Squire's Bluff

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Squire's Bluff was the name of the first town to exist in the game, introduced in April 1988, having pre-existed the I.C.E. Age of GemStone III by a year and a half. It is the original location of the Abandoned Inn, which used to have a map to it on the third floor. It was also haunted by wraiths and marmots. The proprietors moved the inn to its present location. They are related to Helga.

In GemStone ][ the world was also called Elanthia, before it was changed to Kulthea for six years. The town was removed from the game and characters were not preserved in the change over to GemStone III. Kelfour's Landing was put in its defined place on the Quellbourne map. There is a rumor that the abandoned village on the Solhaven trail is supposed to be the ruins of Squire's Bluff.

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