harpy-eagle has a plumped ridge that rings its face and strange primary feathers that stick up like large spikes around its head. Its collar of feathers is more like a fringed rooster, but it works for it. You also have the besra, which is a cousin to the shikra but much darker and angrier looking. Then you have Zeeva, here." He gestures up at the Caligos eagle flying overhead. "She has a feathered fringe around her neck that resembles a lion's mane, and when she stands upon the ground or a branch, her body is hunched like a vulture's. But she is swift and fierce, and that beak of hers is deeply hooked like a sailor's tool."
Canine Tilting his head to one side, the half-elven warden says, "The yips and howls you hear are from the more vocal of the vulpine out in the wilds. Some of the higher notes are from the culpeo, which is sort of like a mix between a red fox and a coyote. Its colors tend to be sand based, but its ears are short and ridged. Though some of those yips can be from the jungle foxes, whose snout is long and pointed. It has a tail to match and a long, sleek body, but its bat-shaped ears are probably its best feature." Pondering for a moment, he continues, "I must admit that the bush-dog is a vicious beast. He may look shaggy and speckled with odd markings, but he's quick."
Clergyman A deep frown mars the half-elven warden's features. He firmly says, "I avoid him. I do not need fanatics in my life."
Eagle Offering a half-grin, the warden says, "Who, Zeeva?" He tilts his head and looks up at the Caligos eagle soaring overhead. "She is a great sky lion of the sky. I did not know until I first saw her that I had been waiting for her."
Expunge Nodding, an intense look in his eyes, warden says, "Caligos Isle can be pure again, but you need to destroy those eggs. Bring them to the darkest room in the sea caverns and place them in the Lady of the Green's bowl. The darkness will know what to do with them."
Feline Grinning, the half-elven warden says,"The felines in this area are gorgeous. Take, for example, the goldencat with its reddish-tinged coat and beautiful eye markings - they resemble a Loenthran's eye makeup. Or the Caligos-lynx with its beard of silvers and greys that resemble a dwarf's forked beard and has tufted ears to match. Not to mention the clouded leopards that hide in the denser areas. Their coat is marbled with large, thick lines of black amid ginger hues."
Mist Frowning, the half-elven warden gnaws on his thumb for a moment. Spitting out a fingernail, he says, "It is foul and unnatural, but I am unable to offer more of an explanation than that. I can feel the wrongness of it."
Name With a slight air of superiority, the half-elven warden states, "The name is Shaemire, and I am the animal expert here on Caligos Isle."
Rodent Tapping his index finger to his cheek, the half-elven warden says, "There are three unique types here upon the island. There is the fonaloka and jabady, which are from the same family and, oddly enough, resemble small civets or foxes. They have short coats, a bush tail, and vertical striping on their backs. There is also the fossa, which is part of the mongoose family and resembles a stubby-legged beast that has keen eyes."
Prime Only
Grinning, the scruffy-faced half-elven warden says, "There are a lot of people in that village now and they could use more homes, but we'll get there."
Frowning, the scruffy-faced half-elven says, "My faith in humanity was shattered two years back when that village was burned down. I still can't get over the loss of life." Sighing, he turns away."

The Acts of Shaemire

  • In 5117, Shaemire helped adventurers to learn about Caligos. He taught them about the animals in the wild and also gave them alternate means for handling the eel eggs that could be found in fishing.
  • In 5118, Shaemire for the first time took an open stand against the Ezreshi and while she was blessing amulets to subvert new arrivals to the will of Ghezresh, he was using Imaera's Grace to maintain the natural balance of free will. At some point, Shaemire began to hear the whispers of a soft, disembodied voice and it guided him to a trail in the jungle. With the help of adventurers, he was able to clear a path to an abandoned fishing village and guide those that had been kept free of Ghezresh's influence to the small Haven.
  • In 5119, Shaemire openly accepted any pieces that could be used to build an Obelisk to Ghezresh in Zul Logoth. He would accept them and offer you building materials to help build homes for the villagers.
  • In 5120, Shaemire collected the species that were washing up on the shores and transformed them into pieces that could be used to purify the land. As the festival drew to a close, he gathered those people that were interested in the natural order (and just wanted to help him) to a section of the jungle and led an expedition to purify it.
  • In 5121, the final year of Caligos Isle, Shaemire ran the quest: A Tale of Salvation