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Storyline Caligos Isle
Gender male
Race half-elf
Status alive
Relationship(s) Zeeva (Companion)
Alias/Title a scruffy-faced half-elven warden


Bedecked in soft leathers from head to toe, the half-elven warden has silver hair that is worn in a multitude of skull-hugging braids beaded with bits of bone and woven with tiny golden feathers.  His lean face is haggard, the new scruff of a dark beard decorating his chin, while almond-shaped eyes of green reign over a hawkish nose.


  • Squinting at the rolling mist, the half-elven warden watches the sinuous path of the ethereal indigo band as it moves through the area. His posture is clearly of distrust and wariness.
  • "Alya'us'ama," the half-elven warden says in a chiding voice to a lion-maned shaggy Caligos eagle. In response, the avian tilts her head at an odd angle and blinks rapidly. The comical movement elicits a chuckle from the warden.
  • Unslinging his bow, the half-elven warden checks the cat-gut string carefully before returning the weapon to his back
  • Shielding his eyes with his hand, the half-elven warden keeps a weather eye upon the coast.
  • Running his hands over his head, the half-elven warden pulls his long braids over his shoulder while keeping a keen eye upon the mist-covered ground.