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A sonic alteration is the customization of a bard's Sonic Shield, Sonic Weapon, Sonic Armor, or Singing Sword.

Monthly raffles are held for Premium and/or standard subscribers to receive this service. The raffles are held in the different Bard Guilds throughout the lands, so characters must be at least level 15 to enter. It may also be distributed at festivals and pay events.


The customizations can have either a short description with a show (recommended), or a long description; they cannot have both a long and a show. Please refer to ALTER 2 and ALTER 3 in the game for further details on these terms.

For sonic shields, weapons, and armors, the base description must demonstrate that the item is created from a mass of air. Words such as 'sonic' or 'airy,' would be appropriate to describe the insubstantial nature of the items.

For sonic armor, you may use 'barrier' as a noun. Otherwise, the armor must match one of the existing allowed nouns for that armor type (ASG).

For Singing Swords, the base description must demonstrate that the item is moving independently of any physical influence. Words such as 'animated' or 'floating' would be appropriate to describe this behavior.

Because of the magical, bardic nature of the items, items can be glowing, be surrounded by floating musical notes, and have other aspects not allowed on solid items.

Please be prepared with:

  • The spell to be customized (Sonic Weapon Song)
  • The item base to be customized (a short sword)
  • The '15/15/15' description of the item (a wavering/grey sonic/gladius)
  • The 'long' or 'show' description desired, if any (a wavering silvery grey sonic gladius shrouded in mist)

Sonic alterations can be performed before a bard can sing any of the spellsongs.

To summon an altered sonic item, SING CUSTOM after preparing the appropriate spell.


Provided by Stormyrain, please do not copy examples posted here and elsewhere.

Sonic Weapon
A vortex of air shaped like a fang-beset misty black sword-breaker
Swirling black mists twist to form a straight medium-length blade. Narrowed to a razor-like point, the blade thickens into a wide base with large notches on one side. Two fang-like prongs of opaque vapor extend from the crossguard to aid in trapping enemy blades before plunging to form a substantial hilt as grasping tendrils of mist creep from it.
Singing Sword
A floating misty sheering sword
Amorphous black mists writhe and twist against invisible restraints holding them tightly to the form of a sheering sword. Narrow and tapered to a razor like point, the blade of blackness juts forth from a more subdued cross guard before plunging again into a raging torrent constrained within the grip. Faint tendrils of barely opaque vapor appear to have nearly escaped their invisible cage and languidly wreath the chaotic blade.